DIY Tassel Pillows

Do you have some couch pillows that need some sprucing up? Tassels are pretty common decorative accents for pillows. And it can actually be really easy and inexpensive to add your own. Here’s a tutorial that uses some common supplies you likely already have around your home.

Diy tassel pillow

DIY Tassel Pillow Supplies:

  • fabric pillow
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

Step 1: Cut yarn

Diy tassel pillow

This tutorial uses a pre-made pillow. If you don’t already have one that you’d like to add tassels to, you can use two squares of fabric and some filling to stitch your own. Then, just start by choosing a type of yarn that complements your couch pillows. Then cut some strips of yarn to use for your tassels. The yarn should be about 8-10 cm long, though the length can vary a bit. And you should use at least 20 strips of yarn for each tassel.

Step 2: Create tassels

diy tassels

Once you have enough pieces of yarn cut to size, you’ll need to put them together into tassels. Bunch the yarn together and loop it around your finger or another small object. Take another piece of yarn and loop it around the folded yarn as shown in the photo above. Then tie it into place.

Step 3: Stitch on tassels

Diy tassel pillow

Now you’ll need to take a needle and thread that match your yarn color and use it to attach the tassel to each corner of your pillow. Loop the thread through the center of the tassel where you were previously holding your finger then stitch it through the very tip of the pillow’s corner. Loop it through a few times and tighten before tying in place and cutting off any excess thread.

Step 4: Repeat the process

Diy tassel pillow

Once the corner tassel is attached, you’ll need to complete the three steps above another three times to create and attach tassels for the rest of the corners. If you choose, you can even create more to cover the entire rim around the pillow.

Step 5: Display the Pillow

Diy tassel pillow

That’s it! Set out your updated pillow on your couch and enjoy the new look for your living room.