Sliding Countertops And Hideaway Kitchen Features

Optimizing the space inside a kitchen is extremely important even if there’s no real need for additional space in the room. It’s important as an interior and furniture designer but also as a user to have a good understanding of the space for good optimization and to ensure a minimal waste of space. The following kitchen-related designs slide to hide or reveal appliances and other features for these very purposes.


Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design TV
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design Pull Out
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design Pull Out TV
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design Hood
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design Slide Out
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design Drawer
Contemporary Petra Kitchen Design Closer Look

The Petra kitchen by TM Italia uses materials such as travertine stone and iron which, despite their very strong nature, contribute to an overall very sleek and tactile design. Motorized doors and surfaces hide and reveal elements such as appliances, the oven, sink, hob and even a TV set. They are remote controlled and slide on one another to ensure a minimum waste of space.

Kitchen By Giorgio Armani For Dada

DADA kitchen sliding Top
Marble countertop on the island that slides out
Sliding marble countertop for Armani
Smart hidden drawers for kitchen
Vertical sliding door to hide the built in appliance
Vertical sliding door to hide the built in appliance1
Hide away all the appliances
Modern kitchen design that hide appliances

In the case of the Slide kitchen island designed by Giorgio Armani for Dada, the entire top slides open and closed. Underneath it the user can find a stainless steel work surface, a cook top and a cutting board. The concept is meant to save valuable space in the kitchen but also has a purely aesthetic side, making sure the kitchen area can also be used as a social space by the owners and their guests.


Kitchen designed to be hidden from Warendorf
Kitchen designed to be hidden
Kitchen designed to be hidden folding
Kitchen designed to be hidden view
Kitchen designed to be hidden full open

German manufacturer Warendorf designed a kitchen that definitely stands out (that is if you can find it first). It includes all the necessary features such as the stove, fan, lighting, shelving and storage cabinets and all of these elements disappear leaving no trace. This is done by the push of a button which makes the entire middle section go up or down, depending on the immediate needs of those using it. In other words, your guests will have no idea where the kitchen is and they’ll simply assume the structure is a wall of cabinets.


Wind Eta from toncelli
Wind Eta from toncelli Big
Wind Eta from toncelli with built in appliacens
Wind Eta from toncelli extended
Wind Eta from toncelli countertop extension
Wind Eta from toncelli with wood countertop

Designed by Federica Toncelli for Toncelli Cucine, the Wind kitchen was created using cement and wood, a combination that offers it stability and solidity but allows it, at the same time, to look well-balanced as well as soothing for the eye. The rich but discreet design allows the components to slide smoothly increasing the functionality and aesthetic of the piece.

Essential Kitchen from Toncelli
Essential Kitchen from Toncelli Close
Essential Kitchen from Toncelli Drawers

The Essential kitchen collection by Toncelli can be easily described using terms such as “elegant”, “chic”, “modern”, “modular” and “flexible”. The design is not only highly intuitive but also very clean and sophisticated in a user-friendly kind of way. A few of the defining characteristics include the couture finishes, the sliding top, geometric shapes and accessorized drawers.

Minimal USA

Verve Kitchen with Sliding Top
Verve Kitchen with Sliding Top Sink
Verve Kitchen with Sliding Top Island
Verve Kitchen with Sliding Top Closed

A sliding top is also one of the innovative featured of the Verve kitchen by Minimal USA. With a gentle push, the user can slide away the countertop to reveal the cooktop and sink. When not used, these features are hidden and the top can function as a bar or dining table. The versatility and flexibility of the design combined with the stylish appearance allow this piece to be a highly desirable feature in any modern kitchen.