Stylish Designs For The Desk Lamps In Your Life

A desk without a lamp just doesn’t seem complete. Task lighting is important and necessary and desk lamps also offer the advantage of a beautiful and interesting design which allows them to double as decorations for the work space. There are more designs than you can imagine. Some are simple and ideal for those that want something that doesn’t stand out while others are eye-catching and look cute, elegant or glamorous.

Modern desk table lamp

When choosing a desk lamp, take into consideration factors such as its size, form, the angle at which it illuminates (most are adjustable) as well as the material and color. The lamp needs to look good in context but, most importantly, to be functional.

Wall table desk with a traditional lamp

Most desk lamps are usually small and designed to have an adjustable arm which lets you direct the light exactly where you need it. This design is simple, functional and also quite cute.

Santa Cole Multi accordion

There are, of course, variations. Majia is a desk lamp that revives the beauty of a Finnish classic. Its design is graceful and durable and it offers subtle and pleasant light, being also perfect as a nightstand lamp.

Santa and Cole round table lamp

The design of the Sin lamp is sleek and pretty imposing, a surprising combination given its graceful appearance. It’s meant to be very basic and versatile. IT can be used both with and without a shade and it comes in two sizes.

Sant Cole single lantern

Looking at this lamp, we feel compelled to compare it with an egg in a cute egg holder. This is the Cesta lamp, a lovely accessory with a frame made of cherry wood that holds a white globe. It has a handle so you can easily grab it and change its location.

Stillfried table lamp

Featuring classical lines with a modern twist, the LT01 Seam One lamp only offers the basic functions. It’s made of three modules that form a geometric design. The lamp is made of folded aluminum and comes in a variety of different colors.

Cosy in grey table lamp

the design of the Cosy desk lamp is interesting for a variety of reasons. First of all, the whole lamp is made of glass which lets you see the inside and the actual light bulb.

Muuto small table lamp

An Edison light bulb would be perfect for a lamp like this one. The body and shade are made of mouth-blown glass and this makes each lamp unique and different.

SKLO light float for desk

And speaking of glass, check out the Float lamp. Its basically a large glass sphere with a light bulb somewhere inside of it. It comes in two sizes with hardware featuring a dark oxidized or brushed brass finish. The globe is available in five different color options.

Christopher Boots table lamp

If you feel like your desk could use a sculptural decoration, you should check out the stylish Portal table lamp designed by Christopher Boots. Its circular body is attached to a solid marble block and a sleek LED strip offers pleasant ambient lighting.

Stacked gem lamps

Sometimes it’s best to just stay simple and pick a desk lamp that makes the work space feel cozy while also giving it an elegant look. The wooden body of the Stella lamps combined with the simple fabric shade and brass accents do exactly that.

Clement and core Table lamp

The two lamps featured here are similar in some ways but also different in others. The Clement lamp has a thin metal arm with a brushed brass finish that’s elegantly attached to a thick wooden base while the Core lamp has a thin base but its arm is wrapped in a solid wood shell. Both designs are completed by a semi-spherical shade.

gwendolyn desk lamp

Gweldolyn is an elegant desk lamp that would look exquisite in a traditional work space but also in a more modern decor. It has a delicate and graceful form without looking flimsy. The shade is linen and the base is handcrafted from your choice of hardwood.

Pablo table lamp Girafa

Playful, functional and also very versatile, the Giraffa lamp is an accessory which you can use in a variety of ways and spaces. As a desk lamp, it adds a cheerful touch to the decor. Its aluminum construction is available in a wide range of finishes such as anodized copper, and black and gloss white. It has a touch switch which lets you easily control the intensity of the light.

Juniper task light Thin design

If minimalism is is a characteristic you prefer when selecting furniture and accessories for your home or work space, check out the products offered by gentner. The Tube light, for example, is available as a table or wall lamp. Its design is inspired by Japanese ink drawings. The light is dimable and the body is available in two finishes.

Z Bar LED Desk Lighting

A similarly slim and sleek design is featured by the Z-Bar desk lamps. It has an arm that can be bent in two points in order to get the perfect angle and placement when working at your desk. The adjustable construction makes it very flexible and highly practical.

Bott by Design Chiaramonte Marin

In a lot of cases, the desk lamp is there just for the ambient light. If that’s the case, the Bott series would be pretty great for the job. The lamp is made of blown glass and has a slender and delicate shape. The light shows through in a gradient, dimmer at the top and stronger at the bottom.

Malfatto desk glass lighting

The inspiration for the unusual designs of the Malfatto lamps comes from various stones. The lampshades have unique, organic forms and are made of glass. The various patterns and colors make each lamp unique and emphasize the form even more. But there’s another interesting thing about this lamp. Remove its light source and you can turn it into a vase.

Cyborg desk lamps

Add a touch of sci-fi charm to your desk with a lamp such as Cyborg. It looks like a cute little robot, featuring a rounded top that ends into three arms that support the whole body of the lamp. The tripod arms light up from the inside and turn the lamp into a futuristic sculpture.

Hoop table desk lamp

Is it a mushroom or is it a sculpture? It’s actually a table lamp called Hoop. It’s not exactly the type of lamp you should use if you need strong light focused on a specific spot. This one is better for ambient lighting.

Pistrelo lamps

The arched shade of the PIPISTRELLO lamp looks a little bit like the wings of a bat although, as a whole, the form is also reminiscent of a flower or an umbrella. In any case, it’s a desk lamp that you can use to add a sophisticated touch to your work space but which you can also use in the living or bedroom.

The cave lamp and Vapeur

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the lamps on the right is a hot air balloon and that would actually be pretty accurate. The Vapeur lamp is a modern and artistic interpretation of the paper lamp. To the left of these you can see the Cave lamp. Its design is inspired by the landscape. The light source illuminates the central section, gently touching the walls and forming delicate shadows.

Get out dog desk lamp

Wouldn’t it be cute to have a desk lamp shapes like a dog? Or maybe you’re a cat person. In any case, you can find what you’re looking for in the collection offered by enostudio. The lamps are made of MOF and come in various colors.

Aggraffe desk lamp

Doesn’t this lamp look familiar somehow? That’s because its design is inspired by the wire cap that holds the champagne cork. The lamp is called AGRAFFÉ and is designed by Giulia Agnoletto. It has a metal frame available in three colors that holds a bulb with a matte top half.

Collection of traditional lamps with black accents for desk

There’s definitely a strong industrial influence in the design of the Lampegras desk lamps. their adjustable arms and overall form are simple and practical and there are plenty of types, sizes and forms to choose from.

Glow in a dome with edison lights

Glow in a Dome is a table lamp that proposes an interesting idea. The name is very suggestive in this sense. The light source fits inside a glass dome which can either be clear or have a colored tint. Edison bulbs are perfect for such a desk lamp.