Bathroom Tile Ideas: 25 Inspirational Floor And Wall Patterns

There are plenty of bathroom tile ideas to choose from, but finding the right one for your home isn’t easy. Although the task may be challenging, it’s also rewarding. Installing the right tile design on your bathroom floor is the best way to transform the space. 

Bathroom Tile Ideas

For some, black and white tile is boring, but for others, it might be the right fit. Today, floor tile ideas are used in ways never before imagined. New tile designs have emerged that go beyond classic subway tile patterns, for example.

If you’re in need of a new tile floor design for your bathroom, don’t worry, we got you. 

Amazing Bathroom Tile Ideas 

Here are 25 fresh tile floor concepts for your bathroom surface and shower walls.

1. Black And White Tile

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Black and white is about as classic as it gets with bathroom tile ideas. As common as the colors are, there’s still something eye catching about them. In this example, a black and white claw foot tub is the focal point. 

2. Hexagon Tile Ideas

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Small hexagon tiles can create a simple and vintage feel. It’s ideal for smaller bathrooms as they add a girlish charm without too much fuss.

3. Charcoal Bathroom Tile

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

If you want a neutral tone that delivers a chic and modern vibe, charcoal might be the answer. It’s trendy and it’s a fresher take on contemporary interior design styles than a deep, black shade.

4. Natural Stone

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

For a chic and natural look, try stone flooring. It’s not trendy, yet it is stylish. If you’re looking for a no mess, no fuss, and more modern style, try this out. You can find more information at Swellhomes.

5. Teal Bathroom Tile

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Go with color, like these teal tiles covering the floor and the shower too. This layout offers a spa like vibe. Reminiscent of the ocean, this option sets the tone for a super chic style. If you like green, then try mint green and see what happens.

6. Flower Tile Floor

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Take hexagon tiling to the next level by using a color duo. This eggshell and black combination works wonders in creating a personal and charming floral accent, right on the bathroom floor!

7. Colored Tiles 

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

For a modern vibe, get creative and choose traditional, square colored tiles but in different colors. Make a splash in a room that doesn’t get much attention like your other spaces.

8. Laminate 

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Yes, you can even have laminate wood flooring in your bathroom. With wood flooring, white walls, are a good match. The flooring offers a coziness in this space and still looks fresh.

9. Contrasting Color

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Another great idea is to pay attention to placement. Teal tile is one thing but off-center in placement with a small, white square addition makes the design fun. 

10. Marble Tiles

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Another classic and timeless choice would be to go with a beautiful, sleek marble tiles. The tiles go with most styles or color choice you decide to go with while adding a sophisticated accent.

11. Orange Tile Floor

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Here’s another example of a color pairing and tile design. It’s artistic and brings a fresh revivalist feel to your bathroom space. Orange colored tiles paired with white has a calming effect on your bathroom space. 

12. Subdued Shades

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

A 3-layer design could be just want you need to dress up a simple and subtly decorated bathroom. A creamy and neutral mix of white, black, and neutral shades delivers a soothing feel. One things with white tile is how you can use white grout. 

13. Mixed Tile Floor

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

An eclectic mix of patterned tiles will make a statement in your bathroom if it’s a smaller space. You can emulate this idea by using older reclaimed tile pieces. There isn’t a rule that says you have to stay within the same color family when choosing a tile layout.

14. Old World Charm

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Here’s a Victorian example of bathroom tile design if you want something traditional. The brown colors compliment the singe and wallpaper too.

15. Mosaic Tile Floor

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Make your bathroom the center stage of your home with this tile idea. This popping design adds visual interest to your master bath or guest bathroom.

The mosaic style offers a spa like feel. The style offers a break from square black and white square tiles. 

16. Brown Tile  

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Chocolate browns can look super chic and contemporary but without feeling as harsh or dramatic as a midnight black. Just check out these silky, smooth diamond-shaped tiles.

Notice the sunken shower stall that blends in with the overall layout. This is easily achieved with the right color.

17. Porcelain Tiles

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Porcelain tiles are a classic choice for delicate and feminine bathrooms. They’re a wonderful addition to a room filled with femininity and youthful essence.

You can use a lighter shade for a statement wall. The scalloped edges are a wonderful accent. To find more information, check out Schroedercarpet.

18. Chevron Pattern

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

Another rainbow colored design but with a chevron finish. Slender tiles in a funky pattern bring about a youthful vibe to this bathroom that’s perfect for guests or the young ones in the house.

Also, if you’re not sold on a chevron pattern, then a herringbone pattern might be for you. The two style are often confused with one another, but they’re not the same. 

19. Purple Floor Tiles

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

The entire space is purple. Why not personalize your bathroom with your favorite color? Purple may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to this area of the house but this real life example proves how beautiful it could be.

20. Bamboo Floor Tiles

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

In square tiles or slabs, bamboo is a great choice when it comes to bathroom flooring. It’s not only functional and made to be around watery atmospheres, but it’s a comfortable choice as well. {found on asaphouse}.

21. Tile Pebbles

Place Pebbles as Tile

If you want tiny black accents, then pebble tile would your best option. have been used for the floors and walls of bathrooms for decades now, and this fact alone may leave you looking for something a little more modern and natural that will have more of a minimalist feel.

Using stones for your bathroom instead of tile offers a cool vibe to your bathroom. The pebble stone bathroom floor from Next Luxury is an example that should inspire.  

22. Black Walls

Add Depth With Black Tile

Here’s a strong tile idea: black. Black walls and a white floor makes a bold statement. The bathroom is the ideal spot for black tile. It will not make your bathroom moody, but it will hide dirt and grime more than other floor tiles with different colors. 

You can see this idea used in a bathroom on Ever Cool Homes, where a black tile was used throughout the entire bathroom except the floor, which was left white for effect.

23. Swirl Design

Make Tiles Swirl

Many people think that swirl pattern tiles are juvenile, but they haven’t seen this bathroom tile design by Maureen Elphick Mosaic Design.

The shower stall shares the same floor tile pattern. Not only are the tiles arranged to provide light into the bathroom space, but the colors are used to create a whimsical feel that helps you relax.

24. Green Tiles

Create an Ombre Look

Green tiles came in many different shades, so take advantage of that. If you like mint green, then combine it with other green shades.

Why not use them for your bathroom tile? Use three or more similar color tiles and layer them from dark to light to create a truly unique look.

You can see an example of this done with multiple shades of green in this bathroom on Decoredo.

25. Neutral Tones

Use Tiles With a Classy Pattern

A minimalist design is all the inspiration you need to add visual interest. Mixing different design tiles to create an eye catching pattern isn’t right for all bathrooms.

You can choose a classier pattern like the ones found on Next Luxury. Because each tile has an “x” on it, the design offers some texture.

Bathroom Tile Ideas Conclusion

Now that you’re aware of the different styles of bathroom tiles, you’re ready to begin your bathroom floor makeover. When you begin working with a designer, don’t forget to leave room for shower fixtures. You’ll need ideas for those was well.

Remember, if you have a smaller bathroom, don’t let it limit your creative capabilities. You can create visual interest in any space. With the different tile sizes available, you have the same freedom with any bathroom regardless of size. 

A classic subway look with black and white tiles might be the most popular bathroom style today. Among all bathroom tile ideas, market research has found, that bathroom tiles with the same color are the most popular. However, for visual interest, go crazy and use multiple colors.