Wedding Tents – A Fresh Idea For Summer Celebrations

One of the best things about summer weddings is that they can be organized outdoors while surrounded by nature and beautiful colors. Wedding tents allow you to virtually celebrate this beautiful occasion anywhere you want. They’re versatile and they can be installed in a variety of different locations. They’re also a beautiful combination of casual and sophisticated and there are lots of gorgeous ways in which they can be decorated.

White thailand wedding tent

Just like indoor weddings, one celebrated in an outdoor tent can be decorated using various color themes. White is usually a preferred main color as it creates a fresh, light and breezy ambiance.

Wedding tents becomes a part from landscape design

White wedding tents contrast with the surroundings so, for example, if there’s a garden or some vegetation nearby, the view and the landscape can become part of the wedding décor. There’s really no need for a different accent color.

Bohemiand and romantic wedding tent design with a big chandeliers

For a bohemian and romantic décor and ambiance, décor the wedding tent with fairy lights. They can hang on the canopy and they can be complemented by several exquisite chandeliers that match the look.

Lighting is important for a wedding tent

Lighting is important, especially at sunset when you get to best appreciate the views and the surroundings. Ambient lighting can come in a lot of different forms. Candles are one of the options.

Place tent closer to a fence - decirated with acrylic chairs

An interesting idea is to have the wedding tent placed next to an existing wall or fence. This way it can be framed and supported by existing structures and this would make it feel more cozy. It would also offer more protection from the elements if necessary.

Wedding tents are definitely more casual

Wedding tents are definitely more casual than restaurants or salons although that doesn’t make them any less sophisticated and luxurious. In fact, there’s something unique and magical about a wonderful canopy ceiling like this one.

Nautical theme for a wedding tent

A nautical theme can suit a wedding tent placed on a beach although the location can differ. A white tent can be decorated with deep blue accents and stripes. Other themed decorations can come in the form of centerpieces.

Rustic outdoor wedding tent

You can plan a rustic outdoor wedding. A large tent can accommodate a dancing ring at the center with the tables and seats organized around it. A large chandelier can hang at the center and strings of fairy lights can spread across the canopy.

Chinese lanterns for a wedding tent

Paper lanterns are a wonderful idea for wedding tents. They have the same casual and light look as tents do and they provide subtle accent lighting. Hang them from strings or directly from the frame of the tent. They’ll create a very romantic look.

Rustic backyard wedding tent

Tents can be rented for backyard weddings. Depending on how big the yard is, pick a tent that fits. You can organize a rustic wedding with vintage furniture, a casual bar and simple flower centerpieces.

Green lives to decorate the wedding tent

Use green leaves to decorate the tent. The green would create a nice contrast with a white or ivory tent and it can match the landscape around the tent. A warm and earthy accent color would be needed in order to balance out the palette.

Molly and Nathan DIY Wedding

For a fun twist, decorate the tent with lots of colors. You can even plan a circus-themed look with fun banners, colorful lanterns and other things. Handmade ornaments and decorations can also add a lot of charm to the design.

Beautiful wedding tent with bamboo sticks

Bring some of the comfort of indoor weddings out in the yard. For example, if you’re planning a tent wedding, you can have rugs placed on the ground and elegant chandeliers hung inside the tent. Indoor furniture can complete the look.

Tipi wedding tent party

Not all wedding tents are alike. Not all have the same shape, dimensions or color. For example, how about a tipi tent? Or perhaps you could have several tents, each with its own lovely décor. This could be a good idea if you have guests in different age groups or if you’d simply like something a bit more unconventional and cozy.{found on boho-weddings}.

Add glamorous palm spring

The lighting definitely adds glamor to a wedding tent. It’s the element that elevated it from a very casual and familiar décor to a sophisticated and special setting. It’s usually the ornate chandeliers that do this.{found on modwedding}.

Wedding remote location in a tent

A wedding tent is a perfect option for anyone who want to celebrate this beautiful in a remote location, away from the city and closer to nature. It’s an opportunity to be more romantic and casual and to enjoy a more comfortable and familiar celebration.{found on weddingchicks}.

Whimsical French-Styled Reception Space

Pick flowers as your main decorations for the wedding tent. You can have floral centerpieces for the tables and even the chandeliers can be decorated with flowers. Also, the tent itself can have a themed pattern to match the look.

Perfect wedding beach on a tent

For a wedding on the beach, a tent is the perfect option. What could be more magical than dancing on the beach, admiring the waves and looking at the starry sky? It’s definitely a very romantic idea.{found on stylemepretty}.

Bohemian glam tipi tent for wedding

Tipi tents are a good option for small weddings with few guests. This can also be the type of wedding celebrated in a remote location and perhaps it can even be an overnight event with a large camp fire and stories.{found on greenweddingshoes}.

tropical beach tent

A pergola tent is another interesting option. It can work nicely for small weddings in a beautiful gardens but also for larger weddings on the beach. Casually tie the breezy curtains to the frame posts or use them to offer protection from the breeze and the wind.\

Colorado wedding tent

Wedding tents are very versatile and this makes them the perfect option for eclectic weddings. You can decorate them in a traditional manner or make them look magical and inspired by fairy tales. They can also be rustic or contemporary.

Elegant but still very comfortable

The actual furniture used inside the tent is a big part of its décor. So, for example, if you choose hay bales instead of chairs this instantly suggests a certain theme. Traditional chairs, on the other hand, make the décor look more elegant but still very comfortable.

Beutiful California White Tent

Soft pink is a very delicate color which you can use if you want to create a very bohemian and feminine décor. Complement this color with golden accents for a glamorous look. It’s a really lovely combo for chic wedding tents.

Create an intimate and pleasant ambiance

Create an intimate and pleasant ambiance by using simple, soft colors. Pastels are a great option. You can use them in combination with neutrals and with breezy fabrics and lightweight materials. A tent with sheer curtains can be a nice idea.

Wedding tent reception

Embrace the surroundings and the beautiful summer weather by not covering up the actual wedding setting. For example, the tent can have an open canopy and curtains tied to the poles. Trees can provide shadow and floral centerpieces can hang from the canopy.

Green house tent

A greenhouse wedding tent is just what you need if you want this to be an organic décor focused on green elements. Keep everything fresh and decorate the tables with herb centerpieces and potted flowers.

Choosing a wedding tent

When choosing a wedding tent, you have to decide whether you want a brand new one or you prefer to rent it. Both options have their pros and cons. For example, you can be certain of the quality of the tent if you purchase yourself. On the other hand, it would cost a lot and you probably won’t be using it again any time soon.

Beautiful wedding table receptions

If you decide to get your own new tent, you should know that it takes a lot of time and effort to install it. You’ll have to be certain you have the manpower for this. Rental companies can offer you transport, assembly and disassemble so that’s something to take into consideration before making a decision.

Tent wedding arch

You certain have more freedom when purchasing and installing your own wedding tent. There’s no schedule to stick to and the array of options is not limited to just a few designs and dimensions.

Montana wedding tent design

You also have more freedom when it comes to the decorations when using your own tent. But this is not necessarily an advantage. Having someone to take care of everything is often a welcomed thing when there are so many other things to take care of before the event.

Los Angeles wedding tent design

A black tie wedding asks for something more formal and elegant and you’d think a tent is not exactly right for the event. On the contrary, you can have an elegant tent wedding that’s also very casual and intimate.

Beach style wedding tent

Of course, if you really want something intimate and casual, something small and laid-back could suit the occasion. It would still be very stylish. You could plant a tropical wedding in a tent under the palm trees.