DIY Key Holders With Minimal Designs And Lots Of Charm

Key holders, like many other things, don’t seem to be a must-have but, once you add one to your entryway, everything falls into place and you realize how useful this accessory really is. So why wait? Make your home’s décor complete right now with a DIY key holder. The designs and ideas you can use are numerous and all have something special to offer so it’s up to you to select the one that works best for you and your home.

DIY Modern Wood Keyholder

How cute and chic is this key holder? You can find the full description of how you can craft it on Newblooming. You’ll need a small wooden board, unfinished wood craft balls of different sizes, leather craft lace, keyhole fasteners and key chains. Cut the board to size and lay out the balls in the order you want them to line up. Mark lines and make cuts aprox. 2” deep. Make two recesses at the back for the hanging hardware. Screw in the fasteners and then run the suede lace through the holes in the balls and through the key rings.

Hanging Wood Key Holder

Another very simple project requires a wood dowel, a drill, ceiling hooks and rope or twine. First you measure and cut the dowel. Then you mark where you want the hooks to be. Drill little holes in those spots and screw in the hooks. Tie rope to each end of the dowel and hang the key holder on the wall with a small nail. {found on ajoyfulriot}.

Wooden slab key holder

This key holder is made using a wooden slab, acrylic paint, stickers and hooks and you can find the project’s full description on Thecraftedlife. The first thing you should do is seal the wood with polyurethane. Then proceed to paint its surface. Use tape to create an interesting geometric design or freehand something. You can then apply the alphabet stickers. At the end, drill small halls and screw in the hooks.

Yellow key holder

There are lots of different and interesting ways to customize a key holder and Cherishedbliss offers a really great idea. This modern and chic piece is made using a wood board and four small wooden rectangles glued onto it. The board is painted white and the rectangles are yellow but you can improvise with the colors as you wish. You can stamp letters on the rectangles like you see here. Once you also screw in the four hooks you’re all done.

DIY holder magnets for fridge

A good place to keep your keys is on the fridge, especially if the fridge is placed near the entrance. Check out Iffoundmake for instructions on how to make fridge magnets for the keys. You need magnets, cork, masking tape, paint, a glue gun and key hooks. Tape the areas you don’t want to paint and then decorate your cork squares however you want. You can also give them any shape you want/ let the paint dry and glue the hooks to the cork and then the cork to the magnet.

Elephant key holder

The project featured on Creativesoulspectrum is wonderful for a variety of reasons. First of all, the idea of using elephants instead of regular hooks is perfect. Also, the driftwood makes the whole piece look even more beautiful. So first you spray paint the driftwood you want to use as a base. Then cut the plastic elephants in half. Spray paint them and nail them to the wood.

Shutter mail holder

If you want this accessory to be more than a key holder, check out Samanthaelizabethblog. Here you’ll find an inspiring visual tutorial showing you how to turn a shutter into a mail and key holder. Basically you just paint the shutter and add a few hooks at the base for the keys. Mount it on the wall and that’s pretty much it.