20 Affordable Coffee Tables to Buy or DIY

If you’ve ever had to choose a coffee table for your living room, you know how important a choice it can be. The right coffee table can make or break the rest of your living room styling. It is a focal point after all, no matter what you put on top. Though the sofa does a great job of depleting our decorating fund, don’t let that stop you! There are some lovely affordable coffee table options as well as lots of DIYs if you have more time than money. Take a look at these 20 affordable coffee tables to buy or DIY and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect coffee table for your living room.

To Buy

Country coffee table

IKEA is always a great place to start when you’re looking for a simple and cheap coffee table. This little white round table will add the perfect touch of country and vintage to your living room without going overboard on the shabby chic. (via IKEA)

buy tri coffee table

This lovely tri-surface coffee table says chic and modern and “I need to be in your living room”. Plus, those three levels will help make your coffee table styling really easy and interesting. (via West Elm)

buy glass coffee table

This might not be the coffee table you want in a family friendly living room, but that glass top is perfect for a grownups only home. Especially if space is tight, the transparent glass and wire frame won’t take up as much visual space as a wooden table. (via Urban Outfitters)

buy rolling coffee table

Speaking of small spaces, this rolling coffee table will speak straight to your tiny-apartment-owner heart. It’s small enough to leave space in your living room and those wheels will make it easy to roll into the bedroom when guests come over or you need more floor space for your yoga session. (via IKEA)

buy midcentury coffee table

You just gotta love the midcentury style. Here’s a coffee table that will be the finishing touch to your midcentury living room. The shelves underneath are perfect for stashing anything un-pretty like remotes or magazines when unexpected guests pop in. (via Etsy)

buy carved coffee table

This tribal carved coffee table was too beautiful not to include in the lineup. Can’t you imagine this in front of your sofa? It’s pretty enough to be included in your home office… or as a bedside table. It’s wooden pattern will match whatever style you’ve got going on. (via World Market)

buy cork coffee table

IKEA has a way of surprising us each time they unveil a new collection and this cork coffee table is no different. It’s so simple and minimal and perfect. I can see serving a cheese plate from this surface in my own living room. (via IKEA)

buy barnwood coffee table

Looking for something that is more industrial and rustic? You’ve found it right here. This coffee table is made from barn wood and the metal frame will pull it together with the rest of your industrial living room. (via Etsy)

buy metal coffee table

Nothing like a bit of shiny sleek black to give your living room a lift. Not only does this table sport the moroccan trellis pattern that is so popular in living rooms today, it also has a shiny marble top. Are you convinced yet? (via Pier 1 Imports)

buy rustic coffee table

This coffee table has rustic family friendly living room written all over it. It’s large enough for coloring and puzzles and board games and pizza dinner on movie nights without giving up any beautiful style. (via World Market)


diy hairpin coffee table

This DIY coffee table is possibly one of the easiest DIY coffee tables you will ever see. All it takes is some wood and four hairpin legs. You can adjust the size to fit your living room, stain or paint the top and even spray paint the legs if you want something really popping. (via Ella Vine and Co)

diy pallet coffee table

Pallet lovers listen up. With a little paint and some casters, you can have this simple and thrifty coffee table in your living room. The glass top is optional but it certainly helps it feel like a store-bought piece. (via Plan B)

diy midcentury coffee table

I love the projects where you stick the legs on and va va voom. All done. That’s exactly this project. A painted board with some midcentury legs will give you a coffee table that will be the envy of all your friends. (via A Joyful Riot)

diy wood coffee table

Got some scrap wood to use for projects? Use some hairpin legs to make this modern wooden coffee table for your living room. The top says chic while the legs keep it feeling fresh and happy. (via A Beautiful Mess)

diy luggage rack coffee table

Maybe you’ve inherited them or maybe you bought them and have never used them. Either way, turn your luggage racks into a fabulous coffee table by placing a stained wooden top on top! It makes a perfect piece for your deck space or even your patio. (via Mad in Crafts)

diy tribal coffee table

Patterns are your friend when it comes to living room decor so why not make your furniture work for you in that respect? DIY this tribal patterned coffee table and it will immediately become the backdrop for all your future Instagram photos. (via Rogue Engineer)

diy ikea hack coffee table

Sometimes IKEA doesn’t have quite what we’re looking for. So who says you can’t use some of the pieces to create something completely unique and beautiful to you? That’s what this DIY does. IKEA legs with a wooden top make a perfect pair for a simple coffee table. (via Weekday Carnival)

diy industrial coffee table

Are you needing something a little more masculine and industrial for your space? Pipe is a great option for coffee table legs! All you need to do is find the scrap wood for the top and you’re on your way. (via The Locker)

diy chevron coffee table

Yes, more coffee table patterns. But this chevron table is made completely out of pallets. Talk about a thrifty solution for a usually expensive problem! (via The Merrythought)

diy milk crate coffee table

If all of these options are just a little too expensive for you, this options is maybe the cheapest and best. Some scrap wood that can be sanded and stained, connected to a couple of thrifted milk crates that can be painted a pretty antique white. It’s a little more effort but the end result will give you a coffee table worth every minute of it. (via Ideas to Live The DIY Life)