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How To Design With And Around A Yellow Living Room Sofa

Every color has a certain impact on an existing décor and we’re not talking here about color psychology. It’s simply a matter of style and looks. A color such as yellow, for example, is bright and eye-catching and it would be a cheerful addition to a space such as the living room. A yellow couch or sofa can be the centerpiece of the room. The question that remains is “how will you decorate the space around it?”

Prints and patterns around yellow couch

Well, the options are numerous. One idea would be to use prints and patterns to integrate the yellow sofa into the living room without making it seem out of place. The accent pillows are quirky and fun and they combine well with the yellow on the sofa.

Bright yellow couch

Another idea is to use a bright shade of yellow in combination with other neon shades such as pink or blue or orange. This way no color will stand out individually. Instead they’ll all be eye-catching as a whole.

White washed bricks wall and yellow pale sofa

But not all yellows have to be that bright and flashy. Mellow tones can be very beautiful as well and they combine well with light wooden surfaces and with other soft colors. A sofa such as this one can be the unexpected touch of color in a neutral décor.

Yellow Cleveland Sofa

If you don’t want the yellow sofa to be the only colorful piece in the living room, you can add a few other fresh and cheerful elements such as a green plant, a quirky coffee table or a set of fun accent pillows.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Yello and Grey Sofa with Black Wall

We’ve said this numerous times: yellow and gray are two colors that work beautifully together. They complement each other nicely. One is fun and vibrant and the other one is dark and neutral. Together they create the perfect balance.{found on kimgray}.

High ceiling living room with yellow count and pictures on ledge

Isn’t it beautiful the way this yellow couch grounds the space? The living room has a high ceiling and the shelves fill the empty void in a simple and casual manner. The couch maintains a lightweight look and keeps the décor from becoming cluttered and uncomfortable.

Swedish design with colorful yellow couch

What we enjoy most about this seating area is the way the colors on the abstract paintings are reiterated throughout the space in various forms. And although the mustard yellow on the sofa is not one of them, it blends in nicely.

industrial cage pendant inspiration - love the mustard yellow couch

You can complement a yellow sofa with a series of other elements and accessories featuring the same color but different shades. This way they’ll communicate with each other on some level but they’ll also stand out individually.

L shapped yellow sofa

Another good idea is to stick to the basics and to use two contrasting colors that complement each other in a natural and elegant way. Blue and yellow seems to be one such example. But don’t only use these two shades. You can also experiment with some green and maybe even some red or orange. Just make sure the rest are only accent colors.

elegant without standing out

If you prefer a décor that’s warm, welcoming and elegant without standing out in a bright or opulent way, this tone of yellow seems like a perfect choice, especially in combination with the golden wood finish and the surrounding neutrals.

Furniture shoot

If you want the couch or the sofa to be the main attraction in the living room, then choosing a vibrant color is a good idea. The design, however, should be simple. This way the focus will be on the color and the piece as a whole and not on a series of small details.

Brown dark furniture yellow sofa

Sometimes when all the furniture is dark and the flooring has a similar stain as well, even if the walls are white something else is needed to establish the balance. A yellow sofa with a light and pleasant color can be this missing element.

Perfect nook yellow sofa

Don’t you feel like this small sofa is perfect for that nook? The fact it’s yellow helps the décor stay fresh and airy and also draws attention to that particular spot. It’s a welcomed touch of color in an otherwise plain setting.{found on jhinteriordesign}.

Low ceiling living room with bright yellow sofa

Combine multiple pastel shades to obtain a diverse but cohesive décor. For example, the walls can be light blue, the sofa can be yellow, the armchairs can be gray and you can also add an abstract painting that puts all these colors in one place.{found on sallywheatinteriors}.

Modern yellow sofa

A brightly-colored sofa can completely change the ambiance in the living room. Imagine how the space would look like if the sofa were black instead of yellow. Isn’t this option a lot of cheerful and chic? A pink sofa would have had a similar effect.

velvet pillows and chocolate brown shelving

The way everything in this room interacts in terms of color is really harmonious and inspiring. In addition, the textures seem to play an important role as well. The rug, the sofa, the velvet pillows, the chocolate brown shelving and the walls are all in perfect sync and the result is a warm and welcoming ambiance.{found on redmondaldrich}.


Because of the exposed brick wall, a lighter and more vibrant shade of yellow would have seemed out of place. This one, however, is a beautiful choice. In addition, the orange chair in the background takes on the role of a focal point for the room.

Masculine decor with a yellow pop sofa

Use prints and patterns to make a brightly-colored piece of furniture feel like a natural part of the décor. It will stand out for sure but it will also blend in. the result will be an eclectic design dominated by eye-catching details.{found on elainemusiwa}.

Minimalist clean design with yellow sofa

Using light colors in small spaces is a smart idea. Usually white is the main color but it’s a cold shade that lacks character. It’s why you also need to add something else to the mix. Try light pastels and small hints of contrasting colors.{found on avenuelifestyle}.

leather yellow tufted sofa

Tufted sofas have a particularly glamorous and elegant look. They don’t always combine well with all styles but they’re versatile enough to look beautiful in a lot of circumstances. You can use color to make things easier.


Two distinct accent colors, each defining a separate portion of the living room. At the center, a coffee table that balances out the décor and an abstract wall painting that somehow combines the two in an artistic manner.

tropical touch for living room

Bring some of the tropical flair inside the house and let the indoor and outdoor spaces communicate freely through glass walls and large windows. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors. In fact, they won’t stand out that much in such a setting.

Interior design of a loft featuring two yellow couches

Sometimes a bit of symmetry makes things harmonious and easier to work with. It’s why two yellow sofas are better than one if you want to make them seem like they really belong there. Keep the rest of the décor simple and neutral.

Traditional carpet with yellow couch

If you don’t want your yellow couch to be the center of attention, try adding some other eye-catching elements in the décor. For example, a patterned rug with a busy pattern can be just what you need.{found on remickassociates}.

Anabella Sofa Bed

Tracy Sofa

Yellow is a bold and powerful color but also a versatile one which suits a variety of different styles. The Anabella sofa has a mid-century retro design with elegant and classic lines all around. It also has fairly simple and classic lines and it’s supported by tapered legs which give it a vintage look. The velvet fabric upholstery add softness to the design and make the sofa look extra comfortable and cozy.

Vicki 75″ Square Arm Sofa

Tracy Sofa

The Vicki sofa has a modern design at its core but it can also fit into a variety of spaces defined by other styles. The yellow color helps it stand out and puts an emphasis on its elegant geometry and highlights certain design details such as the tufted back cushions in particular. The legs are short and made of solid wood, giving the sofa a sturdy look.

Riendeau Velvet 57.8″ Square Arm Loveseat

Tracy Sofa

A bold color such as yellow can look really lovely on a small sofa. This here is a very nice example. The Riendeau is a small two-person sofa also known as a loveseat. It has a simple design with a hint of vintage flair to it, tapered legs made of wood with a dark finish and velvet fabric upholstery. It’s stylish and has a modern and simple aesthetic and it measures 33” H x 57.8” W x 31.7” D overall.

Cricklade Velvet 72″ Round Arms Sleeper

Tracy Sofa

You can easily convert the Cricklade sofa into a bed by folding down the back cushions. That makes it a nice piece of furniture for areas such as guest rooms and also regular living rooms as well. This type of flexibility allows a space to be multifunctional. The legs of the sofa are tapered, angled and made of solid wood and the upholstery is made of velvet fabric available in a variety of colors including this beautiful shade of dark yellow.

Luciano Loveseat

Tracy Sofa

The Luciano loveseat is a really cute piece, with a compact and very chic design. It has four angled legs made of wood with a rich finish which give it a graceful and lightweight look. The base curved around the edges and forms two armrests on the sides and the back is quite simple, with a tufted pattern. The linen fabric gives it a clean and modern look and this shade of yellow highlights its soft and delicate lines.

Araceli 55.1″ Armless Loveseat

Tracy Sofa

This is an armless loveseat which looks a bit similar to a bench. The lack of armrests definitely allows it to look more lightweight and slender and this design looks great in combination with bold colors such as this yellow. The base and legs are made of wood and the backrest has a button-tufted design for a little bit of retro charm. The overall dimensions of this stylish sofa are 34.3” H x 55.1” W x 30.5” D.

Martinique 72″ Round Arm Sofa
Tracy Sofa

You can get the Martinique sofa in two different shades of yellow. There’s the sunset yellow which is light and bright and very cheerful and also the mustard yellow which is darker and very rich. As far as the design of the sofa is concerned, this is an elegant piece with soft and delicate lines, curved edges and a slender silhouette. The frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood and foam0filled seat and backrest are covered in soft velvety fabric.

Connally Chesterfield 76″ Rolled Arms Sofa

Tracy Sofa

If you want something a bit more retro, with a glamorous design and a good amount of detail, check out this beautiful Connally Chesterfield sofa. It comes I a variety of stylish colors including yellow and it measures 31.89” H x 75.98” W x 31.5” D overall. It has a classic form with round tapered feet, nailhead trims on the sides and a button-tufted back. It also has two round accent pillow which really capture the essence of its design.

Tracy Sofa

Tracy Sofa

The Tracy sofa is as much a furniture piece as it is a decoration and a beautiful statement piece for the living room. It has a low backrest which wraps around the sides and four tapered and angled legs. The back and armrests have channel tufting which add verticality to the low profile design. This is a sofa with a classic mid-century style inspired by the 1960s iconic furniture pieces.