20 Ways to Organize Your Files that You Can Buy or DIY

When you have a desk job, it’s easy to let the papers pile up. Reminders to call that person and send out that email get lost amid quickly jotted notes and printed information. And we try not to even look at the growing stack of papers that must be kept but have no real place. I say it’s time to do something about the stack! Take a look at these 20 ways to can buy or DIY some organization for all your papers and get your desk cleaned off for summer.


buy patterned box

Who can resist a pretty patterned box? Whether it’s your cubicle or your desk at home, adding a file box like this one will not only add a touch of glamour but also up the organization potential. (via Sundance)

buy patterned folder

Are you working off of the metal cabinets your cube provides? Give them a pop of color by adding pretty patterned folders like these. (via The Container Store)

buy bamboo organizer

You would never have believed it, but a simple box with shelves like this one can instantly transform any paper-covered desk or cluttered counter into an organized serene surface space. (via Dot and Bo)

buy white cabinet

Filing cabinets don’t have to be gray and ugly. Add a chic white one like this to your office and you’ll have all the filing space you need without having to compromise on style. (via Blu Dot)

buy file box

No pink and sparkles here. This simple filing box can help give your office a masculine feel while providing ample filing space. You’ll be glad you bought one. (via Poppin)

buy polkadot folders

Kate Spade certainly knows how to design office supplies. Buying a set or two of these metallic polka dotted folders will make the two of you BFFs at the office. (via Amazon)

buy mint cabinet

When in doubt, go mint. This little cabinet is perfect for a shared office where you have three times the paper of one desk. Combine it all in one organized file cabinet that can roll wherever it’s needed. (via CB2)

buy wire file

You might be thinking “A magazine file?”, but they can be super handy for quick and easy storage space. It’s a great solution for those papers that you still need on hand but don’t want cluttering your desk. (via The Container Store)

buy boxes

If your office has shelves, you’ll want to grab a few of these filing boxes. Not only will they clear up your desk space, they’ll make a gray statement in your shelf decorating. (via The Container Store)

buy bright cabinet

Of course nobody said you had to go gray. If you’re more of the bold type, opt for this bright filing cabinet. Just imagine how classy it will look under your cubicle desk. (via Heartwork)


diy wood cabinet

Do you have an old filing cabinet you’re tired of? Give it a good remodel with stained wood. It will be like the 90’s went rustic in your office. (via Brepurposed)

diy leather folders

It’s a well known fact that adding leather in any form to any room immediately increases the classy ratings. So these simple DIY leather folders seem like a great way to add some leather and organization to your office. (via Homey Oh My)

diy fabric covered

Bring a bit of brightness to any work space by covering a magazine file with patterned paper or even fabric. Oh the things you can do with decoupage. It’s magical. (via Craft and Creativity)

diy painted cabinet

If you have a free Saturday afternoon, you can totally redo your filing cabinet with just a bit of paint. Use painters tape to add a design or even just choose a bright color that will bring a bit of life into your office. (via Pretty Providence)

diy file box

An acrylic filing box will be easy to find and then with a bit of gold paint, you’ve got the prettiest filing box in the office. Don’t forget to choose some patterned folders! (via Homemade By Carmona)

diy wallpaper folders

How to use up your last bits of wrapping paper always seems a puzzle, but this project makes it easy. Just tape it to a plain manilla folder to transform your boring filing cabinet to something you’ll want to leave open all the time. (via ModCloth)

diy embroidered holder

Upgrade a plain mesh magazine holder with some embroidery string. You could make starry designs like the one above or create a motivating phrase or even a full fledged landscape if you’ve got the embroidering skills. (via Design Improvised)

diy chalkboard cabinet

Do away with all the sticky notes full of reminders and lists. Paint your filing cabinet with chalkboard paint to create office organization that will act as a calendar too. (via Design Improvised)

diy ribbon box

Catch the rainbow with a bit of ribbon. Whether you buy the box or use an antique you already own, cover it in strips of color with a whole new look. DIY tip: try using washi tape for a faster solution. (via City Suburb Sanity)

diy embellished box

Looking for a filing solution that’s just a bit elegant but not over the top? You can easily add decorative feet to a clear acrylic filing box for a subtle feminine touch on your desk. (via Felicity Jane)