DIY Narrow Sofa Table And How To Wire An Outlet For It

Tired of reaching over to your coffee table for your drink? Never able to find the remotes? This custom narrow sofa table fits neatly behind your sofa. And it’s fitted with an outlet so you can easily plug in your phone, computer, or tablet without having to reach down behind the sofa.

Narrow Sofa Table

This table is the perfect place to hold a glass, snack, or your TV remotes so they’re in easy each. After you make this, you’ll never have to leave the couch again!

How wide should your sofa table be?

Since the narrow sofa table will sit behind your couch, it depends on how far you want the table to sit out from the sofa. Or how far you want the couch to sit out from the wall.

Between 6 and 16 inches is the typical width for your sofa table. This leaves enough room for decorations, cup placement, or installing an outlet.

How long should a sofa table be compared to the sofa?

Sofa tables are for convenience. So, you want your table to be at least half the length or the entire length of the couch. 

You also want the height of the table to sit just a few inches below the top of your couch.

How to Decorate Narrow Sofa Tables

There are so many wonderful ideas for decorating your narrow sofa table. The best part is you can use practically anything for decorations. However, you probably want the decor to match the theme in the room. And depending on the style of the table, you can find great complimentary accents.

There are several table materials and designs you can use to customize your table like:

  • Rustic
  • Farmhouse
  • Metal
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Abstract
  • Glass

As for decorations, you can use things like:

  • Plants
  • Books and bookends
  • Vases
  • Reading lamps
  • Picture frames
  • Fake flowers
  • Abstract artwork

As you can see, just about anything will work for decorating your table. 

What can I use instead of a sofa table?

Is a sofa table not your style? That’s okay because there are other types of tables to choose from to serve any purpose. 

  1. Buffets or sideboards – These provide storage along with a style of their own.
  2. Desk – This could be the perfect option if you work from home or live in tight and small spaces.
  3. Bench – The perfect seat to put on your shoes or set your bags when you get home.
  4. Table and chairs – Extra seating never hurt anyone.
  5. Bookcase – If you need extra space to store your books, this would be an excellent option.

There are many options to use in place of a sofa table to meet your needs.

Supplies you'll need for a narrow sofa table

Supplies You’ll Need For The Narrow Sofa Table

  • Wood
  • Dowel rod
  • Coping saw
  • Pencil
  • Sanding block
  • Drill with regular bit
  • Wood glue
  • Wire snips
  • Outlet box
  • The outlet
  • Outlet cover
  • 3 prong extension cord
  • Phillips head screw driver

How to Make a Narrow Sofa Table: Step by step guide

sofa table step-by-step guide

Step 1: Cutting wood

Have your local hardware store cut 3 pieces of wood to your desired dimensions. Your dimensions will be based off the back of your sofa. Make sure that the depth of the wood is large enough to accommodate an outlet if desired (as shown in this tutorial here).

Step 2: Mark the outlet spot

Using your long piece of wood that will span across the back of the sofa, mark out where you want your outlet. Draw around the outlet cover with a pencil. Drill out the holes in each corner where you have marked your outlet.

Step 3: Create a hole

Use your coping saw to saw out the hole for the outlet box. Drop in the outlet box.

Step 4: Glue

Put together your table by gluing the edges of the centerpiece of wood and attaching the two side pieces that will end up as legs.

glue the edges of the narrow sofa table

Step 5: Secure legs

To finish securing the legs to the top of the table, we dropped in dowel rods by drilling out holes in either corner of the top portion of the wood into the leg. Cut down the dowel and sand. Let dry. This will ensure that the legs are very sturdy and look much better than screws.

Step 6: Wire the outlet

Next, you will need to wire in your outlet. Cut a 3 prong extension cord in half. Keep the part with the plug that goes into the wall. pull out the 3 wires inside the cord and use your wire snips to peal back the plastic around each.

wire the outlet to the sofa table

Step 7: Thread

Thread the wires into the outlet box.

Step 8: Wire it

Wire up your outlet (a basic search will show you proper wiring instruction- white wire goes to silver, black to brass, green goes to green or ground wire).

Narrow table behind the sofa

Step 9: Secure the wires

Use your screw driver to screw down the wires on the outlet and then screw the outlet into the outlet box.

Step 10: Add the cover

Place the outlet cover on the outlet box.

Step 11: Sanding and finish

Sand the edges of the narrow table and add and finish or touch ups as needed.

Move your sofa out from the wall and put the table behind the sofa. Plug the extension cord piece from your outlet box into the wall. Move the sofa back against the table against the wall the reinforce. Stage or style the living room as desired!

Add final touches to the narrow sofa table
Narrow table behind the sofa
Narrow table behind the sofa
Narrow table behind the sofa
Narrow table behind the sofa
Narrow table behind the sofa
Narrow table behind the sofa
Narrow table behind the sofa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the narrow table behind a couch called?

Narrow tables behind your couch are also known as sofa tables or console tables.

What is the difference between a sofa table and an end table?

A sofa table is typically lengthy and goes behind your couch. And end tables are much smaller and go on the side or end of your couch.

How can I make a cheap sofa table?

In general, sofa tables aren’t expensive because you don’t need much wood to build them. You can always repurpose the wood from unused furniture or use pallets. And as long as you know how to use a saw and a drill, you can build the table yourself. 

Can you put narrow sofa tables against a wall?

Yes. These tables are a great option to put between the wall and the couch, especially if you don’t want the couch to cover the vents.

Narrow Sofa: Conclusion

Having an outlet on your sofa table is very convenient. No more struggling to plug in your charger or find the outlet. Hopefully, you found this project helpful and easy to replicate.