The Shine Of Metal Art Adds Edginess and Interest To Home Decor

Metal art is a great way to add spice to the life of your home decor. It’s entirely your choice whether you add metal in the form of furniture, accessories, or as metal wall art, which is popular way to incorporate the material. Depending upon your taste, metal art can be shiny and flashy, colorful or rustic and weathered.

Opening for special metal art furniture is a great way to make a statement and incorporate metal into your decor. An avant garde piece, like this coffee table by by China’s Shi Jianmin from the Gabrielle Amman Studio. An unexpected metal piece like this is more than just a table — it’s a conversation piece and a piece of metal art.

Ammann silver chomp

A modern metal art bench serves as a great centerpiece to any room. This one is from the Parisian Gallery Diane de Polignac and was created by Quebec-based artist Gildas Berthelot. Rather tan angular and sever, the the sinuous lines of the bench are can help soften an ultra-modern space.

Berthelot bench
Berthelot’s bench, “Souvenirs Maritimes,” 2015.

Metal art furniture doesn’t have to be serious either. The right piece can add a touch of whimsy to a room, as is the case with these Puddle tables by artist Stefan Bishop. Shown by the Christina Grajales Gallery of New York, it is made from solid cast bronze. As a set, they dominate the space, but just using one would be a fun metal art accent.

Grajales splash 2
Grajales splash table
Arranged in a circle, the coffee table dominates the room.
Grjales Gallery
Choosing several pieces of the same style allow for interest as well as continuity.

Of course, your tastes do not have to swing to the dramatic for you to include metal art in your decor. Here, a uniquely perforated brass coffee table is clean-lined and attractive without being too unusual.

Copper metal art coffee table

Even if your style traditional or conservative, metal art furniture pieces can liven up your space. This traditional style bench has a metal art back that is super stylish and would work in a rustic space as well. This type of metal art is also suitable for a farmhouse chic style of room.

Bench with a metal art on back

Sometime you just want a small touch of metal and here, the grouped small tables lend just enough edge to an otherwise modern contemporary setting. Mixed metals and shapes come together in an interesting choice for a casual yet fashionable metal coffee table.

Small cubes coffee tables

Mixing some metal with wood in a modern piece often provides just enough metal for modern, low-key room. Adding one slim metallic block to the otherwise rustic piece lends a bit of edginess. It’s apiece that can be used as a stroll or a side table.

wood and metal a perfect mix

The pops of shiny rose gold metal in this Ligne Roset living room add just enough of the trendy metal to keep the white space current without overdoing it. A lamp or table like this one is much like a piece of metal art that dresses up your room.

Ligne roset wall duo

A piece like this chair from the Max Hetzler Gallery is more art than functional furniture, but it’s definitely a statement-making piece of metal art. The sculpture has an industrial feel and adds a touch of color.  While it might not be useful for seating additional guests, it is most certainly a focal point for any space.

Max Hetzler Gallery Chair

The Traccia Table by Meret Oppenheim is a great example of a functional table that equally a piece of metal art. The whimsical table has polished cast bronze bird’s legs with bird tracks on the table top.  The finish on top of the plywood table is gold leaf. Cassina is making a serial production of Oppenheim’s original 1939 Surrealist model.

Meret Oppenheim Traccia Table

If you have a large space, then a large piece of metal art like a sculpture can be an appropriate choice.  This mermaid culture is accented with real sand.  A work like this would be perfect for a modern space that has sweeping views of the ocean.

mermaid sculpture

If your tastes run more to the abstract, then metal art is likely a good choice for you. Whether you choose a piece for the wall, a table top or the floor, it can make a colorful addition to your home. This large metal art piece from the Peter Freeman Gallery has an industrial feel and would look great in a minimalist space.

Peter Freeman Gallery sculpture

Word signs and lighted metal wall art are very popular right now. This collection is from Rustic Arrow and shows a variety of artful pieces, Word signs are appropriate for any room, depending upon the word and the style that you choose. The company also produces a wide range of original metal art sculptures of all designs and sizes.

Rustic arrow metal wall signs

Metal sculptures are often treated as metal wall art. These artful, fluid fugures are by Korean artist Seung Mo Park. The Brookly-based artist makes his amazing sculptures from tightly wrapped layers of aluminum wire built on fiberglass forms. The results are stunning.

Seung Mo Park Collapsed wire figure 2
Seung Mo Park Collapsed wire figures
Whether standing erect or collapsed on a wall, Park’s figures are amazing.

A mundane item becomes art when manipulated and grouped, transforming it into a piece of art. This work of metal art is based on the lowly spoon, which when bent, folded and arranged becomes a current modern work. Best for an industrial or modern space, it’s a great example of imagination and creativity.

Silverware wall piece
Art from silverware

Another example of creating something spectacular from a throw-away item is Clare Graham’s Pop Top side chair, from 2000. A definite attention getter, this work is not just metal art, it’s a functional chair that’s surprisingly comfortable. Graham created his prices from densely packed pop tabs that are woven together like a tufted needlepoint rug.

Cool Soda tab chair design
Amazing soda tab chair design
Graham has used more than 14 million pop tabs in his works.

Simple metal tubes cut on the bias may seem rather boring but not when they are combined and sculpted into a modern piece of metal art. Although it has an industrial look, it’s a little less edge than other metal pieces and would be suitable for a wider variety of home spaces.

tubular sculpture

Half functional table and half pure art, this metal art table from the Southern Guild of South Africa is a spectacular coffee table choice for a large modern space.


The Todd Merrill Studio shows several pieces that are equal parts functional furniture and metal art. The large light sculpture is calle Walking, by Niamh Barry. It is an 11-foot long, 7-foot tall standing screen. Shown here is also a metal whimsical alligator table by Erin Sullivan. The contemporary artist creates solid cast bronze table-stools, such as this  multi-layered, three-footed sculpture of an alligator.

Todd Merrill pieces
Todd Merrill
Barry’s “Walking” is a study of the traced steps of man.

To look at the pieces below, you might think of water splashing, but not likely calligraphy. Chinese artist Zheng Lu combines the two things into these metal art sculptures that look like water splashing. Take a closer look and you will see thousands of Chinese characters that have been laser cut. These are such lovely and amazing works of metal art that they would be spectacular in a spacious white room.

zheng lu branches
zheng lu branch detail
Zheng’s sculptures are made of intricate laser-characters.

Metal wall art is a natural choice for many spaces, particularly modern and contemporary rooms. While it can also add a pop of color in some cases, often it’s the shine and artful qualities that make it work in a particular space. Many of these pieces are also functional furnishings, but like any other art piece, it is only the right piece if you love the style.