20 Gorgeous Cake Stands to Buy or DIY

You can have your platters and serving bowls and mini bowls for dips, but there’s one major piece of serve ware that’s essential for every kitchen and often overlooked: the cake stand. Not only will it serve to display your beautiful cakes for your fancy dinner parties and friend’s baby shower and Mother’s Day, it can act as a cheese plate or even a lovely centerpiece. With all those options available, how can you not own one yourself? Check out these 20 beautiful cake stands that will let you buy or DIY your way to Instagram worthy cakes.

Buy These

lotus cake standView in gallery

Anthropologie’s lotus cake stand is everything that a simple elegant cake stand should be. The white curving design will only enhance your cake’s beauty, whether you’re a professional baker or not. (via Anthropologie)

pink cake standView in gallery

Remember those pink dishes that your grandma always had in her china cabinet? This cake stand definitely belongs with those heirlooms until it becomes an heirloom for your own grandchildren. (via Terrain)

ghost cake standView in gallery

If you’re looking for a cake stand that says modern and classy rather than vintage chic, you’ve just gotta check out this ghost cake stand. From across the room, it will look like your cake is light enough to actually float on air. (via Esque Shop)

mini stars cake standView in gallery

Think Fourth of July celebrations with these mini cake stands. Those blue painted stars will compliment any cupcake or tart or mini pie you place on top. (via West Elm)

acacia cake standView in gallery

What are serving pieces without a hit of natural fibers? A simple wooden cake stand like these will be just perfect for that backyard dinner party you’ve been planning. (via Anthropologie)

pink ceramic cake standView in gallery

It’s a fact that you can’t go wrong with pink. Choose your favorite pattern (if you can choose just one) and your table will be instantly ready for the springiest tea party you’ve ever laid eyes on. (via BHLDN)

ruffle cake standView in gallery

Now here’s a cake stand that will be like putting a mini table on your table. Plus, those low edges are perfect for serving pie as well as cake. (via Crate and Barrel)

Glitter cupcake stand goldView in gallery

Isn’t it some kind of law that every party needs a touch of metallic? If you’re looking for that spring metallic pop for your event, this pink-tinged gold cake stand will do the trick. (via Etsy)

color-cut cake standView in gallery

Here’s a cake stand that just screams vintage. But you’ll find the bright colors are just what your summer dinner table needs. I’ll bet that all your desserts, from cakes to cookies, are displayed on these all summer long. (via Anthropologie)

jadeite cake standView in gallery

This jadeite cake stand is like a spring-y version of milk glass. Can I just eat that whole cake on top pretty please? (via Food 52)

DIY These

diy domed cake standView in gallery

DIY these simple glass cake stands and you’ll find that such a simple project can be used for cake as well as cheese, jewelry and even a terrarium. You’ll probably want to make yourself two. (via A Beautiful Mess)

diy wire cake standView in gallery

Who knew that wire could actually make a sweet modern cake stand? Apparently these people. (via The Merrythought)

diy wooden cake standView in gallery

It is possible to DIY your own wood cake stand for that upcoming birthday party. The major plus is you get to paint it whatever color suits you best. (via In This Wonderful Life)

diy hexagon cake standView in gallery

Marble and wood make a winning combination every single time and this cake stand is no different. You can easily find the supplies and be eating those cookies by supper time. (via The Den)

diy chalkboard cake standView in gallery

Seriously, is there anything that chalkboard paint can’t improve? Obviously not. Painting a cake stand with chalkboard paint makes it customizable for birthdays and Christmas and Mondays. (via The Uniqueness of Being)

diy candlestick cake standView in gallery

Do you have a summer wedding coming up? Consider making these super easy candlestick cake stands. And now that you’ve considered, head to the closest thrift store to buy them out of candlesticks. (via Bayside Bride)

diy cat cake standView in gallery

Gear up for this DIY and your kids will love you for ever after. The best part is all the different ways you could customize this project! I’m thinking about an elephant cake stand myself. (via A Beautiful Mess)

diy vintage cake standView in gallery

These cake stands are similar to the candlestick cake stands above, but they use those pretty colored glasses for their stands instead. It will make you want to start observing tea time. (via Camille Styles)

diy sprinkle cake standView in gallery

You can either buy a cake stand or make your own from a cup, plate and bowl, but either way the sprinkles on this cake dome are to smile for. I hope the cake underneath is just as sprinkle-covered. (via Kipi)

Glitter cupcake stand goldView in gallery

When all else fails, cover it in glitter. That’s exactly what you do to any cake stand you’ve bought or made yourself. It promises to bring some serious glam to dinner. (via The Little Big Company)