Different Ways To Use and Style Ikea’s Versatile Expedit Shelf

We all know Ikea has some great pieces of furniture for more than affordable prices. Clean, chic and with a lot of versatility everything from TV stands to their room dividers, they have an amazing selection for all kinds of homes and styles. Today we’re taking a look at Ikea’s Expedit Shelf ,now KALLAX, how to utilize it to its fullest and style it to perfection. Take a look!

1. Bright Toys & Family

Toy Storage Ikea Expedit Design

This large and in charge shelving unit is perfect for the play room. Organize and tidy up the toys and add a bit of the kids’ craft supplies too all while topping of the unit with a bit of family vibes. Also, you can add some cubbies to help you clean the chaos!{found on thehomesihavemade}.

2. Feminine Nightstand

Ikea's smallest expedit shelf - the kallax - as a nightstand

Use Ikea’s smallest expedit shelf – the kallax – as a nightstand. The great thing about these pieces is that they’re essentially clean palettes you can create with from the ground up and this side table is full of feminine style and trendy spirits.{found on theeverygirl}.

3. Eclectic Accessorizing

Eclectic Accessorizing ikea Expedit Shelf

Use the shelf as a true part of the transformation when revamping your living room or home office. Use it to be fill with eclectic charms and accessories – and choosing white will only make those style choices pop even more!{found on designmanifest}.

4. Arts & Crafts Studios

Art and craft studio ikea expedit

Whether it be a scrapbooking room or a nook filled with areas to paint, sculpt and create, these expedit shelves work wonders for artists that need to organize and find their materials with ease. We love the idea of putting two large unite together making an even more grandiose look!

5. Adorable Rolling Cart

Adorable bar cart fom ikea expedit

Take a look at this DIY from Sugar & Cloth! Grab a smaller expedit unit and turn it into an adorably stylish and charming rolling cart for your entertaining and corner-covering needs. This idea can span a host of different rooms and themes, perfectly functional and versatile.

6. Popping Bookcase

Popping Bookcase Ikea Expedit

This bookcase is full of modern style and chic, popping and colorful appeal. We love how this can create a mood inside an expansive home office or oversize family room – with quite the amount of ease. Just color-coordinate your books and add the right kind of art and trinkets above.{found on dans-le-townhouse}.

7. Formal Interest

Family room ikea expedit furniture

The horizontal pieces look great inside a formal living room that wants to show off a bit of color and texture. Use the shelves to display your favorite trinkets, art pieces and flea market finds while cultivating a sophisticated spot to entertain in.{found on lda-architects}.

8. Office Edge

Office Ledge Ikea Expedit Furniture

Two expedit shelves really can be better than one – especially when it involved the smallest design. Here we see how you can mold the shelf into the room’s decor with just a bit of extra planning all while using it to help keep the space neat and tidy.{found on lisannevandeklift}.

9. Kitchen Storage

Ikea kitchen storage - Expedit Unit

Provide extra storage in the kitchen by adding an expedit shelf to the layout. Wine, dishes, glasses and the like can all find a cozy spot inside – all while giving the space a raw, trendy edge in style as well.{found on ikeahackers}.

10. Quaint Media Stand

Quaint Media TV Stand

For smaller spaces, the smaller expedit shelf can be used as an adorable, quaint media stand. Add baskets or cubby canvases for extra storage and organizational solutions while making it a part of the overall room’s decorum.

11. Family Style

IKEA expedit bookcase now Kallax

Books, media, games and all can find a home inside these baskets, canvas cubes and cubbies when placed in the family living room.  Just add a specific amount of charm on top to help cultivate the look and fell you’re envisioning for the space.{found on yearofserendipity}.

12. Literature Display

Kids room bookshelf display

Little kids everywhere should have books in their room. Whether it’s a part of the theme, the decor or a part of the fun, they’re a must for every child. And using these shelving units to organize, hold and even display some of their favorite reads is quite the darling way to go.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

13. Divide A Room

Ikea expedit wall divider system

Use one of these large designs to divide a room. Display all of your favorite home pieces from near and far inside – to which you can see at both ends – and give yourself style and functional with one versatile piece.

14. Color It

ikea expedit in turquoise shade

Don’t be afraid to paint! Give the unit some color with some spray paint or furniture paint, as you make it even more a part of the room’s overall ethos and function. You can even add wall decals as well for extra amounts of personalization.

15. Trendy Libraries

Cool and white Libraries

You can even use these shelves in the creation of your home library. But you don’t have to do it in the way that one might assume, instead take this nook as inspiration, low books and bright inspiration up top.

16. Apartment Ways

shelves are great for diving up studio apartments

Here’s another bit of inspiration for those needing a room divider. These shelves are great for diving up studio apartments or small spaces with a lot of “stuff” to sift through and work with!

17. Bathroom Cubbies

Bathroom Ikea Expedit Storage

These kinds of shelves are great for the bathroom too! Grab smallest sets to fit inside both master or guest spaces and fill them with all the necessities you need without clutter the countertops or under the sink.

18. A Dollhouse

Ikea Expedit Dollhouse

Yes, a dollhouse. These shelves can even turn into a magical, play-partner for your little guy or gal with the right amount of imagination and creativity. Build this in the playroom or one of your little one’s bedrooms!

19. Chic Bar Area

Ikea Expedit Bar Area

Use that smaller expedit shelf as a makeshift bar area for the dining room, breakfast nook or even on the covered porch for when you have friends and family over. How adorable and chic is this space?

20. Whimsy Girl’s Room

Whimsy Girl's Room

This shelf can even be used inside a whimsical, preteen girl’s bedroom. Fill it with her favorite nick-knacks, books and the like while helping to organize the entire space with ease and comfort.