Coastal Themed Wood Tag Decor

These beautiful, coastal inspired tags make great home decor! They’d also be perfect for table decor or for decorating and labeling storage bins. Learn how to use a special dye product to create vivid color on wood with this project.

Coastal Themed Wood Tag
Coastal Themed Wood Tag Tutorial

Supplies Used to Make Coastal Themed Wood Tag Decor:

  • Coastal Wood Tags
  • Large wood tags
  • Folk Art Ultra Dye: Turquioise, Tantalizing Teal, and Solar Power
  • Various Beach Themed Stencils
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Foam Pouncer
Coastal Themed Wood Tags
Coastal Themed Wood Tag Paint

Step one: Apply the Ultra Dye to the unfinished wood tags. A little bit of color goes a long way! I like that the colors blend easily, so you can layer them, as I did with these tags. I like to brush one color on the bottom of the tag, layer a second color over that up through the middle of the tag, then add a third color to the top of the tag. The dyes blend together beautifully, creating a watercolor type effect. Let the dye dry completely.

Coastal Themed Wood Tag Coat of Paint

Step two: Choose a stencil and tape it to the front of the tag.

Coastal Themed Wood Tag Stencil
Coastal Themed Wood Tag turquoise color

Step three: Use a foam pouncer to dab white chalk paint over the stencil. Be careful to dab the excess paint off the pouncer before you start. If you have too much paint on the foam it will “bleed” under the stencil and distort the image. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry.
Step four: Add twine to the loop so you can hang and display the tag.

Coastal Themed Wood Tag Craft
Coastal Themed Wood Tag Display

I love the way the bold dye color underneath seeps into the white paint. It gives it a very watery aesthetic. The sea horse looks like it’s still in the water, doesn’t it? I’m planning to hang all three tags on the wall to create a colorful focal point for a gallery wall. Have fun crafting and creating!