Stylish, Sensible New Duravit Bathroom Furniture

In his latest collections for Duravit, a leading supplier of bathroom furniture and fixtures, Philippe Starck has created a range of pieces that focus on practicality, eschewing any trendiness and opting instead for longevity.

Cape Cod Tub from Duravit
The Cape Cod Collection by Philippe Starck features several basin shapes and a marvelous new matte-finish tub.
About ME Philippe Starck for Duravit
In the right hands, clean lines and simple aesthetics can yield stunning designs —  especially when you’re talking about someone like Philippe Starck.

Homedit visited the New York City showroom during Duravit Design Week to view ME by Philippe Starck, as well as his Cape Cod line – two of the latest collaborations in this 25-year relationship with the designer. We also had a chance to preview the P3Comforts line, a new joint project with Phoenix Design, a company that designs interactions between consumers and products.

P3 Comforts Bathroom Collection
Here the upcoming P3 Comforts line of fixtures from Phoenix Design is combined with the sleek L-Cube bathroom furniture.

At first glance, ME is beautiful yet unobtrusive: It melds with its surroundings yet still begs for attention. Exactly what Starck was aiming for – he’s not called the “rock star of design” for nothing. The pieces are meant to be a framework for your personal style. “With ME by Starck, we invite you to be your own designer,” writes Duravit. Indeed, the attractive yet utilitarian designs are the perfect backdrop for whatever design style you prefer. Different sized and styled washbasins, bathtubs and options for cabinetry, shelving and storage make designs fully customizable.

Bathroom ME sink Setting
Rimless toilets and sleek, easy to clean washbasins are just some of the features in ME by Philippe Starck.
ME collectioon shelving
Shelving is spare yet spacious, offering plenty of surface area without bulkiness.

In an interview with Riba J Architecture Information and Inspiration, Starck commented on the creation of the ME line. “I asked myself: what do we all really need? Because everything we don’t really need is useless, and every useless thing will become obsolete one way or another.” He also stressed ease of use. “With the help of Duravit’s engineers we focused on ergonomics, body movements, how water flows, how to have less dirt and how to clean.”

ME toilet Designs from Starck
Depending upon your style and space constraints, the ME line offers different styles of toilets, as well as a streamlined bidet.
ME sink in different Sizes
Smaller bathroom?  No problem. The ME collections allows you to choose a petite washbasin to fit your space.
Dimmable Mirror Light from Duravit
One of our favorite items is this dimmable, lighted mirror, that you can control with the swipe of your finger along the bottom.  No unsightly switches or knobs required.

While Starck’s lines are among the company’s best sellers, “We foresee ME becoming very popular,” says Afsana Khundkar of Duravit in New York.

Launched earlier in 2015, Cape Cod by Starck is another beautiful line that offers a variety of design options.

In the same interview Starck said that he originally designed Cape Cod for himself. “We all dream of a hut on the beach where we can find driftwood and enjoy a simple life in the company of a loved one,” he said. He also noted that sustainability was important in his choices of materials for the line. “We have returned to natural and durable fundamentals like ceramics and like wood.”

Bathroom Cape Cod Sink designed by Philippe Starck
The round Cape Cod Basin is set in a modern, minimalist console with chrome.  The basins are made from high-strength ceramic with an elegant finish, called  duraceram.
Bathroom Live Edge Cape CodSink
The vintage oak version of the washbasin frame — our favorite — brings a touch of nature into the bathroom and features a live, smoothed edge. The entire piece harks back to a ship’s plank that has” been weathered by storms and washed ashore on the beach.”
Bathroom Cape Cod Live Edge Close Up
The live edge of the wood is a very attractive, yet unexpected detail for a bathroom.
Live Edge Wood Grain for bathroom
The natural wood grain and undulating edge are a perfect counterpoint to the gleaming ceramic washbasin.
Cape Cod Collection Sink Shapes
Cape Cod basins have a rim thickness that measures only five millimeters that is surprisingly strong and impact resistant. They are available in three shapes: round, square and this intriguing tri-oval.
L cube Cupboard Bathroom Collection
L-Cube bathroom furnishings by Duravit can be combined with any of the fixtures.  Here, they are set with the Cape Cod line.  All the pieces are designed to work without hardware, which can disturb a sleek aesthetic, and include a soft-close mechanism.
L cube Furniture Collection
Available in a variety of finishes, the minimalist design of the L-Cube can be a feature in any style bathroom.
Cape Cod Bathroom Collection Triangular Sink
The organic feel of these triangular washbasins softens the angular look of the L-Cube furniture.
Cape Cod Soaking Tub Bathroom
Our other favorite piece in the Cape Cod collection is the tub. It features an optional shaped headrest,  which enhances the comfort. They are made from a new material called durasolid, which has a warm ‘feel,’ We love the matte look. It comes in a free-standing model, back-to-wall and corner version.

The P3 Comforts Collection, which is expected to be available by the end of 2015, is also a very exciting bathroom line, with some very interesting symmetries, says Khundkar. According to Esprit PR, P3 is “modern concept of comfort for a young, sporty target group without compromising on design.”

Bathroom p3 Sink Sizes from Duravit
All the P3 washbasins are free of edges and crevices, which makes cleaning a breeze.
P3 Comforts Bsthroom Collection
The sleek, one-piece washbasin that includes some space on either side, or to one side, is very modern and functional.
P3 Bathroom Sink
The one-piece, smooth P3 washbasin will be a dream to keep clean.
Bathroom P3 Inset Edge
The L-Cube underneath the P3 washbasin is purposefully  inset from the lip of the ceramic, so that if water drips over the edge, it does’t damage the wood.

Tom Schönherr, co-founder of the design studio Phoenix Design: “When it comes to comfort, people’s needs go far beyond the purely physical aspects. With sensuous and practical design, it is possible to create a sense of calm and security in the intimacy of the bathroom.”

P3 Wood Grain
Here the P3 basin is paired with a light-toned wood cabinet.
Wood Grain Close Up
The wood grain in this L-Cube model is particularly beautiful.

Some of the most interesting aspects of the P3 line are the shower tray that can be installed flush with a tiled floor. In combination with all-glass shower doors that open fully, it makes the concept of a fully open shower affordable. Washbasins that appear rimless and have a smooth surface, free of any seams or joins, make the pieces sleek and easy to keep clean.

P3 Line Shower Floor Panel
In the P3 line, the shower base is used as part of the overall floor with a seamless finish. It can be mounted flush with a tile floor that eliminates the shower lip.  It is available in three color finishes.
Shower Floor Detail
Shower Floor Beige from P3
The absence of grout in these shower floors make them easier to clean and gives them a sleek look as well.
Shower Cabin from P3 Collection
The P3 shower design incorporates glass doors instead of static walls, allowing both to be opened.  When combined with the P3 shower tray that can be flush mounted (not included here) it converts a standard shower to an open shower concept.  The doors can also have mirror finish, providing a full-length mirror as well as showier privacy if desired.
Shower Doors from P3 collection
If desired, the shower walls can be opened to stay flush against the bathroom wall, creating an entirely open shower.
Cabinet Drawer Cut Out
While most standard bathroom furniture includes doors to accommodate the plumbing under the sink, Duravit’s design features drawers that streamline the look.  The custom drawer includes a cut-out to accommodate the pipe under the sink.
Drawer Cut Out Close up
Here’s a closeup of the cut out that accommodates the pipes under the washbasin without eliminating much storage space.
P3 washbasin styles and sizes
Three washbasin styles and sizes in the P3 Comforts line give customers options.

In addition to the new product lines, we were also enamored with some of their previously launched items. For urban dwellers, Duravit products are especially enticing because they can fit stylishly and functionally in the average 5′ x 8′ city bathroom, particular with various washbasin sizes and options.

Duravit Micro Bathroom
This micro-bathroom layout features the Architect tub, which is reinforced to not dip when you step inside. I t also comes with built-in flanges for waterproofing, which eliminates mold or sewage issues.  It’s also acrylic and lightweight.
Rectangular Vero Sink
A rectangular collection, the Vero line is a minimalist and modern classic series created by Ghanaian-born designer Kurt Merki, Jr.
L Cube Closed
Here the L-Cube is paired with the Foster washbasin, designed by architect Norman Foster.
Happy D2 Sink
This is the Happy D.2, a an updated complete bathroom solution that is chicand modern. The washbasin is available as a furniture washbasin with matching vanity unit or with a metal console, as a surface-mounted washbasin and as a classic washbasin with pedestal or siphon cover
Happy D2 Setting
The simple beauty of these latest lines, combined with their innovative features and practicality, make us hope that these are not the last collaborations with Starck and Phoenix Design!