Stylish Desks With Industrial Designs And Elegant Details

The industrial style, although characterized by straight-forward designs and simple forms, is more complex and more mysterious than that. An industrial desk, for example, is not just a piece of wood sitting on four metal legs, although that can be suggestive enough sometimes. Moreover, the desk’s design could be very simple and the context could be the one that makes it look special and stand out, highlighting its style.

Wall collage for office with frames

A defining characteristic of industrial designs is the functionality. In a lot of cases, this means a simple design that only includes the basics. An industrial desk, for instance, could have a simple wooden top and a metal base with a storage shelf underneath.{found on dianastudios}.

Industrial lighting fixture above the desk

Industrial desks can fit easily and naturally in contemporary decors and environments. In fact, a contemporary home office can turn the desk into the focal point of its décor. The Flatiron Desk featured here is a great example.

Reclaimed wood industrial desk

The same desk was used here in a rather different context. The décor is simple and airy and the desk is complemented by a matching chair. The wood accents bring warmth into the room, balancing out the metal elements.{found on thephotositake}.

Free standing industrial desk

The décor here is a bit more traditional and these two styles work together really well. The desk is the element that ties the décor together, being surrounded by industrial stools and pendant lights as well as elegant wooden furniture.

Double industrial desk style

Industrial desks re known for their simple designs and this makes them great DIY projects. For example, a reclaimed wood table can easily be transformed into a desk. For a more prominent industrial look, give it a thin metal frame as a base.

Boho industrial desk

A really nice thing about industrial desks is the fact that they can either be small or very large without losing their charm and unique characteristics. A small desk can look particularly interesting on a hallway or in a nook on an open floor plan space.

industrial pipes office desk

Contemporary and industrial are two styles that blend well together. They are both defined by simplicity and clean lines as well as a certain roughness and unfinished look in some cases. They also both embrace contrasts.

Luxury office room design with a wheels desk

Another great combination of styles is between rustic and industrial elements. Put an industrial desk inside a home office infused with rustic details such as this one and both styles will borrow things from each other and will blend together naturally.{found on goodallllc}.

Wire desk with a cool flair

Not all industrial desks stand out in an obvious way. A desk as sleek and beautiful as this one needs additional elements and accessories in order to fully exercise its characteristics. A chair with clear industrial lines is the perfect complementary piece.{found on maxwellandcompany}.

Industrial pipes wall shelving desk

Building your own industrial desk is easy. A great idea is to use metal pipes. These can make up the frame of the desk and can also be used to make some matching shelves for extra storage. The desk itself can be a shelf, larger than the ones used for storage.{found on alinadrugainteriors}.

Reclaimed wood and hairpin legs

A lot of industrial desks are made of reclaimed wood. This gives them a lot of personality and also makes them accessible and unique. Similar characteristics are also featured by rustic furniture in a lot of cases.{found on urbanwoodgoods}.

Rustic and modern office room with a mirrored industrial desk

A desk can also be slightly industrial while its dominant style is traditional, rustic or modern. This allows the desk to fit perfectly and naturally into a variety of decors and settings such as this transitional home office.{found on livelydesigns}.

Industrial old desk style

A lot of times, industrial furniture pieces or designs that are characterized by industrial elements become a part of eclectic interiors. Designing an eclectic home office is pretty easy, offering a lot of freedom and lots of opportunities for blending different styles.

Industrial desk on wheels

Lots of industrial desks look like simple tables. Of course, that doesn’t make them any less interesting, especially if the desk matches something else in the room such as the wall unit.{found on geremiadesign}.

Industrial style home office desk

An industrial-style home office can feel a bit cold and less inviting than others. So make sure that’s not the case, use textured materials and warm and earthy colors. Add some warm lighting as well and that should turn the office into a cozy and welcoming space.

Masculine office desk

Not all industrial interior designs are characterized by a cold and uninviting look. One way to combat such a design is to use lots of wood. Reclaimed wood is particularly efficient in this case. Combine it with metal for a sturdy and balanced design.{found on sobleski}.

Blue ceiling office design with pipes legs for desk

A common misconception is that industrial spaces are dark, cold and lacking color and freshness. That’s not the case if you choose to use bright colors such as in the case of this stylish home office.{found on sweetwaterutah}.

industrial l shaped desk

In case you’re wondering where you could find a beautiful industrial desk, check out some of the following options. Start with this L-shaped desk made of reclaimed wood and metal pipes. Its design is simple and has a lot of character.{found on etsy}.

Industrial reclaimed wood storage desk

Reclaimed wood was also used for this lovely industrial desk. The steel frame gives it a solid and straight-forward look and, although the desk looks simple, it has plenty of storage inside the three hidden drawers and on the open shelf. {found on etsy}.

The industrial L shape Carruca Office Desk

L-shaped desks are great for those that need a lot of space or want to share the workspace with somebody else. The Carruca Office Desk is made with a butcher block top and a metal frame. The design is simple and versatile enough to adapt to a variety of different settings.

Cutting edge wood and metalic legs

A really chic desk that has lots of charm is this particular one featured on Etsy. It has a live edge top made of white pine wood reclaimed from the forest floor. It’s combined with a very sleek and thin frame made of metal. The design is both rustic and industrial.


The Dylan desk is the most industrial one seen so far. It’s made of bare steel and has three drawers useful for storing office essentials as well as a large storage area on the other side. The chair fits in the middle.

Luca industrial desk

To also add a warm touch to your home office, look for a desk that incorporates a lot of wood in its design. Luca is one such example. It has a rustic iron base and a top and shelves made of reclaimed wood. It has two drawers and two open shelves.

Industrial loft table desk

Not all desks have the typical design with four legs and a top. Some look a lot like tables. A good example is the Monterrey table which is versatile enough to also be used as a desk. Use it in the dining room or home office and it will always stand out.