DIY Dreamy Christmas Chandelier

If you want to take your Christmas decor to the next level, make a dreamy, spruce Chandelier this season. I have never thought about creating one, perhaps because all the previous years I kept my Christmas decor rather simple. But then I thought  – it’s just a few days a year so it might be worth adding something special to make this time even more memorable, don’t you think?

DIY Christmas Chandelier
DIY Christmas Chandelier Closer

Long story short, I thought, it would be nice to have a pretty decoration hanging above the table. Since where I live it’s getting dark very quickly in the winter time, I couldn’t replace my lamp so I made a Christmas chandelier for it! I wish I could say it is another super quick project – but you will need few hours to wrap the strings around the metal ring… a bit of patience required! Have a look below how I made it.

Here’s what you will need:

  • thick metal wire
  • soft metal wire
  • white thick wool or string
  • spruce twigs
  • iron or hair straightener (optional)


1. Bend the thick metal into the shape of two circles.

DIY Christmas Chandelier Prepare the Wire

2. Cut the white wool / string to the desired lengths and wrap them around the metal circle, one next to another. It’s a bit long job, hence. I’ve been doing it while watching TV in the evening. I must say I found it very relaxing!

DIY Christmas Chandelier Cut the Wool

4. Decorate the larger circle with spruce twigs around it, securing it with a soft wire.

DIY Christmas Chandelier - Decorate the circle

5. Connect two circles by wrapping soft wire around their edges in 3 places, like in the photo above.

6. Attach a string in three places and mount it above your table or in a hallway (with a source or light or without as you wish inside).

TIP: If the wool got wrinkled in the process, straight it with the hair straightener or iron the strings to make them sleek.

DIY Christmas Chandelier Display
How To Make A Christmas Chandelier
DIY Christmas Chandelier Over Table

Now, here comes a little surprise – this is what happened when I turned on the light! The entire room got filled with paradise looking like shadows – isn’t it amazing? Depending on what light bulb you place inside, you will get different effect (and colors!) so play with it and see what suits your home best.

DIY Christmas Chandelier Wall Shadows
Christmas Chandelier Wall Shadows

Have you ever made a Christmas chandelier? Do you like this idea?