Add Cheer To Your Windows By Decorating Them For Christmas

Christmas decorating is a fun and, at the same time, complex and time-consuming process. The Christmas tree is definitely the center of attention but there’s so much more than needs to be done. For example, there are lots of beautiful ways in which you could decorate the windows to make your house look festive and cheerful.

Christmas window wreath

Holiday-themed window decorations can take many forms. Wreaths are a popular option so let’s focus on that for now. A great-looking Christmas wreath design can be found on Debbie-debbiedoos. It’s wrapped in ribbon and features two different patterns and two colors: white and red. Start with a foam wreath and wrap one half in ribbon, then hot glue the end and wrap the other half in a different kind of ribbon. When you’re done, glue a bow where the two patterns meet.

Exterior Christmas tree branches wreath

A classic wreath is made of Christmas tree branches. They can either be faux branches or real ones, depending on whether or not you’re buying the wreath or making it from scratch or depending on your own preferences. Whatever the case may be, once the wreath is complete, you take some thick red ribbon, wrap it around it and tie a knot at the top. You can then just slip it through the window frame as shown on Bovagoods.

Kitchen Christmas Wreath For Window

Wreaths can look beautiful a window decorations in a lot of different settings. For example, the kitchen is a perfect example. However, make sure the wreaths are not displayed directly above the stove to avoid accidents. In addition, it would be best to opt for artificial wreaths given the humidity and everything else in the room.

Display multiple wreaths for Christmas

You can also choose to display multiple wreath if, let’s say, the windows of your home are really large or if you want to decorate a glass door. You can mix and match several different wreaths with different dimensions and designs. Hang then with red ribbons from the curtain rod.

How to hang Christmas Ornaments for windows

A different way of decorating a window involves Christmas tree ornaments. So in case you have some extra ones, consider the idea featured on Dans-le-townhouse. Basically you remove the screen or curtain and you use the rod as a support structure for hanging the ornaments at different heights.

Apply a Christmas on the Window

Another option can be to use contact paper to make decorations for your windows and doors. Check out the Christmas tree featured on Funathomewithkids. It adds color and cheer to the window and it also serves as a decoration for the room. To make such a decoration you need contact paper in a few different colors, green being the main one.

Compact paper for window decoration

Contact paper can also be used for more detailed ornaments such as the snowflakes featured on agusyornet. You can give these any shape and design you want. If you want, you can also display a message such as “Merry Christmas” which those passing by your window will see.

Windows decorated with garlands and bunting

Windows can also be decorated with garlands and bunting. The idea is very versatile and can materialize in many different ways. Depending on the color palette you’ve chosen for this year’s Christmas décor, you can make festive garlands that share a theme or a pattern or you can mix and match several different designs.

Festive Christmas Valance

If you want, you could also make a festive Christmas-themed valance or corniche for one of your windows. Actually it would just be a garland decorated with all sorts or ornaments, displayed above the window. The inspiration for this came from Lookiewhatidid.

Green Garland for Window Decoration

This idea also works for larger windows. The green garland can be attached to the curtain rod or can be displayed above the window/ door. In addition to this, you can also add some monogram decorations to cheer up the ambiance in the room.

decorate the garland with large bows and ribbons

Garlands can also be displayed on the window sill. In fact, this idea is great because it’s so simple and requires very little effort. You can decorate the garland with large bows and ribbons that run down and also decorate the wall below them.

Decorate the window sill for Christmas

The window sill can be decorated in a lot of fun and chic ways. You can use a variety of strategies for this. For example, display some candles or a vase full of flowers. In addition, if you window frame allows, you can also display a few things on top of it.

Decorate the Windows for Christmas with candles

Speaking of candles, they can become a DIY project for you this year. Focus on how to decorate different types of candles in order to make them look festive so you can use them as window decorations. Pay attention to the candle holders and votives as well.

Beautiful combination of window decoration for Christmas

A beautiful combination of window decorations can involve candle holders and candles and a few star ornaments that hang at different heights in front of the window. The candle light will highlight these ornaments at night, creating a serene and beautiful look.

Cute Swedish Window Decoration for Christmas

If you want, you can turn your window sill into playground for cute decorations such as reindeer, Christmas trees and other things. You can let them tell a story or set a certain mood in the room. And just as shown here, your window décor doesn’t have to be colorful in order to look festive and fun.

Decorate the exterior house for Christmas

Instead of decorating your windows from the inside, a different option is to decorate them from the exterior. The strategies you can use are pretty much the same ones although you have to make sure the decorations you’re using can withstand the conditions and are well-secured there.

Traditional Christmas look for House

If you’re going for a traditional look, use Christmas tree branches and wreaths or ornaments. Keep the color palette classical, meaning combos such as green and red or green and white. You can also add some cheer to the front door in a similar way.