Turn Your Everyday Items For Halloween With Washi Tape

Are you ready for the scariest holiday of the year? Have you got any plans yet? I don’t want to freak you out but Halloween is just around the corner people, so it’s time to think of those black, spooky decoration you will need in your home very soon.

Washi tape Halloween Crafts

I have a little confession to make – I don’t own almost any items that are black, maybe apart from one black frame and scissors so in order to transform my home into Halloween headquarters for a dinner Party, I would have to spend a fortune.I know many of you collect decorations through years and then store them in those big boxes in the basement, others like to DIY or recycle what they already have at home, which is, in fact a great idea. But I think, also this little trick to transform everyday items for Halloween can be useful. It’s a life saver in my case, because all the normal, not-black objects, can get their Haloween look in no time without making any damage to them. As soon as Halloween is over they can come back to their original look, simply by removing the masking tape from their surface.

Black has always been the most associated color with Halloween hence I used it as an example, however if you are going for a different color theme, use a washi tape to match your style.

All right, so here comes a little dose of Halloween fun – let’s get that tape and turn our home decor into black!

You will need:

  • black masking tape
  • scissors
  • home items you would like to redecorate

Ready? Have a look at the few examples below, how everyday objects get their temporary Halloween look.

Frames – changing the color of your frames into black is a quick and easy way to add a bit dramatic look to your walls.

Washi tape Halloween Crafts - Frame

Plants – wrap a stripe of washi tape around your pots to give them an instant Halloween look.

Washi tape Halloween Crafts - Planters

Glassware – an everyday water bottle can get its black look, by wrapping black tape around it.

Washi tape Halloween Crafts - Bottles

Cutlary – I guess most of us own – silver / golden cutlery so to change the look of your table decor for Halloween, add pop of black to it.

Washi tape Halloween Crafts - Cutlary

Stationary – you can also easily transform your pencils or pens for Halloween.

Washi tape Halloween Crafts - Stationary

If you’ve ever used masking tape before, you know how easy it is to apply it to any surface and in case something goes wrong, it can be just as easily removed and applied again. You will need to be a bit flexible with a method, depending on what objects you are decorating – the smaller ones will need just one wrap (like a pencil or a flower pot) the bigger ones a few (like a bottle).

Washi tape Halloween Crafts - Before and After

Ta daaah! This is how all the items looked before and after. Isn’t amazing how a little bit of tape can change the look of things?