How to Craft Stylish Concrete Planters of All Shapes and Sizes

There’s something really unique and special about concrete planters, something that makes them a very good addition to a lot of gardens and landscapes. Their charm comes from the contrast between the fresh and fragile plants and the roughness of the concrete that holds them. But there’s no point in simply talking about this when we can more easily understand everything through examples.

Plastic bottles concrete molded planters

If you want to make your own concrete planters this should be very easy. You can use all sorts of things as molds. For example, use an empty water bottle or a large can or container you no longer need. You can even make something out of thick cardboard. For the concrete mix you need sand, water and concrete. Make sure you also have some water, a bucket, a stick and a box cutter nearby. Find out more about this on radmegan.

Wood stand for a concrete planter

A while ago we showed you this stylish planter which you can make out of wood and concrete. The materials required include quick drying concrete, a juice carton, a bowl, sandpaper, tape, a wood dowel, a saw, screws and brackets and a drill. For the planter you’ll need two containers, one small enough to fit inside the other leaving some space between.

Simple succulent planter from concrete

We also showed you this lovely succulent planter which is also made of concrete. To make one just like it you’ll need a few things like a non-stick baking tray, a small plastic container, concrete, scissors and small succulents. Fill the tray with concrete and center the container inside. Let it set for a while and then remove the tray and container and sand the edges of the planter.

Tiny Concrete planters for Succulents

Another lovely tutorial showing you how to make concrete planters for succulents can be found on Passionshake. All you need for the project is some concrete powder, small glass containers or bowls, spray paint and regular paint. Clean and paint the containers and then dip them in the wet concrete mix and move them around to get some concrete to stick to the surface. Let it dry and then spray paint the containers once more.

Hanging planters with gold accents

Hanging planters are a good option when you want to save space or to specifically add some plants to a certain area above the floor or counter level. So why not make some concrete planters since they’re so trendy right now? The triangular ones featured on Prettylifegirls are pretty easy to make. You need some oven bake clay, rope, gold gilding sheets, adhesive and wooden beads. As you can see, the planters are not actually made of concrete although they look like they are.

Concrete hands planter

We found a really interesting idea on diyfunideas: planters that look like giant hands. Actually you can make these any size you want. In fact, it would easier to use a glove as a mold. You can have a lot of fun with this project. Make the concrete mixture and pour it into latex gloves. Then shape them however you want and wait for the concrete to dry.

Concrete planter made with a towel from a special design

The planter featured on therusticwillow looks as if it’s made from a towel and that’s because a towel was actually used in the process along with some concrete. Here’s how you can make your own concrete towel planter: first find an old towel. Then mix the concrete in a bucket and put the towel in as well. When the towel is covered in concrete, drape it over the upside down bucket and let it dry.

Card box or juice container to create concrete planters

A cardboard box or juice container, some concrete mix, an empty toilet paper roll and some tape and spray paint are the supplies needed to make a lovely and stylish planter for a small plant or a succulent. First you mix the concrete and you pour it into the juice carton. Then you tape one end of the toilet paper roll and push it inside the concrete, creating a cavity. Let the concrete dry and cut the mold to reveal it. {found on welovehandmade}.

Creating larger containers from concrete for plants

To make large concrete planters you’ll obviously need something bigger than a juice carton and toilet paper rolls. You could use some old buckets for this. In any case, the process is the same as before. Mix the concrete and pour it in the space between the two containers. Let it set and then remove the mold to reveal the planter. If you need more info about this check out ciburbanity.

Geometric concrete plantes

Because you’re actually free to use anything as a mold for your concrete planter, you can give it any shape you want. You can make a mold out of cardboard and it can be hexagonal or shaped like a diamond. Just pick a form you like and start crafting your new geometric planter. You can find some plans on studiograyhouse.

Chic and simple concrete planters you can made

The concrete planters featured on bybrittanygoldwyn are really simple and really chic. They’d look beautiful in any décor and environment. If you want to make something similar you can use concrete mix, a plastic mold, oil, a mixing bowl, measuring cups, water, a mixing spool and sandpaper. Follow the instructions for the best results.

White concrete to create modern planters

You can find a similar tutorial on gardenmatter. The planters are really easy to make. Use gloves if you want to keep your hands clean. Don’t worry about making the planter look perfect. A chipped or imperfect edge is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, it would make the planter look more authentic, giving it character and charm.

Front door concrete planter

Large planters need large molds and that can require a separate DIY project. You could make a wooden mold out of reclaimed wood. Maybe you could repurpose an old door or some cabinet fronts. Let’s say you want a planter that looks somewhat like the one on thissortaoldlife. You’ll need to build a large box and then a smaller one that fits inside. Pour the concrete in the void between them and wait a few days for it to dry. Then remove the mold and enjoy.

dipped concrete planters

Small planters are cute and especially suitable for indoor spaces. If you want something special for your succulents, you can always make some custom concrete planters. You can even customize them with paint. After the concrete is all dry and you’ve sanded down the rough portions, you can paint the bottom of the planter or create an interesting pattern using tape.{found on erinmadethis}.

Concrete gem mini planters

For your mini planters, you’ll have to find some small containers or make the mold from scratch. A nice suggestion that we found on theproperblog is to use a gem silicone ice tray for the project. You’ll also need rapid set concrete, a plastic cup, a spoon, water, straws and some paint. Pour the concrete in the tray and then stick a straw in each of the future planters. Let the concrete dry and pop the gems out, removing the straws as well.

Faux concrete planters

Cans and glasses can be used if you want to make medium-sized concrete planters. Once you’ve figured out how to put together the mold you can mix the concrete and pour it in. Let it dry, take out the planter, sand it and paint it. You can use rust paint to give them a rustic-industrial look as suggested on brepurposed.

Planters with concrete mix

A really stylish planter idea that we found on monstercircus suggests using glass vases or other containers with interesting shapes. You won’t be using them as molds. Instead you’ll just partially cover them with concrete on the outside and let the concrete dry. This will create a beautiful contrast.

Cement plant pots

Make your own collection of concrete planters and put them all on display around the house. You can customize each one with a different color, shape and texture. You could first make a list of all the plants you plant on using and then you can figure out what type of planter suits each of them. Find all the inspiration you need on and-project.

Concrete vase from a toilet paper tube

When you think about it, planters aren’t the only things you can make out of concrete. So how about a concrete vase. It would surely look interesting. We found a tutorial for such a project on papernstitchblog. You need some sort of tube as a glass to use as molds. Also, you’ll require some cooking spray, a bucket, cement mix, water and a mixing spoon.

Modern concrete planter like a donut

The planters featured on papernstitchblog are a bit unusual. They seem to be made of two separate halves. That’s actually true. Sprinkler guards were used for the project. Follow the instructions in the description to make something similar. You can use the project as inspiration if you want to make some unusual concrete planters.

Geometric designs for concrete planters

Geometric designs are trendy right now, being popular in modern and contemporary interiors. So let’s have a look at some geometric planters that you can make out of concrete. Look-what-i-made offers a nice tutorial for such a project. To make the planters you need magazines, scissors, empty tea light holders, tape, cement, water, a bowl and a spoon. Here you can also find a template for the mold.

Gold dipped concrete planters

The planters featured on thediydiary are also stylish and easy to make using geometric molds. The materials needed in this case include quick set concrete, cardboard, tape, a box cutter or a knife and paint. Once you have the molds ready, mix the concrete and pour it in. let it dry and then remove the cardboard and paint the planters.

Bold concrete planters painted

If you like the look of concrete planter but don’t really want them to be so heavy, then perhaps the idea suggested on thescrapshoppeblog would suit you well. The planters featured here are made using foam balls. The bottoms of the balls are cut to make them sit flat and then holes are made in the top of each ball. They are then covered with cement mix and painted.

Concrete planters DIY

You can make really beautiful concrete planters for all your plants, even the larger ones on the deck or balcony. You can repurpose some old plastic bowls or trays in order to get the right molds. Check out ehow for some more instructions and tips that can help you make your new planters look as lovely as possible.

round concrete planters

But what if you find the planters beautiful and practical but you’re not really the DIY type. In this case you can always buy ready made concrete planters like these stylish ones on Etsy. they’re handmade and really cute, featuring colored edges and a lovely smooth surface. They come in sets of three.

Pastel ombre concrete planters

There are plenty of other lovely planters you can find on Etsy. These ones, for example, are painted with lovely pastel shades. They’re perfect for small plants or for succulents. Their ombre designs make them stand out in a chic fashion.

Two modern geometric concrete planters

This duo of concrete planters features two simple and elegant designs. Actually, they’re both very versatile and can also be used as pencil holders. Each one is unique, being handmade. Use them in pairs or as individual planters. You can even combine several of these sets to make a larger collection. {found on etsy}.

Succulent hanging cocnrete planter

You can also find hanging planters here. There are customized with all sorts of designs. They’re suited for small indoor plants or for air plants as they don’t have drainage holes. Display these in your home or out on the deck or patio. {found on etsy}.

Concrete planters used outdoors

Front house big concrete planter used like house number also

Outdoors planters are quite the different story. First of all, they’re considerably larger. You can design them out of concrete and make them double as guardrails for the stairs or as a privacy walls for the deck, patio or terrace.

Front yard concrete planters

Use concrete planters to organize your garden. They can be large enough to accommodate trees and large flowering plants. They give the garden a clean and modern look and can also be adapted for more traditional or rustic decors and landscapes.

Build raised concrete planter

A lovely idea is to built raised concrete planters that wrap around the outdoor benches or seating areas, doubling as backrests and privacy walls. This contemporary patio is a really great example in this sense.

garden concrete planters

You can even use concrete planters to organize your herb or vegetable garden. They’re a good option if you want to clearly separate your plants and to keep the yard looking clean and organized.