31 Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Should Try This Fall

Pumpkin season is here once more and this means it’s time to start having fun. Carving pumpkins is an activity everyone can enjoy, regardless of their age. Kids and adults alike can use their creativity and come up with pumpkin carving designs that will bring cheer and happiness into your life and that of your loved ones. These lovely projects would also make wonderful gifts.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket CarvingView in gallery

You can learn how to carve a pumpkin gradually. Start with something simple like this pumpkin ice bucket. The project goes like this: first you find a beautiful pumpkin big enough to accommodate a bottle of wine or champagne. Then you get a knife and carve out a portion on one side. Scoop out the insides and put ice in.{found on everydaydishes}.

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Family chic pumpkins for HalloweenView in gallery

Once you’re confident enough with your pumpkin carving skills, you can try something a bit more complex such as the cute and colorful pumpkins featured on Cfabbridesign. To make them you need white mini pumpkins, food coloring, bowls and a knife.

Turn the Carved Halloween pumpkin into a clockView in gallery

Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. A pumpkin alarm clock would sure make things more fun and enjoyable. The project is quite easy. You just need the right pumpkin carving tools and you can find the whole list plus instructions on Built by kids blog.

Decorativ carved Halloween PumpkinView in gallery

For decorative projects, there are tons of cool and interesting ideas you can use. For example, on Womansday you can find a quite lovely pumpkin that looks like a mummy. It definitely a scary side as well but the most interesting part is the fact that the pumpkin was sliced and this gave it its signature look.

Feather carving pumpkinView in gallery

Using the right pumpkin carving tools is definitely important if you want to get the design right. On Remodelanolacasa you can find out how you can use the Sonicrafter F30 to carve out a feather pattern on your pumpkin. I have to say that the design is quite abstract but the lines are really clean and beautiful.

Printable stencil pumpkin designView in gallery

Stencils can often make a lot of things a lot easier. For example, this can also be applied when carving a pumpkin. You can find all sorts of printable stencils which you can use in this way. A nice example is offered on Everydaydishes.

Jack-o-lanterns pumpkinsView in gallery

Jack-o-lanterns don’t have to be scary if you don’t want them to be. You can carve out some happy faces and make them all cute and lovely. Unsure how that would turn out? Have a look at the cheerful designs featured on BHG.

easy pumpkin carving ideasView in gallery

Looking for easy pumpkin carving ideas that don’t require a lot of skill or a lot of time? An interesting suggestion we found on Everydaydishes was to use a drill. This way you can create a lot of chic designs and the process is easier than actually carving the pumpkin.

Vampire Pumpkin CandlesView in gallery

Those of you who want to add a scary touch to the carved pumpkins this year should have a look at the project featured on Freutcake. The vampire pumpkin candles are cute and scary at the same time and this contrast suits them really well.

Spark monogram halloween pumpkinView in gallery

A design that allows you to add a bit of spark and style to a pumpkin involves using an engraving cutter, grinding stone and a bunch of glitter. The idea was featured on Handmadeintheheartland and can be customized in a lot of different and interesting ways.

Skill and creativity for Halloween pumpkinsView in gallery

Some projects are really easy while other require a bit more skill and creativity. An example of a project you can make with your kids, for example, can be found on Craftinomicon. The mini jack-o-lanterns are easy to make and you can let the kids draw the eyes, nose and other details.

MR mummy pumpkinView in gallery

By cutting oddly-shaped slits into the surface of a pumpkin you can make it look like a mummy. We found this idea on BHG and we find it very interesting and definitely worth a try. If the pumpkin also has a greenish gray color it will look even better.

My good side message on a carved pumpkinView in gallery

There are a lot of funny pumpkin carving idea you can try. For example, great your guests with a funny message. The project is quite simple. The tricky part is making the cuts right. Also, finding the right message to display can prove to be challenging.

Pumpkin Jack LanternsView in gallery

The inspiration for such a project can come from a lot of places. If you want to make something fun for the kids, take a look at the idea proposed on Makezine. These Ernie and Bert pumpkins will definitely be memorable for everyone who sees them.

Halloween pumpkin with a funny faceView in gallery

Give your pumpkin a funny face using things you already have such as an old pair of glasses and a carrot. The carrot can be the nose and the glasses will give it more character. You can also  experiment will all sorts of other things and looks.

Elegant carving pumpking designView in gallery

On the other hand, if you prefer something a bit more elegant, forget about all the funny faces and funky stencils and create your own unique pattern and design. Check out Invisibly for a little bit of inspiration.

You can personalize a pumpkinView in gallery

Of all the ways in which you can personalize a pumpkin, the designs featured on Ladyfaceblog are among the cutest. They suit the pumpkins really well and they offer a new perspective on the whole pumpkin carving process.

Zombie pumpkinsView in gallery

Even though the pumpkins featured on Marthasteward are supposed to look like monsters, they’re really cute and lovely. The googly eyes a really nice and interesting touch. This project proves anything can look cute if you try hard enough.

Carved Anatomy PumpkinsView in gallery

Symbolism is important, especially on holidays such as Halloween. And since pumpkins are a must-have during that period, it’s always good to be prepared. Check out Brit for a few quirky and scary ideas on how to decorate the pumpkins this year with an anatomy-inspired theme.

Visual effects created by the carved pumpkinsView in gallery

The visual effects created by the carved out designs on the pumpkin when creating a jack-o-lantern is the most important detail and the design we found on Instructables really knows how to emphasize this.

Use a drill to create a halloween pumpkinView in gallery

Similarly, Thegardenglove shows you how you can use a drill to create abstract patterns on a pumpkin and how to combine several of them for a big visual impact. You can use this idea for your garden or entrance area.

delicious marshmallows and a carved halloween pumpkinView in gallery

A pumpkin with a sweet tooth can’t possibly look scary or creepy. Take that description literary and check out Craftymoods for instructions on how to incorporate delicious marshmallows in your project.

Halloween pumpkin sceneView in gallery

You can create interesting scenes using two or more pumpkins. They can interact in all sorts of funny, cute, romantic or funky ways, like the two featured on Womansday. Use those designs as inspiration or come up with your own unique idea.

Memorable Halloween Carved PumpkinView in gallery

To make a pumpkin look memorable, you have to make it stand out. For example, give it a funky haircut or bracers on the teeth. Behance shows you how such a design would look like. It definitely has a fun side.

Dry ice to create a unique pumpkin for HalloweenView in gallery

Idealhomegarden suggests using dry ice to make your scary carved pumpkin look ever scarier. The idea is quite amazing. Use it as a starting point for projects that make your yard stand out this Halloween.

Carving tools for Halloween PumpkinsView in gallery

In case you’re having trouble finding the right tool for pumpkin carving, Howaboutorange offers a bunch of suggestions related to this concept. The carving kit described here includes tools that allow you create pretty much any kind of design you want.

Monogram carving Pumpkin for HalloweenView in gallery

Monogrammed pumpkins are simple enough to be very versatile but also quirky enough to stand out in a lot of different settings. They’re also a lovely way of personalizing your home, garden and yard without necessary going out of your way to be unique.

Hobby Pumpkin carvingView in gallery

Pumpkin carving can turn into a hobby if you’re really passionate about it. But for that you need the right tools. Check out Thebluebrick for a few suggestions that can give your pumpkin an elegant and charming look. You’ll also find tips on how to perfect your carving technique.

Hot knife to carve the halloween pumpkinsView in gallery

An interesting idea suggests using a hot knife to carve a pumpkin. The result will be a design that features clean lines and which doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Use this technique to create any type of design or pattern you want.{found on inmyownstyle}.

Chevron stripe pumpkinView in gallery

You don’t need to carve the pumpkin all the way through. It’s enough to expose a little bit of its fleshy surface and to create a pattern. Then, when you put the candle in and light it up, it will look really great. Experiment with different ideas and be creative. {found on witandwhistle}

cookie cutters to carve the pumpkinsView in gallery

Did you know you can use cookie cutters to create a one-of-a-kind carved pumpkin? We found about this on modernparentsmessykids. The idea is interesting because it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Also, you can let the kids help with this as well.