Back To School Problems: Cluttered Desks And Tidy Solutions

You had all summer to forget about all the clutter on your desk and all the stress of trying to get rid of it only to see it show up again the next day. You might want to change things around this time. A few small accessories can go a long way. The ones we’ve selected here are great for pretty much any office and can help de-clutter your desk in no time plus they’ll keep it clean and tidy.

cork cactus desk

This cute little thing is a cork cactus desk tidy. Keep it on your desk and pin things on it. It’s useful for notes and reminders and it looks really nice. You could place it among your real cactus plants and it will require no maintenance at all.

Edison lamp docking station

There are always things on our desks that we’d like to just gather in one place to free up the workspace. That’s exactly what you should do and this Edison lamp docking station will make it a lot easier and very stylish. It’s a multifunctional accessory that you can use as a lamp, a dock for your phone or tablet and as a storage tray for personal items.

Large wood desk organizer

There are plenty of other similar accessories that can help keep a desk clean and organized. This large organizer will hold your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and more and it will look stylish while doing it. The organizer is made of wood and has a simple and elegant design that makes it really versatile. It has a compartment for everything, even for a purse.

Workspace desk organizer

Sometimes, however, the personal items aren’t a problem. It’s all the desk supplies that make the workspace look cluttered and annoying. Things like pens, paperclips and sticky notes get in the way when working so it would be a nice idea to store them all in a desk organizer. You could craft one yourself by following the instructions on Lovelyindeed.

DIY wall pocket desk organizer

Perhaps you’d like to free up your desk completely and to store everything on a wall. In that case, a pocket organizer would be just perfect. You can make one yourself using a few simple supplies like a plywood sheet, some leather or fabric, glue and a drill. Find out all about the project on Thelovelydrawer.

Wood block metalic paint pencil holder

Organizers and pencil holders come in all shapes and sizes and if you choose to craft yourself you have a lot of freedom in choosing the design. Check out the idea offered on Thecasualcraftlete. It’s a house-shaped pencil holder that can be easily made out of some pieces of wood, although it would be even simpler to find a wooden house block and just take the top off.

Origami box pencil holder

Do you like origami? If yes, maybe you’d enjoy making a cool origami box for your desk. You could use it to store your pencils or other supplies. All you need for this project is paper so choose it wisely and make sure you love it. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on Gatheringbeauty. So start folding and you’ll be done in no time.

Concrete pencil holder

Sure, a paper box wouldn’t be very sturdy or durable so if you want something that is we found this interesting project on Lovecreatecelebrate. It shows you how to make sturdy pencil holders out of tin cans and concrete. First you make a mold using a tin can and a plastic container. Then your pour concrete in between these two, let it set and dry and then you can paint and decorate the new pencil holder however you want.

Gold pattern desk organizers

For the little things like paper clips and other supplies you could use a stylish storage container like these striped ones we found on Homeohmy. You could make something similar out of some repurposed jars, glasses or other type of containers. You can then use tape and paint to customize them however you want.

Broom desk caddy

Did you ever consider storing your pens, pencils and other desk supplies in a broom head? Probably not since it’s a really unusual idea but it works so why not check it out? Turning a broom head into a pencil holder or desk is the easiest thing in the world. It don’t really have to do anything except find a good spot for it on the desk. {found on themerrythought}

Crochet pencil holder

Anything that has the right shape and size can be used as a pencil holder. This includes cans, jars, glasses, even bottles. But simply repurposing them is only the first step. Then comes the fun part: customization. We found this interesting idea on Pysselbolaget: repurposed plastic bottles decorated with colored yarn. To make something similar you’ll need the container, punch pliers, a needed and yarn.

Desk caddy

But if you like to keep all your desk supplies nice and organized in one place, you’ll need more than just a pencil holder. So let’s see how you can make a desk caddy. It’s pretty simple actually. You need storage containers for all the things you want to store and a tray to hold them all in one place. Find out how to get it done from the tutorial on Christinawilliamsblog.

Walnut wood desk caddy

There’s also this stylish-looking wooden desk caddy featured on Dreamgreendiy. It’s something you can do yourself out of a block of wood. You need a drill with different-sized bits so you can make all the holes for the things you want to store and organize. You can also make a nook for your phone with a hole for the charger cable.

Cement desk organizer

I don’t know about you but I find concrete desk accessories really practical and interesting-looking. You can pretty much make anything out of concrete including pencil holders, storage trays and even file organizers. Of course, it would be easier to just buy these things so have a look at this set on CB2. It might be exactly what you need.

Keep desk organized with this mini hub

When looking for strategies to keep your desk clean and organized you need to take into consideration the things that usually pose a problem. For example, if you’re constantly untangling your earphones and moving them from place to place, maybe you should get a mini hub like this one. It keeps your earphones in check and out of the way.