DIY Jewelry Holder out of Spice Rack – IKEA Hack

You’ve probably seen a number of ways to use IKEA’sBekvam spice rack for things other than, well, spices. Today’s DIY project features this versatile piece as a chic DIY jewelry holder. Whether for yourself, for a daughter, a friend, or a neighbor, this makes a fabulous addition to any jewelry collection. And the best news of all is that it’s one of the easiest and quickest hacks you’ll ever do.

DIY Jewelry Holder out of Spice Rack
DIY Jewelry Holder out of Spice Rack - Ikea Hack

This article features three different options for those of you who have a hard time picturing a final outcome: a stained jewelry holder, a white jewelry holder, and a two-tone jewelry holder. The possibilities, though, are endless. Enjoy!

DIY Jewelry Holder Project

DIY Level: Beginner

DIY Jewelry Holder out of Spice Rack - Materials

Materials Needed:

  • IKEA Bekvam spice rack(s)
  • Hooks
  • Spray paint / wood stain in the color(s) of your choosing
  • Drill, paint brush, screwdriver, and measuring tape (not shown)
DIY Jewelry Holder out of Spice Rack - stained wood

Note: This tutorial shows a step-by-step guide for creating a walnut-stained jewelry holder out of the IKEA spice rack. Modify the instructions as needed if you choose a different finish or treatment.

DIY Jewelry Holder - applying wood stain

Apply wood stain onto your wood pieces: entire shelf piece, both side pieces EXCEPT the edges with the metal hanging plates and three holes, and the dowel piece EXCEPT the smaller ends. (Photo shows the staining of two extra side pieces and one extra dowel piece, which will be used on the two-toned jewelry holder.)

DIY Jewelry Holder - wipe the wood stain

Wipe off the wood stain with a clean, dry rag shortly after applying. (Tip: The longer the stain sits on your wood, the darker it will be.) This tutorial shows Minwax wood stain in walnut.


DIY Jewelry Holder - stained wood

Allow all stained pieces to dry thoroughly.

DIY Jewelry Holder - spray paint

If applicable: prime and paint your wood pieces and allow to dry thoroughly. (Photo shows an extra shelf section for the two-toned example, in addition to an entire set for the white example.)

DIY Jewelry Holder - meassure

When shelf is dry, it’s time to predrill your hook holes. Temporarily attach the two side pieces onto the face of the shelf WITH three holes by using the small wood pieces provided in the Bakram assembly bag. Lay a measuring tape across the BACK END of the shelf piece (nearest the wall hanging plates) directly between the insides of the side pieces – this will be 14-1/2”. Measure in from the back edge of the shelf piece as far as you’d like (example shows about 3/4″) every 2-1/4” at the points shown in this photo. Drill a shallow hole at each point, perpendicular to the wood, taking care not to drill all the way through the shelf piece.

DIY Jewelry Holder - screw your hooks

Screw your hooks into the predrilled holes.

DIY Jewelry Holder - screwing a hook

Tip: When screwing a hook into a hole and it starts to hurt your fingers, hook the end of a screwdriver into the hook and continue “ratcheting” the hook into place.

DIY Jewelry Holder - same direction hooks

Your hooks should all face the same direction, with the open end facing away from the back edge of the shelf piece.

DIY Jewelry Holder - predrill hook

Next, you’ll want to predrill hook holes into your dowel piece. Measuring from where the actual dowel part starts (not the insertable ends), mark points every 3-1/2” as shown in the photo – at 2”, 5-1/2”, 9”, and 12-1/2”. You will have four hooks on this dowel part, which will allow the five hooks on the shelf part to show through in a kind of “window” formation.

DIY Jewelry Holder- Hold the dowel on its narrow

Hold the dowel on its narrow side and drill the holes carefully. Don’t drill all the way through.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Screw in your four hooks

Screw in your four hooks, keeping the open ends facing the same way.

DIY Jewelry Holder - hooks installed

With your hooks installed, it’s now time to assemble your spice rack-turned-jewelry holder. Put the small wood connectors into the center holes on the shelf piece ends.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Install one end piece

Install one end piece, taking care that the hole for the dowel is facing toward the inside and the wall hanging plate is facing the back (closest the shelf hooks).

DIY Jewelry Holder - Insert your dowel

Insert your dowel, with all hooks facing the same way, into the installed side piece.

DIY Jewelry Holder - dowel

Insert the open end of your dowel into the second side piece, then install that side piece onto the wooden connector on the other side of your shelf.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Flip the jewelry holder

Flip the jewelry holder over and insert then tighten the provided screws.

DIY Jewelry Holder - mounting spice rack

You’re just about done. Because you will be mounting the spice rack “upside down” as a jewelry holder, you’ll need to rotate the wall hanging places 180 degrees.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Unscrew the wall hanging

Unscrew the wall hanging plate screws and spin it 180 degrees so the narrow end of the wall hanging hole is nearest the shelf piece.

DIY Jewelry Holder - screw back it on

Screw it back on. Repeat for the other wall hanging plate.

DIY Jewelry Holder from an Ikea spice rack

This spice rack is actually designed with a standard 16” stud framing space in mind, so you can probably screw directly into the studs when you mount it. If not, though, simply use drywall screws to install your jewelry holder wherever you want.

DIY Jewelry Holder - jewelry you want to organize

Load it up with the jewelry you want to organize.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Project

Congratulations! You’ve finished a pretty simple DIY jewelry holder. Bonus: it’s got a shelf to store functional or decorative (or both!) items.

DIY Jewelry Holder - wall hanging

Here is what the all-white jewelry holder looks like. You really can’t go wrong with a white jewelry holder, really. It shows off the jewelry quite well.

DIY Jewelry Holder - longer necklaces hanging

Notice how the longer necklaces hanging on the five back hooks are visible between the bracelets hanging from the four front hooks?

How to make a Jewelry Holder

This not only makes your jewelry easier to see, it makes it easier to access as well. Form and function is always the best sort of design, don’t you think?

DIY Jewelry Holder - two tone

This two-toned jewelry holder is quite lovely in person.

Bohemian diy jewelry holder

It encourages a sort of bohemian, eclectic vibe…with class.

DIY Jewelry Holder Organization

And don’t forget that your jewelry can say a lot about you. These DIY jewelry holders are customizable to facilitate just that idea.

DIY Jewelry Holders

Which version is your favorite – stained, white, or two-toned?