Easy Halloween DIY Spider Web Made Out of Yarn

Adding Halloween decor to your home can sometimes be tough as you may feel that you have to sacrifice your style for store-bought items that fit awkwardly into your space and overwhelm you with bright blacks and oranges. You could skip the store-bought decor this year and incorporate some homespun holiday style into your space with handmade Halloween crafts custom-made for any room, like this simple DIY spider web. And even save money too!

DIY spider web

So skip the overwhelming faux white “spider” webbing clouds that you pull apart and can never get off your hands! This giant yarn spiderweb could be crated with supplies you likely already have at home.

yarn spiderweb supplies

Supplies for a DIY Spider Web:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • tape (pick a tape that is friendly to your walls like painter’s tape or washi tape)
simple yarn spider web tutorial

DIY Yarn Spider Web Instructions: 

Step 1: Cut the pieces of yarn and tape on wall

Start by cutting 3-4 long pieces of yarn and place them up on the wall with tape (or attach to nails nailed into the wall if you prefer to go the more permanent route). Position them to all intersect in the center.

Step 2: Connect the yarn pieces together 

Attach all of the yarn pieces at their intersection with a small piece of yarn and tie off. Trim off the excess.

Step 3: Create the webbing

Next use a large piece of yarn to start creating the webbing. Tie the yarn to one of the long strands and bring it around to each of the next strands. At each long strand, tie the large piece of yarn to the strand (using a simple knot).

Continue going to each strand, looping and tying until you have made your way back up to the first strand that you started with. Cut off the excess yarn. Each knot should be a slip knot so it can move up and down on the yarn.

Step 4: Make larger rings on the web

Repeat step 3 with large and larger pieces for larger and larger rings on the web. Make the rings as close together or far apart as desired for aesthetic. Once you have finished all the rings your spider web is complete!

Taylor the size and shape specifically for your wall, bookshelf, or window. Make multiples in different colors and sizes- small white ones or large black ones. Even add in some bright-colored webs just for fun! Add in little faux spiders for a more creepy effect!

simple yarn spider web
yarn spider web DIY
simple yarn spider web