Design a Stunning Spanish Bathroom

Mediterranean-styled rooms are beautiful and warm. Here is how to specifically design a Spanish bathroom. It’s easier than you might think!

Create a Dome.

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Charming Arches for a Beautiful Bathroom

Arches are a common element found in Spanish décor and they can make a bathroom gain some traditional charm. The dome area in the bathroom could be the perfect spot for a large mirror or a creative space that includes potted plants or candles to make it pretty.

Terra Cotta Tiles.

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Bold Tiling is a Hot Trend

Bright tiles in the bathroom are a must-have! These prevent a Spanish bathroom from looking plain or boring, which is the last thing it should be. You can even mix ’n match different tile designs for a more eclectic style.

Get a Taste for the ’20s.

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Wooden Furnishings Add Warmth

Wooden walls in the bathroom can sound odd, but they create a fashionable atmosphere. They can become a focal point of the bathroom, accentuating the warm aspect of Spanish design. Wood also works well with various colors, bringing a solid and earthy element to the fiery décor.

Darker Wooden Details.

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Go a Shade or Two Darker with Your Wood

Darker wood can be an appealing side to Spanish bathrooms, especially if you are designing a vintage room, so choose bathroom cabinets or wooden shutters in dark, polished wood. This calls to mind rural Spain but it can also work in a modern style.

Throw in Spice!

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Zesty Colors Add Character

Don’t be afraid to make your bathroom a melting pot of many different colors – and not just when it comes to your tiling options. Earthy tones work especially well when designing a Spanish bathroom, but choose a few colors in bright shades for maximum impact. In the above image, the mix of blue, green, orange and yellow is a delight.

Mediterranean Marvel with Lighting.

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Light up an Exquisite Bathroom

A chandelier can be a great addition to a Mediterranean bathroom. It exudes class and creativity, making the bathroom feel like a sanctuary. Choose a modern or vintage fixture depending on the look you want.

Beam Me up!

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Exposed Beams can be Rustic and Majestic

Add exposed beams to the ceiling as a tricky way to draw attention upwards. Exposed beams also blend well with a statement chandelier to secure Spanish style in your home.

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