Cord Organizers Help You Win The War Against Messy Desks

Keeping a desk clean and organized seems to be an impossible task at times. Lots of things call this place their home even though they don’t belong here. To make matters worse, there are also all these cables that are always in the way. They need to be organized but finding a good cord management system isn’t as easy as it seems. Luckily, there are all these cord organizers that can help.

Guide Cords Organizer
Guide modern cords organizer

Guide is one of the simplest products you can find for such a task. The idea behind the product and its design is very simple. You have a sleek but heavy piece of polished steel which you place somewhere on the desk. You then run a cable across it and you keep it in place with an anchor. This way you can arrange the cables and keep them in place easily and in a fashionable manner. The magnetic anchors come in three sizes and the bases have non-skid surfaces. Get these in sets of three.

QooQi for your cables

Another very simple organizer for desktop cables is called QooQi. it’s made of aluminum and it lets you run three cables through it so they all stay in place and lined up. it’s a very simple and user-friendly product that could surely come in handy in a lot of situations.

Cable organizer relaunch

But what if you’re constantly using more than just three cables? Well, if you don’t normally use more than five, then perhaps this organizer would suit your needs. The 2+3 Cable Organizer can keep all your laptop cables and chargers tidy and in one place. It’s simple, attractive and has a cute and playful design.

Snable Cable organization

We also came across a cute little thing called Snable. Not only that you can use it to keep your cables tidy and close at hand on your desk but it can also serve you as a support for your phone. It simply attaches itself to the back of your phone and you can then keep it angled so you can see the screen without using your hands.

Pinza modern cords holder

Then there’s also a thing called Pinza. It’s a solid object made from stainless steel and with a hand-polished surface. It has two non-slip bands that keep it steady on your desk and you run your cables through it and adjust the amount you need at the front and back. Simply pull the cord and it will slide through. When you’re happy with the length, let go and Pinza will rotate back down, pinning the cord in place.

Customizable Cable Holder

Charger cables are definitely the biggest troublemakers. You want them right on the edge of your desk so you can charge your phone without cluttering your desk or so you can keep your laptop in front of you without seeing any of the cables. But as soon as you remove them from the device they just fall on the floor, getting tangled up and damaged as you accidentally roll your office chair across them. Luckily, this customizable cable holder can prevent that from happening.{found on thingiverse}.

Wooden cable organizer

But how about something a little more robust? Perhaps this wooden organizer can answer that question. it’s made of natural oak and has a stylish and elegant appearance able to suit a variety of decors, from rustic to traditional and modern. It has six slots of cables and chargers and it can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Desk cable clip

For contemporary desks that enjoy minimalism, there’s the Desk Cable Clip. It’s designed to keep candles handy on your desk while looking cute and quirky. You can clip it to the edge of your desk and it occupies very little space. It doesn’t let cables get tangled and it keeps them out of your way so you don’t accidentally pull on them.

Cord buddy glow

This is the Cord Buddy, a cord management system available in a lot of different colors, with lots of cute and funny designs and even different forms and sizes. there’s plenty of room for customization when there are so many different looks to choose from so pick the one that bests suits your style and your desk.

Colorful cable drop holder

If you enjoyed the previous product but would like a few more options, check out the CableDrop. It’s a very similar system but it comes in more color options. They come in packs of six or nine and you can use one for each cable that needs to be tamed. Keep your desk tidy without giving up looks and style and make it match your fun personality.

Leather cord organizer for larger cords

If you want to store a cable or to simply keep them nicely wrapped up and untangled, a Leather Cord Organizer should be just what you need. It’s perfect for larger wires such as your laptop charger in case you need to carry that with you. This one has a nice teal cord and a snap. It’s simple and effective.

PowerPlay – Macbook Adapter Cord Organizer

For things like your Macbook adapter you need something else if you want to save space and keep your desk clean and tidy. The PowerPlay seems to be designed just for that. It’s an accessory that lets you roll up the cord and keep your power brick attached as well. It’s made of full-grain leather so it won’t leave scratches.

wooden Cable Holder and Organizer

And speaking of bricks, check out the Gorilla Baby, a wooden cord organizer that looks a little bit like a brick. It’s solid and sturdy and has three carved out slots at the bottom that will keep three cords in place and organized. The wooden shell is carved around a steel core so you can be certain this is a very sturdy piece.

Cable band pattern

This is the CableBand and, as the name very well suggests, it’s a band for your cables. It’s a minimal and lightweight cable management solution which you can also use if you want to keep your cabled organized when you’re traveling, not just at home. The band is made of durable fabric that stretches to hold a variety of cables of different sizes.

Wooden earphone holder

Earphones are probably the ones that get tangled up more often than anything else. There are a bunch of systems you can use to keep them organized but most are just too complicated or time-consuming. This stylish Wooden Earphone Holder, however, seems to be an exception. It’s really stylish and easy to use. Just thread your buds through the hole at the center and then through the slot and wrap the cord around just like a yo-yo.

Cable Twister

These fusilli-like things are called Cable Twisters. They’re soft and flexible and they’re meant to keep two or more cables attached so they don’t get all tangled up. They’re easy to wrap around the cables and they come in a variety of fun and attractive colors. Use them at the office, at home and everywhere you go.

Speedy wrap wire

Perfect for long or large cables, the Speedy Wrap has a magnetic locking system which makes it very easy to use. It has a simple and compact design and it’s strong enough to hold large bundles of cables. To use it, just wrap it around the center of your cord bundle and make sure the magnet is on the outer layer.

Nike cable hanger

Meet Niko, an elegant charging solution designed to better blend in with a modern décor. It comes with a thick cord available in four different colors made of knitted mesh. However, the wood portion is actually the eye-catching part. A thin leather strap keeps the cord rolled up and organized.

Bspun Cable Wrap

There are tons of other playful, fun and interesting cable holders and management solutions. One of then is the Bspun Cable Wrap. It’s designed for small cables such as chargers for phones and laptops. It’s shaped like an X and it lets you wrap the cable around its two arms. It’s also lightweight so you can take it with you in your bag.

Natural oak desk tidy desk

Apart from all the cables there’s usually also something else on a regular desk: a coaster for your coffee mug or glass of water. This Chunky Desk Tidy combines two functions into one. It’s a cable organizer and a coaster at the same time. It’s made of solid wood and it can be personalized with an engraved name or message.

wm24 cable organizer

It looks like a tiny sombrero and it’s designed to be attached to the underside of a desk. It’s the WM24 Sombrero Wire Manager. To use it, just screw it under your desk and wrap your cords around it. Use the slit in the side to keep them in place. This quirky little accessory comes in several fun colors so it’s also a nice way to add a fun touch to your workspace.

cords finger holder for desk

If you like to keep all your cables lined up at the edge of your desk, then you could use a system like the Fnger Jack Holder. It can be attached to the edge of a desk and has four slots for cables. It also offers the option to tag each cable so it’s easier to grab the one you need in case several of them look similar.

Colorful tag cables

Actually, labeling or tagging cables is a really great idea which can be applied to a lot of things. These are Dotz, small and compact accessories which you use to differentiate your cords and cables. They can be customized with numbers, names or images so you always which cable is which. They have different colors so you can tell them apart from a distance.

Cable Cleaner Upper

Outlets aren’t really good-looking or something you’d like to see on your desk, on the floor or wall. So the designers at Punkt came up with an idea that lets you conceal them. It’s a socket extension which comes with a sleek lid which conceals all the sockets and keeps and cords organized. It comes in different colors for different tastes.

Wood and leather straps cable keeper

You can keep up to five charger cables organized and tangle-free using the accessory called Xu. It’s a cable organizer with a simple and stylish design. It’s made of walnut or beech wood and has leather straps which hold the cables lined up. No screws or glue were used when putting together the organizer. The straps are held in place with a brass cord.

Washi tape cords for organization

Of course, there are a few DIY options you can try as well. For example, if you’re having trouble distinguishing between your cables, try labeling them with washi tape. You can use tape of different colors and with different designs and patterns and write on each tag the device that cord belongs to. {found on landeeseelandeedo}.

Lego Wire Holder Funny
Lego Wire Holder Worker

Another thing you can try is repurpose Lego men as cable holders. It’s a great idea if you already have some Lego sets around the house. You can also use some Lego bricks to make a platform for your cute little Lego men to stand on. Just use your imagination and come with your own story for the project and the characters involved.{found on adesignerlife}.

Lego Wire Holder
Lego Wire Holder and Key

Lego figures repurposed as cable holders look fun and cute so if you enjoy the idea, find more inspiration on modernisticdesign. You can make each cord look awesome just by selecting the right Lego character to hold it in place on your desk.