Light Fixtures That Revive The Beauty Of The LED Edison Bulb

Quick history lesson: while Thomas Edison is known as the inventor of the light bulb, he didn’t really come up with the concept, the structure or the technology for the bulb but rather refined it and made light bulbs commercial by making them viable and long-lasting. Inspired by the progresses and ideas of his peers and predecessors, he developed the vintage things we now call Edison light bulbs. These have vintage bulb shapes and are popular in rustic and steampunk decors. These antique-looking bulbs continue to be popular even today and there are many reproductions available on the market.

Large chandelier over dining table with led edison bulbsView in gallery

A distinguishing feature of the Thomas Edison light bulb is that you can look straight at it without hurting your eyes. This means they can be used bare, without shades or anything else blurring their light. They also give out a warm glow and go well with vintage light fixtures.

EBB & FLOW collection of lighting fixtures with led edison bulbsView in gallery

Edison lights are often used on lamps and accent lighting in general. Although large chandeliers with lots of light bulbs are rarely used in combination with this type of bulbs, they’re also an option. Usually, however, a singular bulb stands out more and in a more dramatic fashion.

EBB & FLOW hanging lighting with led edison bulbsView in gallery

As our technology progresses, we apply the new discoveries to old designs and concepts as well. This means the LED Edison bulb is something to take into consideration if you want something different and special for your light fixtures.

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The best way to showcase a beautiful Edison bulb is with a transparent lampshade or without covering it in any way. Because these bulbs are so beautiful and interesting, they can make lovely accent pieces and become part of decorations such as this one.

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Ebb & Flow is a company that offers lots of gorgeous and elegant designs for light fixtures that use Edison bulbs. They are designed to showcase the beauty of the bulb without hiding it behind matte shades or dark colors. Transparency is an important detail for their designs and the beauty of all their creations.

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Bomma designed a beautiful collection of pendant lamps called Tim. The series consists of three shades shaped like droplets, each featuring a different size.

bomma lighting fixtures with led edison bulbsView in gallery

They are assorted with three types of hardware including polished stainless steel, copper and matte black.

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Each of these pendants is unique, being hand blown. They all work with Edison bulbs. The bulbs and the shades complement each other and highlight each other’s uniqueness and beauty.

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The Oda lamp is the creation of designer Sebastian Herkner. Its design is very interesting, being composed of a base made of thin powder-coated tubes that supports a large hand-blown glass shade. The shade is available in a variety of colors such as amber, smokey gray, opal white or black. A single Edison bulb lights up, resembling a candle.

montrose small pendant in black with led bulb edisonView in gallery

Designed to look like a vintage lantern, the Montrose pendant has a frame made of weathered brass and clear glass panels that cage a single Edison light bulb. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, adding a stylish vintage touch to the decor every time.

Table round lighting with led edison bulbView in gallery

Table lamps and Edison bulbs go hand in hand. These bulbs are very appreciated in bedroom thanks to their soft and warm glow and the ability to create a very pleasant and cozy ambiance. Because they’re not as powerful and bright as other bulbs, you can look at them without feeling any discomfort.

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Featuring a playful and graphical design, these Dzoings can be displayed in four different ways and in a variety of different decors and settings. They’re lovely decorative fixtures for the children’s room but they can also look sculptural and beautiful in a modern living room or a bedroom. You can’t really tell what they’re meant to represent. Perhaps they’re meant to look like a plane, a bird or submarine.

Luxistudio pendantView in gallery

This elegant pendant lamp beautifully portrays the elegant and refined beauty of the Edison bulb. It’s created by Luxi, a studio that focuses on artistic designs, all meticulously handcrafted of spot welded steel. Their pendant lights come in a variety of custom finishes and can be paired with more than 50 cord colors.

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Shaped like a droplet of water, this wall sconce seems to be molded just right around the vintage bulb. As the warm light reflects into the glass shade, it offers it a yellowish glow. It’s a beautiful and very chic indoor sconce which can make any hallway, bathroom or bedroom feel like a cozy retreat.

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Named Torch, this elegant chandelier has a design with strong industrial and vintage influences and it combines them in a one-of-a-kind look. Long light bulbs emerge from intersecting rings and give the chandelier a sculptural look. The distressed finish and solid brass arms are the perfect combination of vintage and industrial.

lightmaker branches with edison light bulbsView in gallery

Is it a tree branch or a chandelier? Actually, it’s both. The Branch is a light fixture designed to mimic the organic beauty or the element which gave it its name. Available in vintage brass, natural brass, polished nickel and polished copper, the classical and sculptural design can be customized in various ways.

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Stella is a chandelier designed to honor beautiful mid-century Italian light fixtures. Its design is both vintage and modern with a hint of classical beauty. It features a series of cast brass cones in two different colors: gold and black, each letting a vintage light bulb peak through.