Patchwork Tiles – Mix And Match Your Favorite Colors For A Personalized Look

Sure, decorating with simple, monochromatic tiles has its perks but how about a more unusual approach? Don’t let your home become just another predictable space for your guests to add to the list. Use pattern and colors or, better yet, mix and match them for a unique look. Need a little bit of inspiration? Try these ideas:

Bring the fun outdoors.

Cover the outdoor kitchen or bar with colorful tiles. The more colors and patterns the better

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Add a little bit of color to the stairs as well. Each level can feature a different pattern
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Give the outdoor fireplace a more playful look by combining colors
The most obvious place where you can use tiles is, of course, the floor
Play with different patterns featuring the same combination of colors
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You can also pick your favorite combo of colors and only use those shades
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Give the entry a dynamic and enticing look. This one has a Mediterranean vibe
Not all combinations have to result in asymmetrical designs

Tiles are excellent for outdoor spaces such as the patio or the terrace. They’re easy to clean and they offer you an infinite number of possibilities when decorating. Instead of choosing a single color or pattern, pick your favorites and mix and match them in any way you please.

A cozy look for your breakfast nook

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Mix warm and cold colors for a balanced and comfortable look

If your kitchen is big enough to also incorporate a breakfast nook, try to make that particular space stand out and look different from the rest of the room. You can do that with tiles. Since it’s a tiny space, maybe you can gather some leftover pieces featuring different colors and designs.

A different kind of décor for your bathroom

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The eclectic mix of tiles and the large mirror actually make the room feel bigger
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Keep the walls and the furniture simple and make the floor the focal point
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You can use different colors of tiles to delimit the areas in the bathrooms

Usually, in the bathroom, the walls are either partially or entirely covered with tiles. Either way, this gives you the perfect opportunity to put this new plan into action. Create a playful mosaic of colors on one of the walls, on the floor or cover the exterior of the tub with the tiles you’ve chosen.

Eye-catching kitchen floors

Only one portion of the kitchen floor can be covered with tiles. The rest can be wood
I love this kitchen. It’s all white except for a few colorful touches and the floor takes center stage
For a more traditional home, there are certain patterns that work extremely well
Not all the tiles have to be colored or patterned. Mix in some plain ones too
Be creative and come up with your own design for the kitchen floor
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There’s also the possibility of creating a black and white décor without making it look boring
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A repetitive pattern is also an option. Decide whether or not it’s the best choice for you
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Patchwork tiles can also become part of the bar’s design to match the colorful flooring

Giving the kitchen a bold and cheerful vibe is actually a wonderful idea. Make it feel inviting and try a playful approach when decorating. Use patchwork tiles for the floor and keep the rest of the room simple and neutral. It’s fun working with these tiles but don’t get carried away.

An inviting entryway

The black and white is an excellent choice for this breezy hallway
Use tiles to make a small entry more interesting and eye-catching

I personally think tiles are the best material to use for the entryway floor. They’re easy to clean and this way all the mess stays contained. But being practical doesn’t also mean you have to be conservative when decorating. Here are some fun ways of using tiles for this area of the house.

Patchwork kitchen backsplash

You can use tiles of different sizes to create a unique backsplash
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Same colors, different patterns. An elegant design for a minimalist kitchen
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The way you mix and match the tiles doesn’t have to follow a pattern

If I had to pick a place where to use patchwork tiles in my kitchen it would be the backsplash. It’s the perfect accent feature to use as focal point for the room. If the furniture is simple and neutral, then the backsplash takes center stage. And you only need a few tiles so you can use leftovers from other projects.

An unconventional bedroom

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These are actually ceiling tiles screwed to the bedroom wall to create an interesting feature

It’s not very common to use tiles in the bedroom, especially on the walls. However, this look can work if, for example, your bedroom has an industrial-inspired interior design. Then you can cover an entire wall with tiles. But don’t make it look boring. The material is unusual for this room so make the design look interesting too.

Living room accent features

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Eclectic living room with a tiled fireplace wall
One of the walls can become a huge mosaic. An interesting idea for contemporary decors
Use different types of tiles on the floor to demarcate each individual area

In the case of the living room, there are more options for using tiles than you think. If you have a fireplace for example, then you can turn that wall or portion of it into a focal point for the room using patchwork tiles. Another option can be to use tiles on the floor or on the ceiling.