Modern House In The Woods Guarded By The Oak Trees

Living in a house in the middle of the forest is a lifelong dream for some people. Can you imagine going home through the woods and enjoying the smell of fresh grass and tree bark? Perhaps these imagines will help picture this situation better.

Casa nel Bosco green surroundings
Casa nel Bosco lights up at night

This Casa nel Bosco, a structure built in Sassari, Italy by Officina29 Architetti. The name of the project translates as “House in the Woods” which is basically very appropriate given the context. The studio developed this project between 2013 and 2014.

Casa nel Bosco narrow side openings
Casa nel Bosco smaller side windows

Officina29 is a studio established by four professionals with a passion for memorable architecture, a team that knows how to mix technical details and artistic elements in order to make wonderful ideas come to life. For them, every project is a perfect symbiosis between the studio and the clients.

Casa nel Bosco sculptural tree branches
Casa nel Bosco surrounded by oak forest
Casa nel Bosco trees illuminated at night

This wonderful house was photographed by Joao Morgado from Architectural Photography. The images capture the true beauty of the house as well as its unique surroundings, making us feel like we’re actually there. It’s almost as if you can smell the freshness.

Casa nel Bosco extension for main house
Casa nel Bosco wood terrace at night

This House in the Woods is actually an annex that the architects built for an existing home. The two buildings are completely detached and serve as individual structures, each with its own functions and design.

Casa nel Bosco suspended above ground
Casa nel Bosco suspended on pillars

The architects faced a series of challenges. Most importantly, the sloping terrain forced them to design the house as a suspended structure. As you can see, it’s raised above the ground and the vegetation and sits on reinforced concrete pillars. Another big challenge was represented by the trees.

Casa nel Bosco preserved nature
Casa nel Bosco suspended deck pierced by tree

A large number of oak trees were present on the site and both the architects and the clients agreed that they should all the preserved. Not a single tree was cut down during the process. However, this means that the house had to be built between them and that it also had to be a pretty low structure.

Casa nel Bosco low height compared to tall trees
Casa nel Bosco stone stairs through the trees

The limited height of the building makes it contrast with the tall trees that surround it with their sculptural branches. The trees offer shade and shelter and look as if they’re guarding the structure. Everything had to be built and designed in relation to them.

Casa nel Bosco tree embedded into the deck
Casa nel Bosco trees growing through terrace

There are trees piercing through the wooden deck and trees that frame the walkway. You can also see oak trees sitting very close to the windows, as if they\re curious to see what’s inside. Overall, the architects managed to achieve harmony between the building the landscape.

Casa nel Bosco stone stairs leading to the house
Casa nel Bosco stone outdoor seating area

The new annex has a simple design and an octagonal form. Its shape and design were dictated by the conditions on the site and the positioning of the trees. At the same time, the site imposed a design that blurs the boundaries between the interior spaces and the outside worlds. As a result, the annex was built with large openings that allows light to enter the interior spaces and the views to become a part of the interior décor.

Casa nel Bosco wooden walkway between trees
Casa nel Bosco walkway at night

A wooden walkway was built between the annex and the existing house. It runs through the trees forming steps that follow the slope. Lighting pillars were placed on either side of the walkway, illuminating it at night.

Casa nel Bosco wooden walkway and outdoor lighting
Casa nel Bosco trees illuminated at night

The outdoor lights also highlight the silhouettes of the trees, emphasizing their textured bodies and their organic beauty.

Casa nel Bosco indoor outdoor boundary
Casa nel Bosco nature reflected into the glass wall

The interior of the structure is composed of a flexible space which can either be used as a game room or a living space, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The main volume is not particularly spacious.

Casa nel Bosco game room seen from deck

Casa nel Bosco game room seen from terrace
Casa nel Bosco view of living space from terrace

A pool table occupies most of the floor space. The remaining space is filled with a modern wall unit and a pair of comfortable chairs in the corner from where the views can be fully admired.

Casa nel Bosco pool table centered view
Casa nel Bosco pool table in game room

The interior décor is kept simple and neutral. This way its versatility is emphasized and, at the same time, it becomes apparent that the surroundings and the views play an important in the ambiance and décor created here.

Casa nel Bosco living room door to terrace

The limited height of the building also meant that most of the furniture had to be custom made to fit the space. The wall is a perfect example. It looks as a natural part of the wall, fitting into the space like no other design would be able to.

Casa nel Bosco narrow hallway with glass wall
Casa nel Bosco narrow hallway

From the living space, a glass door offers access to a wooden deck. The deck continues down the slope and takes the form of the walkway we just mentioned. This sort of continuity offers the house a unique relationship with its surroundings.

Casa nel Bosco corner seating spot
Casa nel Bosco corner lounge space

The client wanted a deck but also wanted to preserve all the trees present on the site. As a result, some of the trees pierce trough the deck and become a part of its design. The deck was actually carefully built around them, once again showing the great respect for nature featured by both the clients and the architects.

Casa nel Bosco kitchen interior
Casa nel Bosco kitchen view
Casa nel Bosco kitchen windows

The kitchen is quite small but not at all tiny. A set of windows the upper part of one of the walls, only leaving room for lower cabinetry. The other wall is covered with custom-designed furniture. The beautiful natural wood finish contrasts with the white walls, ceiling, floor and counter, offering the room a warm and inviting look.

Casa nel Bosco bathroom mirror
Casa nel Bosco compact bathroom
Casa nel Bosco bathroom shower

This beautiful simplicity is also present in the other rooms. The bathroom is small but fresh. It’s just big enough to accommodate a sculptural vanity, a toilet and a shower. A large wall mirror adds depth and created the impression of a larger space.

Casa nel Bosco compact cube volume

The shower is divided from the rest of the bathroom by a clear glass partition. This ensures a uniform look throughout and doesn’t divide the room into tiny sections but rather keeps it open.

Casa nel Bosco large glass walls around the corner

Casa nel Bosco deck continues into walkway

Everything mentioned so far and everything related to the project proves that this annex is a wonderful place for enjoying the tranquility of the oak forest and a perfect place for reflection. Whether spending time inside or outdoors, on the deck or down on the stone platform, the ambiance is always relaxing and fulfilling. The beauty of the surrounded landscape can be enjoyed from every part of the house.

Casa nel Bosco surroundings at dawn