The Ultimate Inspiration For Spanish Styling

Spanish styling can immediately bring to mind several things. Terra cotta roofs, bright patterns, wrought iron, maracas, and you would be right on all of those accounts. With the right mix of earthy tones and rustic elements, you can easily create a Spanish paradise in your own home, even if you live in a cold climate. Sometimes though, you still need that bit of inspiration to get you going on such a big project. So let’s journey through some wonderful Spanish styled specimens that will help you decorate every nook and cranny of your own space, from the front door to the back fence.

Front Porch

Spanish roof tiles and arched windowsView in gallery
The roof tiles and arched windows definitely add a lot of charm to this design
Spanish front door paintedView in gallery
A quirky front door is a fun way to make the entrance stand out
Spanish front house through materialsView in gallery
Sometimes a design stands out through the palette of materials which in this case involved stone
Spanish tiles for stairsView in gallery
The little things have a big impact on the overall decor, like the frame around this door or the under-stair tiles
Spanish front porchView in gallery
Most Spanish front porches are simple and bohemian, with lots of flowering plants and metal furniture
Spanish decorative motifs for stairsView in gallery
There are many decorative motifs that are reminiscent of Spanish design and these stairs showcase some of them
Arched windows and doors for spanish decorView in gallery
Arched windows and doors are often a defining characteristic of Spanish architecture
Rustic stone tiles for spanish houseView in gallery
So can be rustic stone tiles or brick walkways combined with massive wooden doors
Spanish architecture and designView in gallery
Spanish architecture and design are also defined by lots of ornamental features
Window shutters for spanish homeView in gallery
The window shutters are an interesting detail here, adding color and highlighting the style as a whole

I hope you’re comfortable with the color burnt orange because all good Spanish homes have terra cotta roofs. But before you go burnt orange crazy, the rest of the home is usually a creamy white so you won’t be overwhelmed with color. Once you have your two base colors, it’s time to add some interest in a few ways. First, rock the arched doorways! Second, add some wrought iron. Third, embrace the potted cactus. You’ll also notice that in lots of Spanish styled homes, they’ve traded their grassy front yard for gravel. This makes your yard manicuring duties a breeze and allows you to have a nice exterior even if grass won’t grow in your front yard.

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Living Room

Spanish living room with high ceilingsView in gallery
As far as the interior design goes, Spanish decors are often full of color and very dynamic
Exposed wooden beams in a spanish living roomView in gallery
Exposed wooden beams give living rooms a particular cozy and inviting look, especially when mixed with arched windows
Heidi Merrick for Anthology // Laure Joliet PhotographyView in gallery
A traditional fireplace is an element that makes the living room look and feel complete
The most eye cathing feature of a room is fireplaceView in gallery
The most prominent feature here is the fireplace wall which has this intentionally unfinished look
Wall decor through artView in gallery
Wall decor is an important part of Spanish living rooms. Framed paintings, pictures and handmade ornaments are displayed here
Wooden floors are a must have in Spanish homesView in gallery
Although bare wooden flooring is warm and cozy, that’s rarely the case. The floors are almost always covered with rugs
Decorative items for spanish homesView in gallery
Great attention is given to the decorative features such as accent pillows or wall art
Decorate the interior with platesView in gallery
Decorative plates are sometimes used as a form of wall art. Here they cover the upper portion of the fireplace wall
Modern iconic furniture for spanish homesView in gallery
Even the more modern living rooms are defined by similar interior design characteristics
Earthy colors are preferatedView in gallery
Earthy colors are preferred. Brown is sometimes combined with yellow or blue and beige is used for the backdrop

There is one big element to watch out for in your living room. The wood to everything else ratio. In Spanish decor, there are lots of beautiful dark wood pieces that take center stage among all your furniture so be sure you have a few of those. Also, you’ll want to leave your fireplace brick. Yes, I know everyone is painting their fireplaces white, but in a Spanish styled home, the fireplace is going to be as natural as possible. Otherwise, let your patterns shine and you’ll have a Spanish living room hit.

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Spanish kitchen designView in gallery
In some cases, the kitchen and dining area form a single space and the dining table doubles as an island
Small patterned rugView in gallery
A small patterned rug is a way to make a kitchen more comfortable and to link it to the rest of the house’s decor
Rustic traditional design for kitchenView in gallery
The rustic-traditional design often specific to Spanish kitchens goes nicely with a few industrial accents
Traditional range hoodView in gallery
This type of range hood is quite popular in most traditional kitchens. It has an imposing look and a strong impact on the decor
Parquet flooring is perfect for a spanish homeView in gallery
Parquet flooring is often preferred instead of tiles. It’s a way of making the kitchen feel more inviting
Kitchen and dining room design with a spanish feelView in gallery
Kitchens and dining rooms are sometimes adjacent and forma a single large room
Wood kitchen design for a spanish houseView in gallery
Wood is extensively used in Spanish kitchens together with patterned tiles
Ceiling beams and green yellow kitchen colorView in gallery
There’s quite a lot of texture here, the ceiling being the most eye-catching feature
Obrien-MuseView in gallery
Farmhouse kitchen sinks are appreciated for their size and the fact that they’re deeper than other types
Popular dining room area in Spanish homesView in gallery
Although sometimes the dining room can be a separate space, open floor plans are more popular

You know that patterned tile you’ve been coveting? Well, your Spanish kitchen is just the place to indulge yourself and install it. You have a choice of wood or tiled floor and whatever you do, incorporate the exposed beams on the ceiling. Now just use your best thrifting skills to find a rustic wood table with spindle legs that can act as your kitchen island. Suddenly, your kitchen space will be the place where you’ll want to spend all your time!

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Dining Room

Classic spanish dining areaView in gallery
A classic Spanish dining room can be identified by a few simple elements such as an ornate chandelier and a wooden table with chairs
Rustic wooden table for amazing styleView in gallery
A rustic wooden table looks amazing when complemented by a set of chairs with worn finishes
Spanish kitchen areaView in gallery
Even though a kitchen can include a small dining table, a separate room can also exist for this function
Different chair styles for diningView in gallery
Casual dining spaces sometimes occupy transitional areas such as hallways
Chandelir is a must have for dining areasView in gallery
The chandelier is almost always a focal point in the dining room
Arched ceiling window frameView in gallery
An arched ceiling, window or door frame can easily make a dining room feel cozier
Dining space a part of a larger floor planView in gallery
When the dining space is part of a larger floor plan the ambiance is more casual and less formal
There is a beautiful connection between space and kitchenView in gallery
There’s a very beautiful connection here between the vaulted ceiling and the vintage furniture
Old wood furniture for dining areaView in gallery
Traditional dining rooms feature wooden furniture with ornate frames and carved out designs

Where do you eat all the food you prepared in your Spanish styled kitchen? In your Spanish styled dining room, of course! You need basically to thing for that classic Spanish look in your dining room. A heavy wood table and a large chandelier, preferably black. Once you have those two things, you can add all the wear and tear in your chairs and your other decor that you like. You get bonus points if you display brightly patterned dishes in your heavy wood china cabinet. And as with the rest of the house, arched doorways and exposed beams never hurt anybody.

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Bedroom with a cool bedding patternView in gallery
This white and blue combo and the pattern are characteristic for Mediterranean designs
Organic lines and archesView in gallery
We find the organic lines of the arches, walls and architecture in general to be well-suited for a space such as the bedroom
Small bedroom with big corner plantsView in gallery
A small area rug and a large potted plant are the things that make this bedroom extra cozy
Exposed wooden beams in bedroomView in gallery
A lovely detail in this case is the array of exposed wooden beams and the light-colored flooring
Color and pattern for Spanish bedroomView in gallery
Color and pattern can be added to a bedroom in a lot of different ways. For example, a colored headboard or a patterned window treatment
Spanish breezy white bedroomView in gallery
The canopy created with breezy white curtains attached to the ceiling beams brings intimacy into the room
Pitched roof can look more interestingView in gallery
A pitched roof can look more interesting if small wooden beams are placed at the center
Green window curtainsView in gallery
The window curtains are another feature that has a big impact of the bedroom’s overall decor and ambiance
Curved walls increase charmView in gallery
This is a lovely bedroom. Although it’s very simple, the curved walls increase its charm
Different shades of blue and brownView in gallery
Different shades of blue and brown are often used in Spanish bedrooms together with a bunch of neutrals

One extremely satisfying aspect of Spanish styling is that Spanish decor emanates the feeling of warmth and tradition. So with such a pleasing feeling, why wouldn’t you continue your Spanish decorating trend in your bedroom? Embrace natural fibers like linen bedding and jute rugs along with your wooden bedroom furniture. Add a gilded mirror to the wall and throw bright pillow on the bed and you’ll find that that’s all it takes. A little bit of luxury and a little bit of earth combined in perfect harmony to create the most relaxing space in your home.

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Spanish bathroom designView in gallery
A bathroom with a Spanish design is more than just a utilitarian space
Arched windows for bathroomView in gallery
As always, arched windows have the ability to make any space look elegant
Elegant white spanish bathroomView in gallery
Even smaller and more minimalist bathrooms put great emphasis on ornamental features
Decorating with framed paintingsView in gallery
Decorating the bathroom with framed paintings or images is a pretty popular idea in Spanish interior design
Freestanding tubs and patterned floor tilesView in gallery
Classical or traditional bathrooms feature freestanding tubs and patterned floor tiles
Mirror and wall sconces for a spanish bathroomView in gallery
The mirror and wall sconces are decorative features which can greatly change the look of a bathroom
Chandelier and amazing mirrors for bathroomView in gallery
There’s quite a bit of glamour in this large bathroom. The chandelier, mirrors, vanity and even the tub stand out
Charming bathroom designView in gallery
Of course, simpler decors can also be charming. They’re actually preferred for smaller bathrooms
Accent wall with wallpapersView in gallery
Accent walls are created with patterned tiles or with wallpaper
Spa bathroom with two couchView in gallery
This is a lot more than just a simple bathroom. It’s in fact a lounge area more similar to a living space

Ahh the bathroom. While it might feel like you can’t really style it much due to the basics, I’m here to say that you can totally get a Spanish style bathroom! Go ahead and choose the sink and shower in your budget but when you’re done, focus on the light fixtures and tile that will get you to that Spanish place you’re headed. A patterned tiled will give your space the pop and go that it needs and a chic black chandelier will come as a surprise to anyone who walks in. I promise, baths will become a major enjoyment in your Spanish styled bathroom.

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The Backyard

Spanish style backyardView in gallery
You can expect a Spanish-styled backyard to be more like an outdoor living room
White spanish backyard fireplaceView in gallery
It would have an outdoor fireplace, comfortable seating and even a roof or a pergola
Actress Debi Mazar has sold her Beverly Center area home for $1,162,515. (Michael McNamara/Los Angeles Times/MCT)View in gallery
A lot of Spanish backyards have water-features. Fountains are quite popular
covered pergola or terraceView in gallery
A covered pergola or terrace is the excellent spot for an outdoor dining area
Poolside area for lounge spacesView in gallery
Poolside areas are comfortable lounge spaces are often include daybeds
Large pool and fireplace next toView in gallery
It’s not uncommon to see a fireplace next to a pool or a dining table next to a garden fountain
Spanish style backyard designView in gallery
A Spanish-styled backyard will rarely feature a lawn. Paved or tiled floors are more common
Rich colors for backyard designView in gallery
Vegetation is a big part of the backyard’s decor and vines and flowering plants are pretty much everywhere
Covered outdoor spaces indoorView in gallery
Covered outdoor spaces have a lot in common with indoor living areas. They feature ornate chandeliers and sometimes even rugs are used
Casual setting with benches for Spanish HouseView in gallery
More casual settings can feature large benches complemented by chairs and poufs or stools

I think Spanish styled backyards are my favorite. They have a definite focus on hosting and catering to large groups of people. So it’s really important that your Spanish styled backyard has some kind of patio or terrace for entertaining! This can be made out of terra cotta tiles or stone or even brick. Pools are a great way to incorporate some colored tiles into your exterior decor, but if that sounds too daunting, consider installing a splashing fountain instead. The finishing touch on your outdoor space would be the ability to roast marshmallows. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or a clay stove or even a simple fire pit, it adds to the warmth and welcome of your outdoor space.

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