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How To Decorate The Walls With Wood And Metal Letters

Decorating with letters has become a trend lately and more and more people are showing interest in this matter. It’s a way of customizing a space without making it look and feel too personal. The wall letters can be initials or can form words that send messages. There are numerous different and interesting ways of using either wooden or metal letters and each one is unique and special in its own way.

Dinings room and kitchens

Displaying letters on the wall

Displaying letters on the wall can be a good decorating strategy for areas such as the dining room. These spaces have to accommodate the entire family as well as guests so personalizing it too much is not a very good idea.

ABC Textual Art Letter

In the dining room, a wall can be decorated with letters that light up and send a message. It’s usually best to keep things simple and neutral and to use general words such as “love”. “family” or messages such as “welcome” and other similar ones.{found on bryanthill}.

Larger metal letters for corner room

These large metal letters fill out the emptiness on the wall and makes this breakfast nook a lot more welcoming and cozy. The idea is very simple but the visual impact is a strong one, especially considering the size of the letters.{found on wettling}.

Floor to ceiling windows for dining area

Combine different fonts, colors and sizes if you want the wall letters to look quirky. You can also choose different methods of displaying them and use them all together.

Home letters on the kitchen wall

Something as simple as the word “home” written on the wall can make a kitchen or dining room feel extra welcoming and cozy, creating a pleasant and familiar ambiance.{found on duetdesigngroup}.

Kids’ rooms

Teenager room with colorful bedding

The kids’ bedroom is another space where you can successfully decorate with wall letters. For example, if two kids share the same room, you can have their initials displayed above the beds as a way to personalize an are of the room.

B and C letters above the beds

The letter initials displayed on the wall above each bed can be the element that ties everything together. Their color can coordinate with other elements in the room, maintaining cohesion.{found on trentleephotography}.

Colorful wooden letters for baby room

Wooden letters on the wall can also serve as an educational tool. Display colored letters in different fonts and sizes on one of the walls in the nursery or playroom and use them to teach kids the alphabet.{found on chebellainteriors}.

Alphabet Letters above the nursery bed

It would be fun to coordinate some of the colors featured by the alphabet letters with other details in the room, even if they don’t have the same visual impact.{found on nessadeeart}.

Striped walls for nursery room and alphabed letters

Integrate the alphabet into the room’s décor by using colors that already exist on the wall or close-by. For example, the colors featured by the stripes on this wall were also used on the letters, forming a perfect match.

Changing table area for nursery with alphabet letters

Wall letters are a good way of decorating a kid’s room without making it seem like you’re pushing your own vision. They’re simple enough to leave plenty of room for customization.{found on sarahgreenman}.

Modern NOA nursery room with grey accents

You can use large wall letters with embedded lights in the nursery without overwhelming the room. In fact, they can actually be quite subtle. It’s a matter of finding the right balance.

Wooden and metalic Ben letters

Personalizing the kids’ rooms with their names using wooden or metal letters on the wall is a popular practice. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add your own twist to this design idea.{found on mendetc}.

Adventure Word above the bunk beds

Another option is to use wall letters to establish a certain ambiance in the room or to emphasize a theme. This can be a starting point or a finishing touch, depending on how to plan the whole process.{found on magnoliahomes}.

Framed alphabet letters

The order and the way in which you display the letters on the wall is up to you and can be customized in an infinity of ways. For example, you can frame each letter and arrange them all in a pattern.{found on daniellesykes}.

Rock star room for a girl

A teen’s bedroom can be easily personalized using wall letters. In this case, the letters would be used to send a different kind of messages and often to highlight a theme or to set a certain type of ambiance.{found on taylor-studio}.

Painted letters on the wall for kids room

Instead of using wood or metal letters, you can try using letter wall decals. You can display them in a random pattern or arrange them in words to send a message.


Home sweet home diff letters

Welcome guests with a friendly message which you can make visible using wood letters on the entrance hall. Similarly, this can also work in the living room.

Mirrored letters above the bed

Create a pleasant ambiance in the master bedroom by using the same strategy. Here you can see that mirrored letters were used. This opens the door to a whole new range of possibilities regarding the materials from which the letters are made.{found on h3kdesign}.

Go green and make some fresh letters

Speaking of which, here’s a very interesting way of personalizing the wall letters by using tiny succulents. Basically, each letter is a planter, acting as a frame for the succulents.{found on webberstudio}.

letters as decorations is the home office

Another area where you can successfully use wall letters as decorations is the home office. In fact, in here they would serve a double role, also being able to represent you in a professional way.

Set a workspace and make it beautiful

Similarly, one portion of a room can stand out from the rest. You can set up a workspace in the living room or bedroom or add a desk in the kids’ room and use large wall letters to differentiate it from the rest of the room.{found on pebble-design}.

XO above the bed in berdoom

There’s no need for bold colors or unusual shapes when all you want is to add a small detail that makes the bedroom feel inviting, warm and relaxing. In fact, you can use wall letters that have a specific finish or texture for that.

Bahtroom decoration with letters

The versatility of wall letters also allows them to be used in bathrooms. When you think about it, there are very few ways in which you can personalize this space using decorations and this is a great option.

Wall Letters With LEDs

Wall letters with LED lights can make a statement anywhere you place them. The main idea is to make them integrate into the décor and to also pick a style, size, color and message that suits the space.{found on echeloncustomhomes}.

Food letters on the corner of window

To better integrate the wall letters into a space’s décor, you can combine this method with others such as displaying letters on a mantel or a shelf.

DIY letter projects

Monogram chalk slate

Now that you have a general idea about how letters can be used in interior décor, let’s take a look at a few DIY projects involving letters. A good starting point is the one we found on Maisondepax. It shows you how to make letter chalk slates. You need MDF letters and chalkboard spray paint.

Lace monogram letter

For a vintage touch, decorate a wooden letter with doilies. The whole process is simple. Start by painting the letter. Let it dry and then add a mod podge layer. Lay the vintage doily on top of the letter and add a top coat of mod podge. {found on avery-anderson}

Flower m letter with rope

Another way of decorating a wooden letter involves using jute string and felt flowers. The first step should be painting the letter if you want to change its color or to simply give it a fresh look. Then wrap string around it, covering portions of the letter. Then decorate these portions with felt flowers. {found on meganbrookehandmadeblog}

Cutting Board Word Art anderson

A lovely project you can use for the kitchen requires you to repurpose some old cutting boards. The main idea is simple. You attach letters to the cutting boards and then you display them on a wall. You can find more details and instructions for the project on Andersonandgrant.

Succulent letters to decorate with

Remember those wall letters filled with succulents? Now you can find out how to make them. You have to build or buy the letter frames. After this, the whole process is very simple. You’ll be planting the succulents in moss which you have to soak with water to make the whole process easier. Find out more about this inspiring project on Houseandfig.

ABC Textual Art Letter

The way in which you decorate the space has a lot to do with the type of decorations you use, the material that they’re made of, the finish, color and so on. The Winstock Gingham letters featured here are made of plastic and are wrapped in cotton fabric. They come with the necessary hardware for mounting them on the wall and they measure 9” H x 8” W x 1” D.

ABC Textual Art Letter

Of course, when talking about letters of any kind, the font is very important. These gorgeous monograms have a very stylized font and they’re meant to be used separately and not to form words. The Passarelli monograms are made of birch plywood and they can be stained and painted if you want to customize them to suit your décor. The dimensions are 17.75” H x 19.5” W and the mounting hardware is included.

ABC Textual Art Letter

Monograms and decorative letters are commonly used in nurseries and children’s rooms. They’re a simple and chic way to personalize the space. The Fecteau adventure Awaits monogram set is definitely playful and cheerful, perfect for a baby’s or a toddler’s room. It’s a three-piece set, with wooden frames and water-resistant canvas. The design is cute, bold and simple and each of the three panels measures 16″ H x 16″ W.

ABC Textual Art Letter

The Roberto wall letters are wrapped in lovely cotton fabric with a candy stripe pattern. They’re made of plastic which makes them lightweight and easy to hang on the wall. Each letter measures 9” H x 8” W x 1” D and you can choose any letter of the alphabet or select multiples to create words or various custom compositions. They each come with a metal hook for easy hanging.

ABC Textual Art Letter

These canvas letters are more like monogram paintings rather than decorative letters. They’re 100% handmade and each one is unique, resembling a very detailed sketch, an abstract interpretation of a letter but detailed with all sorts of little elements. It’s really interesting to identify all the details which makes these monograms a really cool decoration for a variety of different types of spaces.

ABC Textual Art Letter

On a related topic, you can decorate your walls with various signs like this hashtag symbol. It’s a Marquee sign with built-in LED lights and it’s a very simple and effective element to decorate an empty wall with. It’s definitely a statement piece that can be interpreted in a variety of different ways depending on the context. The LEDs offer a warm glow when they light up and you can also use this as a source of ambient lighting for the room.

ABC Textual Art Letter

Individual letters are monograms are one of the forms of textual art that you can use in your home décor but there are also others. You can also find all sorts of lovely decorative signs like this Dream one for example. They’re cute and colorful and sometimes inspirational and they’re a nice way to add character and style to a room in a casual manner.

ABC Textual Art Letter

This Caterpillar Love is also really cute and would look lovely in a variety of different settings and decors. It’s made of wood and it comes in a variety of different sizes. The smallest one measures 18” H x 18” W which makes it square and quite versatile. The biggest version measures 40’’H x 40’’W and is better suited for large and open spaces rather than cozy bedrooms.

ABC Textual Art Letter

This ABC sign is also a really nice example of a casual and colorful wall decoration that doesn’t necessarily have a very specific design but still looks lovely. It has a sleek wooden frame covered in cotton gallery canvas and comes with a wire hanger so you can easily display it on a wall. The design is playful, colorful ad quite abstract which makes this a very versatile decoration.