100 Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s almost here! The day of the year associated with the most feels, whether positive or negative. While chocolates and roses are perfectly acceptable acknowledgements of the importance of Valentine’s Day, every girl really just wants the same thing. To know that someone thinks of her, someone cares for her, someone put a little effort into her Valentine’s Day gift. That is when we turn to the DIY. A DIY project requires time and effort to complete which makes it them all the more perfect for V-day.


So grab a fresh cup of coffee and take your time scrolling through these 100 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for her. It only gives you brownie points with your significant other.

The Fashionista

DIY heart ring

Jewelry is quite a popular Valentine’s Day gift. If your SO is the fashion-forward type, DIY jewelry is a great gift option. Use your tiniest pliers and some wire to craft this dainty heart ring for your love. (via Swell Maybe)

DIY jewelry hanger

Tired of wading through your girlfriend’s jewelry on your shared dresser? Make this lovely minimal jewelry hanger. Not only will she adore it, it will give you some dresser space. Two birds, one beautiful stone. (via The Blondielocks)

DIY heart headband

Hearts are everywhere in the month of February. So craft this simple heart headband and gift to every girl that you know. It will make your little nieces especially happy. (via Into The Woods)

DIY brass necklace

Affordable jewelry for your minimalist lover can be difficult to find. Don’t be afraid to craft your own! A simple brass pendant promises to match her wintery sweater or summer sundress. (via DIYs)

DIY fringed kimono

The friends that sew together stay together. Surprise your bestie with a handmade kimono this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s pink or red or blue, it’ll be cozy for eating Chinese takeout and doing those things that singles do on V-day. (via Yellow Girl)

DIY plastic bangles

Bangles are back in. Did you know? You can easily make a whole set for gifting with plastic and paint. So stock up on all your recipient’s favorite colors and when you’re done, tie them together with a pretty pink bow. (via DIYs)

DIY lips tote

What girl doesn’t enjoy a good lip printed accessory? Pucker up and cover a plain white tote in lips this year. Bonus points if you fill with flowers and deliver it yourself. (via Adventures in Fashion)

DIY arrows pins

You gotta love a good bobby pin hack. Pimp out a set for your friend in felt shapes that are Valentine’s Day colors. She’ll be wearing it all month long. (via Proper)

DIY jewelry travel pouch

Need a gift for the traveling fashionista? These DIY jewelry pouches are just the thing. You can leave them white or paint them with hearts or a sweet message. Either way, your friend will always think of you each time they pull it out. (via DIYs)

DIY scarf circle

Wintertime is scarf time and honestly, I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t love a scarf for Valentine’s Day. Use one of those floral vintage hankies and turn it into a gorgeous circle scarf for the best girl you know. (via Confessions of a Refashionista)

DIY heartbeat necklace

Heartbeat wears are the new jewelry trend. Turns out this necklace is very simple to make and will remind your wife of your everlasting love for her every time she wears it. Win win for you. (via Craftbits)

DIY perfume oil

Perfume can be a risky gifting venture, but I promise that this vanilla sandalwood oil will go off very well. She’ll love wearing it, you’ll love it on her, everybody else will be asking where you got it. (via The Beaute Blend)

DIY shoe clips

Sometimes all you need is a little bling to make something old look like new. Shoe clips are definitely one of those types of bling. It’s a sparkly gift that comes with so much anticipation. (via DIYs)

DIY lipstick holder

You probably didn’t think you’d find a woodworking project in the fashionista section. But here it is. The perfect minimalistic lipstick holder for your red-lipped lover. She’ll love being able to display all her colors side by side. (via The Merrythought)

DIY blanket scarf

I just couldn’t resist adding another type of scarf. The blanket scarf has gotten much more attention this winter season and with good reason. With all the different ways to style one, it will definitely be the hit gift this V-day. (via Simple Simon and Company)

DIY emoji clutch

Emojis for the win! Anything emoji is sure to please your teenage daughter or best friend. This heart-eyed clutch is the perfect accessory for a Valentine’s Day night out with friends. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY dipped heart dish

Trinket dishes have become less of an organizational tool and more of an artistic addition. A gold dipped heart will be the perfect gift for the coffee table or your SO’s nightstand or wherever she gathers all her daily wears. (via Domestic Bliss Squared)

DIY heart hairpiece

For those girls who have difficult hair and bemoan it constantly, give them the gift of fashionable hair without the fuss. At least that’s what this heart and arrow hair pin will bring. (via The House That Lars Built)

DIY need coffee shirt

Coffee lovers need this shirt. It’s just a fact. So instead of paying a bit for it, make one yourself! If it’s for your SO, make a matching one for yourself that you can both wear on lazy Saturday mornings. (via The Casual Craftlete)

DIY winking wristlet

Makeup pouches will never run out of purpose. A winky pouch like this will happily hold all her brushes and combs for her face, whether on a long trip or just in her drawer at home. (via Artful Days)

The Cook

DIY no sew apron

Every cook needs an apron. Before you cringe at the thought of sewing, here’s a classic apron that doesn’t require a single stitch. Plus they won’t mind wearing it in front of guests at your next dinner party. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

DIY heart cutting board

Can I just say that this heart cutting board is darling? For the person who is always chopping up a salad, this will make a nice Valentine touch in their kitchen. (via Hello Glow)

DIY clay organizer

Every kitchen has that problematic spot. The corner that piles up with bills and cards and recipes. Help your beloved cook keep their troublesome corner clean with an organizer like this. (via DIYs)

DIY mini cake stand

Who doesn’t love a cake stand? Make a trip to the discount home goods store and pick up a set of marble coasters. Once you’ve glued on the base, you’re mini marble cake stands will be ready for those Valentine cupcakes in 24 hours. (via Sugar and Charm)

DIY gold lip glasses

While the gold lips on these champagne flutes may be temporary, you might consider making it permanent for your V-Day gift. Because if you aren’t serving champagne at your Valentine’s Day celebration, you aren’t doing it right. (via Sugar and Cloth)

DIY wooden chargers

For the cook who’s also concerned about presentation, gift her a set of these walnut veneer chargers. I promise that you’ll find them on the table at every dinner party ever after.

DIY chalkboard jars

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows that pretty storage is on every cook’s wish list. DIY your own version of Anthropologie’s chalkboard canisters this year and your honey will love you forever. (via Sarah Hearts)

DIY dipped flatware

You gotta love a good old fashioned wooden spoon. If you’ve noticed that your favorite cook’s have become a bit run down, buy them a new set and dip them in rainbow colors to bring a bit of life to their counters. (via Little Bit Funky)

DIY knife holder

Everyone says that knife magnets keep knives sharper for longer. Make your love a pretty wooden magnetic knife block that will refuse to be an eyesore in your kitchen but do the job well.

DIY gold serving tray

Many chefs know the versatility of a tray. Suddenly you can take pizza night to the living room or easily provide game night snacks. Gift your hostess with a gilded tray this V-day and you’ll spend your evening in front of a rom com. (via The Everygirl)

DIY geometric dishes

With the popularity of Instagram, lots of people like to have a very unique and grammable tablescape at their dinner party. Give your sweetie their own personalized set of matching geo dishes for the most unique Instagram feed ever. (via DIYs)

DIY tea bags

If you cook, you know that there is lots of down time in the kitchen. Waiting for the onions to brown, waiting for the oven to ding, waiting for the bread to rise. Make these DIY tea bags for Valentine’s Day so your cook will have something to sip on while they wait. (via Atilio)

DIY xo mug

While they’re sipping, they might as well sip from a pretty mug like this. With a set of white mugs and some porcelain paint, your beautiful XO gift can be made and wrapped in an hour or two. (via Proper)

DIY cheese knife

Cheese plates are all the rage for dinner parties at the moment. Everyone has their own tips and tricks. My tip is to make these cheese knives for Valentine’s Day so your host will have the prettiest cheese plate on the block. (via Sugar and Cloth)

DIY wooden trivet

After constant use and several washes, pot holders can become stained and wrinkled and even shrink! Craft some wooden trivets for your soup connoisseur so they’ll have something sturdy to keep their table safe and easy to clean when something spills. (via DIYs)

DIY duel cutting board

Yes, I know that you’ve already seen one cutting board. But this duel wood and marble cutting board was just too gorgeous to leave out. You’re significant other will definitely think so too. Don’t be surprised if you have a cheese plate on it for V-day. (via The Merrythought)

DIY hanging fruit basket

If you know a cook that’s stuck with a small kitchen, give them a helping hand by crafting a hanging basket like this for them. Fill it with magenta pomegranates for an extra Valentine touch.

DIY house mug shelf

Anything house shaped is welcome in my home, as I’m sure it is in yours. You can’t go wrong with a house shaped mug shelf like this one. It’s the perfect thing to fill up some wall space in the kitchen. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY brush stroke napkins

Every now and then, it’s nice to have a new set of linens for your table. Make these brushed beauties and set them out for your Valentine’s breakfast. The best surprise is a morning surprise. (via DIYs)

DIY recipe box

Almost any cook is eager for new recipes to try. Whether you buy or DIY the recipe box, fill it with lots of hand written treasured recipes, scrawled on your prettiest paper. You can even decorate them with stickers, fancy patterned cuts and lace. (via Scissors and Sage)

 The Gardener

DIY dipped garden tools

February is not only the month of love, it’s the month that gardeners begin to dream about spring and flowers and vegetable gardens. Give your gardening friend the gift of a new set of beautiful dipped tools to help her in her work. (via Sarah Hearts)

DIY leather trimmed planters

There’s nothing like a pretty planter to cheer up the indoor gardener. Line some painted terra cotta pots with leather for your houseplant loving SO. She’ll love the mix of homey chic it brings to her living room. (via The Merrythought)

DIY birdseed heart

This one’s for the birds. Literally. Most gardeners I know also value the little outdoor critters. Make them some heart shaped birdseed ornaments to keep their bird friends around until spring. (via Sunny Vegan)

DIY planter bookends

It can be difficult for us outdoor lovers to work in a bland office. Brighten up their day with a set of succulent planter bookends. Not only will they bring a bit of life to the cubicle, they have a good desktop purpose. (via I Spy DIY)

DIY air plant heart

Looking for a more Valentine themed gift for your plant lover? Put together this wire heart and fill it with air plants. They’re lovely house plants that won’t add to their plant care effort. (via I Don’t Know How She Does It)

DIY outdoor swing

Check out this awesome swing! Make a pink one that you can hang on your porch or pergola so your gardening sweetheart can sit outside in comfort and enjoy their hard work. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY pucker planters

What woman wouldn’t want a pucker planter in her house? Not only will the planter make a great Valentine’s Day gift, you can put a plant in it as a bonus. (via Proper)

DIY garden hand scrub

When you have your hands digging in the dirt and pruning prickly bushes and hauling a rusty wheel barrow, it takes a toll on your fingers. Whip together this lemon scrub that’s especially effective for dirty gardener hands. (via Popsugar)

DIY hanging crescent planter

When a plant collector considers filling an empty space on the wall, viney plants always come to mind. You can make their dreams come true with a crescent moon planter like this. Then they can have all the viney paradise they like. (via DIYs)

DIY mini terrarium

Terrariums are so fun to make and give! You can put together several of these mini jars for all your favorite plant lovers this Valentine’s Day. Nothing like giving them a living gift to help them remember your love. (via A Bullseye View)

DIY rustic toolbox

Car mechanics have toolboxes. Handymen have toolboxes. Gardening is a hobby that takes skill and knowledge too, so why shouldn’t they have a toolbox? Gift a rustic wood box with large handle and plenty of carrying space for whatever your gardener needs. (via This Charming Life)

DIY succulent wall planter

Have you seen a living wall up close? They’re so awesome to see. Plus, being a living wall, it’s an art piece that is always growing and changing. A perfect gift to pay tribute to an ever growing and changing love. (via Refinery 29)

DIY bottle bird feeder

I just couldn’t pass up this rustic milk bottle bird feeder! It’s the perfect gift for the person who loves spending a morning with the coffee on the back porch watching the birds. (via Esprit Cabane)

DIY rock garden

For the woman who wants plants but has no time to care for them, behold the perfect gift. The air plant rock garden will bring life to her desk and the color of whatever rocks you choose. (via A Charming Project)

DIY herb markers

I have dreams of having a large garden someday and I’m sure you know someone like that. In the meantime, help them nurture their green thumb by gifting them a set of these stamped herb markers. (via Wit and Whistle)

DIY lavender satchets

Plant lovers not only love plants, they usually adore the scents that come with them. Instead of roses, give them a scent that will last with some pretty lavender sachets. You’ll want to make a couple for her drawers and her linen closet and under her mattress. (via The Scrap Shoppe Blog)

DIY face seedling starters

Face planters are in, in case you hadn’t noticed. Use some egg cups to make some adorable seed planters. It will be perfect timing for those who are getting their gardens started. (via Francois et Moi)

DIY wooden doormat

For the mom who is always lamenting over the muddy doormat, here is her solution. A wooden doormat that will be easy to clean, no matter how many muddy boots stamp over it. (via The Merrythought)

DIY gardeners salve

Let’s pamper those hardworking gardening hands this Valentine’s Day, shall we? This homemade all natural salve will have those poor cracked hurting hands soft and smooth in no time. (via Mayans Dragon)

DIY picnic blanket

When the gardening is all said and done, it’s only natural that the gardener should want to sit back and enjoy it. Give them a new picnic blanket for V-day with the promise of many picnics to come when the warm weather hits. (via Lovely Indeed)

The Interior Decorator

DIY heart string art

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have done a string art project before. This one is extra special because it includes the LED lights that make the heart glow. Perfect for your friend with the three gallery walls in her home. (via The Anchored Soul)

DIY magazine wall hanging

When you live in a small space, you need all the empty surfaces you can get. This makes a problem for the magazine readers. If you know someone who can’t part with their mags, make this magazine wall hanger that will keep their pages handy and displayed like art. (via DIYs)

DIY marquee initial

If you can say it in lights, then say it big! Every home decorator loves a good marquee sign. Use the cardboard version of your loved one’s initial and then string the lights inside. You can even make a heart if you’d rather do something a little more lovey dovey. (via Grey Likes Nesting)

DIY candle holder

How awesome is this simple geo candle holder? It’s modern style will be loved by any woman and the small size will make it fit even on the smallest apartment table. Fill it with pink candles for V-day and you’re all set. (via Sugar and Cloth)

DIY rafia coasters

Aren’t these raffia coasters gorgeous? Raffia is a very inexpensive craft medium so these coasters will fit into your budget and be simple to make in time for V-day. (via DIYs)

DIY chunky throw blanket

Throw blankets are not only loved, they are also essential during these winter months. If you have the time, crotchet a chunky one for your valentine. Just make sure it’s a color that they will love to put on their couch. (via Always Rooney)

DIY floral heart wreath

Wreaths make wonderful gifts in my opinion. Especially when you cover a heart wreath in silk flowers. Because the happy recipient will be able to pull it out next Valentine’s Day and hang it up and they’ll think of you every time. (via Design Improvised)

DIY rope basket

Tell me this. What woman wouldn’t love to get a beautiful rope storage basket like this one for Valentine’s Day? She’ll be able to think of a million ways to use it as soon as she sees it. (via DIYs)

DIY moon throw pillow

Everybody knows about George Bailey who said he’d lasso the moon for his sweetheart. You can do that for yours this V-day by making this throw pillow. (via Curious and Catcat)

DIY framed canvas

Every woman loves reminiscing. That’s why photos are so important in her home. Gift your lover with a canvas of her favorite people, framed in a lovely wood frame.

DIY wool candleholder

Aren’t these the coziest candles you’ve ever seen? I promise you that a set of these wooly votives and a bottle of wine will make any woman more than happy this Valentine’s Day.

DIY embroidered hanging

Seamstresses listen up. Get your embroidery thread collection out of the closet. You’ll want to spend your evenings crafting this lovely wall hanging. Not only is the quote very Valentine’s Day appropriate, the red and pink color scheme is sure to be a hit. (via The Pretty Life Girls)

DIY yarn wall hanging

Speaking of wall hangings, we couldn’t leave out the yarn on this one. This popular trend will be made all the better just because you made it yourself. Maybe I’ll give myself one for V-day too? (via DIYs)

DIY lumbar pillow

I just love the thought of having this pretty lumbar pillow on my bed. A V-day gift that will encourage your honey to curl up and relax for a little while. (via Always Rooney)

DIY minimalist art

While there are lots of places to find affordable art nowadays, sometimes the best pieces can be made by your own hand. This pretty modern version is simple to make. If you want to go the extra mile, have it framed professionally for your love.

DIY cross stitch pillow

I’m a sucker when it comes to a good cross stitch. This heart throw pillow will go over very well on anyone’s couch or bed. They might even leave it there all year round! (via Cutesy Crafts)

DIY candleabra

Minimalists can be difficult to buy for in the decorating department. But this gorgeous wood candelabra is perfect for even the most minimal decorators. You’ll be dubbed a miracle worker.

DIY arrows hanging

To be honest, if it’s pink and a bit shiny, it’s appropriate for V-day decorating. For your quirky friend, make this mobile from paper, dowels and string. It’s the kind of craft that yields wonderful results. (via Nalle’s House)

DIY eucalyptus wreath

One last wreath? Because who can resist a eucalyptus wreath! The best part is that the eucalyptus can be replenished in the wire form as it dries out and they can arrange flowers to match the season. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY pucker dustpan

So maybe this isn’t about decorating, but every decorator strives to keep her home clean. Gift her a brand spanking new puckered dust pan to help her keep the dirt off her floor.

The Romantic

DIY photo flip book

No matter how artsy you are, you can definitely draw words on plain paper with a Sharpie. Have your friend take pictures of you and then put them together in a cute little flip book for your SO. Especially effective for marriage proposals. (via Camille Styles)

DIY color block vase

Thinking of giving a bouquet this Valentine’s Day? Whatever flowers you choose, present them in a gorgeous color-block vase like this. Using pastels will take the style from V-day through spring. (via Sarah Hearts)

DIY pink candles

When someone decides to go all natural in their life, they inevitably go for the all natural candles too. For your health-conscious friend, try your hand at some homemade candles in pink jars for Valentine’s Day. They’ll appreciate the thought more than you know. (via Hello Glow)

DIY conversation heart magnets

Conversation hearts are so much fun to play with. Make a set to stick on your fridge for V-day this year. The kicker will be when you keep them full of sweet notes year round. (via Kipi)

DIY photo calendar

Everyone looks at a calendar, whether it’s on their phone or their computer or their wall. Use some family pictures and print out a calendar for your love to look at this year. No, February is not too late to gift a calendar. (via The Paper Curator)

DIY stamped keychain

Is your love always misplacing her keys or digging through her purse to find them? Stamp your initials onto a leather heart and give her a nice keychain that will make them stand out among the tubes of lipstick in the bottom of her bag. (via The Polka Dot Chair)

DIY massage oil

Maybe you thought of massage oil as a gift and maybe you didn’t. Making your own can be a great gift for Valentine’s Day, especially if your love has sensitive skin. It will also encourage the two of you to have some together time. (via Sprouting Healthy Habits)

DIY polaroid pictures

I thought these polaroid photos were just too adorable! Hack their Instagram and steal some favorites to make these fun mementoes of love and family. (via Sugar and Cloth)

DIY valentine jenga

Parents can have a more difficult time finding romantic gifts when they have little ones. Pimp out a set of Jenga to include sweet sayings and conversation prompts. You can play with the kids and then again with just the two of you after they go to bed. (via Tried and True)

DIY love memory box

Is your love a keeper of things? You know, all the birthday cards you exchange and movie ticket stubs from the last date and the programs from the first ballet you saw. Craft this box so she can stash all those special things in one place. (via My White Idea DIY)

DIY logs candle holder

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s easy to let things get routine and lose their meaning. Remind your sweetheart of a time when your love was young and simple by carving your initials into a tree. Well… a wood votive that will look splendid in your bedroom. (via Petite Modern Life)

DIY photo box

Did you have a big event happen in your love life recently? Like an engagement or a wedding? Print out some of those pictures and make your darling a box of them for Valentine’s Day. (via Brit + Co)

DIY bath salts

All women have their doubts about themselves and much of their hard work is to prove to themselves that the negative voices are wrong. So a gift of lovely smelling bath salts and a small note will help remind them that you love them no matter what. (via Spark and Chemistry)

DIY coupon book

Some of the best gifts are what you physically do for each other. This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other the gift of your time and attention in the form of some coupons. It can be as small as a foot massage and as big as a nice dinner out. You decide. (via Mom On Timeout)

DIY flower heart

I can tell you right now, every woman would love to wake up on Valentine’s Day morning to find a piece of wall art like this. Because how many men will take the time? Not many.

DIY floral ice bowl

Maybe you want to gift your lover a simple romantic evening at home. Make it feel like a hotel by making this floral ice bowl. I imagine a dipped strawberry or two wouldn’t go amiss either. (via DIYs)

DIY heart vase

Are you intent on continuing to give your wife flowers the whole year? Stick a contact paper heart on a pretty colored bottle for Valentine’s Day. It may not seem like much at the time, but it will when you keep it full of fresh flowers through Christmas! (via The Crafted Life)

DIY memory jar

Memory jars are the best presents. It’s essentially a promise to make good memories together throughout the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. Plus, a small jar is easily taken on vacation or business trips, wherever the two of you go together. (via Make and Do Crew)

DIY book gift box

Maybe you already bought your honey their Valentine’s Day gift and you just now found this post. I challenge you to make this gift box from an old book. You get bonus points and gold stars if you make it out of their favorite classic. (via The Source)

DIY wrapped flowers

For the couple who will barely see each other this Valentine’s Day, here’s the perfect gift for you. Buy those roses and wrap them up pretty in lace or twine. They’ll look so fancy but they’ll only take you a minute. (via Homey Oh My)

Just remember that whatever you give to your valentine this February 14th, they love you for you. So make sure your gift is from the heart and they’ll be sure to adore whatever gift you choose!