DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween

Every Halloween people plan their home decoration for months. Some prefer the traditional black and orange theme featuring a lot of pumpkins, black spiders and scalps strategically placed around the house, others like to think slightly out of box and come up with uncommon ideas to bring the spooky atmosphere into their living space. If you asked me what are my decor preferences, I would probably say the unusual ones however, I can’t deny that the look of white painted pumpkins is timeless. Anyhow, this year there won’t be any in my house, as I decided to create decorations I have never had before.

DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween

If you are like me, going for original decor this year, this might be it. The DIY Black Feather Chandelier is a perfect addition to the Dark, Black Swan Halloween theme, adding a bit of mystery and sophistication. I am not exactly a sophisticated DIY-kind-of person, as I tend to keep things simple but every now and then I like to glam up my space just a tiny little bit. So today I will show you how to make this Chandelier with a modern, elegant twist.

DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween Closer

But before I get into details, I have to share a little fact from my life. I’ve been collecting feather for a quite a few years now and I have a lot of boxes filled with them, so I thought it’s about time to show them to the world. Unfortunately, there weren’t any black feather, so I used a bit of spray paint to change their natural color into a more dramatic look. Well the BLACK Swan Chandelier wouldn’t be looking good with the BROWN feather, right?

DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween Angle

If you are wondering where you can get a chandelier base, I would, of course, suggest thrift stores or flea markets, as they are many vintage lamps available there, however if you don’t want to buy a lamp just for this one occasion – you can always use a base of one of the lamps you have at home. We won’t be changing the look of the lamp, just attaching black, feather to it, which can be easily removed when Halloween is finished.

See what you will need and instructions below:

DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween Materials


  • chandelier base and a string to hang it
  • feather
  • black spray paint
  • black washi tape

Spray paint the feather using black paint.

DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween Spray Paint

The Black feather Chandelier is very easy to install. Cut a few stripes of masking tape and attach the feather to the chandelier by wrapping it around it. I like how they looked placed on the metal racks, but feel free to get creative with your composition.

DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween Attach
DIY Black Feather Chandelier for Halloween Hang

So how do you like it? Does if fit your Halloween decorating style?

This might be my favorite Halloween decoration ever. I admit, I’m slightly obsessed!