Beaded Chandeliers Reveal Their Charm and Versatility

You’re most likely familiar with beaded chandeliers so there’s no point in discussing generalities. They used to be very popular at some point and they have a very chic vintage flair. Now they’re back in style. Their unique designs makes them look quirky in modern interiors and also allows them to fit perfectly in eclectic interiors. In case you’re wondering where you could find such a piece or how you could make one yourself, scroll down to find out more details.

Do it yourself!

DIY makeover beaded Chandelier

There are lots of ways in which you can customize a beaded chandelier to make it suit your interior décor and since the basic design structure is so simple, you can even make one yourself. But let’s start with something simple, like giving a makeover to an already existing chandelier. First put tape on the parts you don’t want painted. Then bring out the spray paint and have fun. Find more details on astoriedstyle.

White beaded chandelier diy

If you want to actually make the chandelier yourself from scratch, Mysimpleobsession can show you how you can do this. You can find the list of supplies needed as well as the steps you need to follow. First you have to paint everything. Then put together the frame. The final step is to thread the beads and attach them to the frame.

Beaded chandelier for living room

Usually this kind of beaded chandeliers features round rings on its frame. However, that’s not the only option. Thechroniclesofhome shows how you can create a beaded chandelier with square frames. Cut the molding into pieces, stain them, drill small holes, add eye hooks and assemble the squares. The rest of the details can be found on the website.

Beaded chandelier above the bed

It’s also possible to decorate an existing chandelier with wooden beads. You just have too make a few adjustments like drill some holes and thread some beads. You can customize the chandelier however you want using beads or different sizes and colors. {found on tatertotsandjello}

Crystal beaded chandlelier

Personalizing a chandelier seems like a lovely idea. You don’t have to make big changes, the whole idea being to simply change the look. By adding stranded beads you basically give the chandelier a fresh new look, a new identity and more character. {found on theinspiredroom}

Turquoise beaded chandelier above the bed

Yet sometimes if you want something to look exactly how you like it you have to start from scratch. Sawdustgirl shows how you can build a beaded chandelier using simple tools and supplies. Once you build the frame using a wire basket and some chain, you can give it the shape you want and then you can completely cover it in beads.

Spray painted beaded chandelier

A similar tutorial is offered by Padgetthoke. Here you can learn how to create a simple chandelier frame and how to decorate it with long strands of colored beads. You can paint the beads yourself if you prefer a particular color and you can even try to give the chandelier an ombre design.

Small beaded chandelier

Usually, beaded chandeliers are pretty big and have to hang low so a high ceiling is required. But if you’re making the chandelier yourself, you can give it any size and shape you want. For example, the one features on hauntedinterior is really cute.

Where to find beaded chandeliers

Cherise Empire Chandelier

Not in the mood to start a DIY project. Perhaps purchasing a beaded chandelier would be a better option. The Cherise Empire Chandelier is a beautiful piece which you can find on Horchow. It’s handcrafted with a wrought iron frame and turquoise and jade glass beads.

Multicolored beaded chandeliers

The Empire chandelier as well as several others featured on Marjorieskourasdesign are available in a variety of different colors. This allows you to personalize the décor and to pick the shade that suits a space the best in order to obtain the desired ambiance.

Wood Bead Chandelier

A more romantic option is the Wood Bead Chandelier we found on Shadesoflight. It’s an accessory that would look lovely in the bedroom. The rustic wood beads give it a very charming look and allow it to stay simple and yet to be eye-catching.

Alberto Orb Chandelier

The round shape of the Currey & Company Alberto Orb Chandelier is the main element that makes this piece stand out. Although the structure is quite simple, this is definitely not an accessory which can be ignored. It has an unexpected flair and a design that mixes modern and traditional details.

How to emphasize style with beaded chandeliers

Pink chandelier open space kitchen

There are lots of ways in which a beaded chandelier can contribute to a harmonious interior décor. For example, the Pink Beads Chandelier used here highlights the neutral color palette and brings together the décor.{found on kmhinteriors}.

Wooden beaded chandelier over the dining table

Hanging a beaded chandelier above the dining table is one of your best options. This allows you to use such a chandelier even in spaces that don’t have high ceilings. In addition, the chandelier will beautify the dining area.{found on tastedesigninc}.

Turquoise beaded chandelier and marble top dining table

Sometimes a beaded chandelier can be a focal point. This usually involved a strong color such as the turquoise featured by this Marjorie Skouras Chandelier. You can either purchase a colored chandelier or a white one which you can pray paint to the desired shade.

Chandelier with beaded design over dining table

The color on the chandelier can be chosen according to the rest of the colored accents in the room. This way there will be cohesion throughout. The beaded chandelier hanging above the dining table in this case matches other decorative elements in the room such as the vases or the curtains.

White kitchen with turquoise chandelier over island

If you want the chandelier to be a focal point, it should stand out either through color, size, shape or some other detail. Here you can see how the chandelier becomes a focal point for the entire social area even though it’s displayed above the kitchen island.

Corner bench in kitchen with beaded chandelier for light

Depending on the style of the space, a beaded chandelier can have a variety of different impacts. In this beach-style home, the best color option was white. It maintains a breezy and fresh ambiance and the style of the chandelier also highlight the casualness of the décor.{found on oharainteriors}.

Nursery room with beaded chandelier

A beaded chandelier can also fit nicely in a nursery room. This is a Malibu chandelier with a chic design and reduced dimensions. It doesn’t look overly sophisticated and this makes it a good option for this space.

Blue decor hallway featuring gold stumps and beaded chandelier

The beaded chandelier used here brings together the two main colors employed throughout the room: white and blue. It layers the colors and harmonizes the décor. The golden accents are a refreshing change of color, creating small focal points.{found on tobifairley}.

Beautiful dining room with marble table and beaded chandelier above

The Chanteuse Chandelier has a pretty standard design considering the type. It’s a lighting fixture that can look elegant and stylish in a variety of different settings. The dining room is only one of the options. It can also adapt to a variety of styles.{found on anthonywilder}.

Large kitchen with beaded chandelier over table

Some beaded chandeliers can add drama to a space. This one is an interesting example. It stands out for a variety of reasons, the size and form being only two of them. The color is also an interesting choice.{found on chloe-joelle}.

Crystal beaded chandelier over dining table

Some beaded chandeliers don’t follow the standard look. This one, for example, doesn’t hide its frame. In fact, the beads are simply there to enhance the chandelier’s glamorous look and not to take over its design completely.