DIY Stylish Door Stops

Have you ever experienced a self-closing doors? Well, it happens folks whether we like it or not and if you are familiar with this phenomenon, you also know how annoying it can be. My studio door leads into the garden so it would be nice to keep it open during the warm days and evenings, but it wouldn’t listen, no matter how nicely I ask!   I had to come up with an alternative solution to solve this problem for good and stop using whatever lies on the floor including magazine piles, plants or chairs. I made those very simple door stops out of wooden blocks and glammed them up with a bit of paint. It’s super fast and easy, and you can choose any color to match your home style!

Modern Stylish Door Stops

Have a look at the tutorial below to see how to make DIY  White & Gold Door Stops:

You will need:

  • Wooden block / cut into two triangle pieces.
  • white and golden spray paint or normal paint and a paint brush
Modern Stylish Door Stops Materials

The instructions are very simple, however I will tell you exactly what I did here to make these stops. First of all, I got the wood block cut into two triangular shapes, at my local hardware store. You might cut it at home or buy ready  blocks, it’s up to you, but remember that they shouldn’t be shorter than 10 cm. If you cut them yourself,  you might want to sandpaper the surfaces before painting, to make make sure they are smooth and clean.

Modern Stylish Door Stops triangle

Once they are polished, spray paint them with white paint and wait for it to dry. Using tape, mark the top area, you want to paint different color (golden in my case). It will keep nice, straight lines dividing the two colors.

Modern Stylish Door Stops Paint

Spray paint the ends using gold paint and again wait for the stops to dry well. Carefully remove the tape from the blocks and they are ready to use! Now you can stop any doors from closing!

Modern Stylish Door Stops Tape
Modern Stylish Door Stops Finished
Modern Stylish Door Stops Used like Decor Accessories
DIY Modern Stylish Door Stops

Magic! I really like the fact that THEY WORK and look so cool! When you don’t need to keep your door open, you might display them on a shelf or desk, as a geometric decoration. I’m a little bit in love with this project and the final result… what do you think? What do you use to stop your door from closing?