How To Build And Decorate A Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Especially if you use what nature gives you to make something like a tree trunk coffee table. Using natural branches and other parts of trees are trending in the world of home decor.

ree Trunk Coffee Table

Which is great because you can make rustic coffee tables for your living space for next to nothing. This cool coffee table requires just a few materials that you may already have on hand, a set of casters and your time.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive side table with a rustic feel then this project is for you.

Can you use a tree stump as a coffee table?

DIY rolling tree stump side table

Tree stumps are popular tables in many homes because of their rustic look and natural elements. Many people still cut wood for their fireplaces to heat their homes. And they will use the stumps for coffee tables.

Now, if you want to create this look without access to your own land, you can always go to your local lumberyards. 

How do you treat a tree trunk for a table?

When you properly treat your tree trunks, you won’t have to worry about pests and bugs invading your home.

The best way to treat tree trunks is to first let it dry out completely. If you’re using fresh cut wood, this can take up to six months.

Another factor to consider is the type of wood you use for your stump. Some woods break down faster than others. So, if you want a long lasting, preserved tree trunk, the best types of wood to use for coffee tables are:

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Oak

These are more hardy types of woods that will last a long time. 

How do you smooth out a tree stump?

Smoothing out the tree trunk is another critical part of preserving it. 

Make sure you remove all the bark and sand it with sandpaper until it’s very smooth.

What else can you make out of tree trunks?

You don’t have to limit yourself to only making a tree stump coffee table. You can use wood logs to make most types of furniture, including:

  • Chairs
  • Bed Frames
  • Couches
  • Garden Beds
  • Walkways
  • Benches
  • Stools
  • Side Table

You could use logs to build a home if you wanted to. As you can see, wood is a versatile but finite material you can use to make just about anything.

Materials For a Tree Trunk Coffee Table:

DIY tree stump side table
  • Tree trunk or one large stump (cut to size)
  • 3 swivel casters, one with a lock
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Sander, sanding block or sandpaper
  • Clear polyurethane
  • Paint brush

How to Build a Tree Trunk Coffee Table:

Step 1: Prepare the tree trunk

Start by prepping the tree trunk. Cut it down to size with a chainsaw if needed. And remove any excess bark as desired (the log we used was already naked as it had been attacked by ash bore prior to being cut down).

You can find stumps from fallen and broken trees if you don’t want to cut a tree down.

Pick a stimp that is the right shape, size and color for your space. Sand down the sides or edges for your preferred aesthetic.

tree stump DIY

Step 2: Coat of polyurethane 

Once you’ve prepped the log to your liking (size, shape and surface), place a clear coat of polyurethane over the log for a smooth finish. Then let it completely dry.

Step 3: Mark spots for wheels

Flip the log over bottom side up and line up and mark where you want the casters on the bottom of the log. Pre-drill holes for the casters if needed.

Step 4: Attach the casters. And viola.

Screw the casters in place and your project is complete.

Find a little corner and pair it up with a chair. Or place this coffee table by your bedside or sofa. And stage it with a few accessories.

The rings of wood on the top really attracts the eye. So, you may want to keep part of this visible because it is definitely an eye catching part of wood log projects. Keep in mind that this finished product may be heavy based on the density of your wood and how large the stump is.

The casters are great to easily move coffee tables around the house when rearranging your furniture or moving. But, you could also use a set of small dowel legs if you want a different aesthetic.

tree stump side table how to
tree stump side table tutorial
tree stump side table
tree stump side table DIY
DIY tree stump side table

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where to buy a tree trunk coffee table?

If you’re looking to support small businesses, you can find unique tree trunk coffee tables on Etsy. Or you might live somewhere you can find a local woodworker. Local thrift stores might carry tree trunk coffee tables if you’re looking to shop on a budget. 

How long will my tree stump coffee table last?

If you treat it correctly, preserved tree stump coffee tables will last for decades.

How do you make a rustic stump table?

Rustic is a raw and natural look. And stumps automatically have a rustic style because they are trees. Follow the instructions for this project to properly prep, treat, and create a rustic stump table.


Bring the outdoors inside with this tree trunk coffee table project. It’s an excellent natural element that adds style and nature to your home.