13 Ideas to Take Your Pumpkins from Drab to Fab

Remember when you used to enjoy designing a face on a big orange orb and then pulling out the seeds and lighting it up? Those were the good old days. However, with the advent of Pinterest, it seems almost a crime to put a normal old Jack O’ Lantern on your front porch.

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But with all the ideas out there and your busy schedule, it’s too easy to give up the search for something wow and settle for the scary face. Don’t settle! Here are 13 ways to make your pumpkin the most fabulous, Pinterest worthy pumpkin on the block!

1. Glowing House Numbers.

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Don’t leave your guests stumbling around in the dark! If you’re having a Halloween party, carve your house numbers into a pumpkin to make a glowing beacon for them to follow to the fun. (via In My Own Style)

2. Decoupage Pumpkins.

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White painted pumpkins create the perfect canvas for a wreath of colored leaves. Gather up the prettiest leaves you can find and glue them around the pumpkin’s stem for a decorative no-carve pumpkin.

3. Push Pin Pumpkins.

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Get some raving patterned pumpkins and happy teens by letting them create patterns on their pumpkins with push pins. (via Kelli Trontel)

4. Fairy House Pumpkin.

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If Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’s wife thought living in a pumpkin was good enough for her, maybe the fairies in your garden will too. Use sticks and flowers to create a cozy little pumpkin home for those fluttery friends that your children always watch for.

5. Flowering Pumpkin.

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Autumn flowers are so gorgeous, why not include them in your pumpkin decorating? Pinch them from the pot and poke them into your pumpkin for an Autumn wreath look. (via BHG)

6. Message Pumpkin.

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Pumpkins aren’t required to have scary faces. Cut out letters to send out a Halloween message to your trick-or-treaters. (via Brit + Co)

7. Washi Tape Pumpkin.

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Did you wait too long to carve your pumpkin? Get it out on your porch in a trice with some washi tape. Brightly colored tape will give your pumpkin a plaid look.

8. Metallic Leaf Pumpkins.

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Get ready for the ultimate Fall pumpkins that combine leaves with the orange vegetable. Spray paint your leaves with metallic paint to bring out the sparkle and glam. (via BHG)

9. Dip Dyed Pumpkins.

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Who says pumpkins have to be orange? Or even white! Dip dye carved pumpkins to concoct bright eye-catching colors. (via Family Chic)

10. Mummy Pumpkin.

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Have you ever thought about decorating pumpkins with props? Raid your first aid box and wrap up your pumpkin with gauze to produce a spooky mummy pumpkin. (via BHG)

11. 3D Painted Pumpkins.

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Take pumpkin painting to the next level with 3D puffy paint. Create intricate patterns and swirls for an pumpkin fit to be Cinderella’s carriage. (via Redefine Creativity)

12. Lantern Pumpkins.

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A simple black sharpie can help you make a square cutout into a fancy lantern for your porch. Bet none of your neighbors have lantern pumpkins!

13. Movie Pumpkins.

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There are just some movie symbols that are common knowledge, like Superman or Captain America or Hunger Games. Make fellow fans smile with your favorite symbol glowing brightly on a pumpkin.