Say “I Do” to These Fab 51 Rustic Wedding Decorations

So you’re planning a wedding? What fun! Planning a wedding is terribly exciting…but it can also be stressful if you’re not sure what direction you want to go.

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Good news, though. If you love the warmth and simplicity of rustic décor, you’ll likely be interested in some (or many!) of these fantastic and charming rustic wedding decorations.

Rustic Wedding Entrance

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1. Hay bales at the entrance of your venue provide instant style, as well as guidance to guests if your wedding site is somewhat off the beaten path. (Which isn’t a bad thing for a rustic styled wedding!).{found on Janet Howard Studio}.

Wooden welcome sign

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2. A wooden-handled shovel certainly may not seem, at first glance, like wedding décor fodder, but this vignette is completely charming for a rustic wedding. A rough painted wooden arrow guide guests to the venue, while beautiful flowers flowing out of oversized metal watering cans help to finish off the scene.

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3. Paint a welcoming message (we like this one: “Happily Ever After Starts Here” on rough-hewn wooden planks, then mount at the entrance to the rustic wedding venue. This is a fun yet appropriate way to welcome and guide guests.

Tree stump planter stand

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4. A pair of large urns, set atop stumps and overflowing with blooms is a gorgeous and sophisticated way to invite guests to your wedding venue. Flanking the entrance to a rustic wedding, these make a lovely first impression.

Rustic Wedding Photo Ideas

A wooden barn door backdrop

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5. A huge perfectly worn wooden gate is perfection when it comes to wedding photo backdrops. Frame and soften the edges with plenty of simple, white blooms at varied heights for the ultimate photo experience.{found on Jacqueline Campbell}.

Hanging cork curtain

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6. Create a rustic “curtain” backdrop for photos out of wine bottle corks tied together with jute twine. Or use this idea for a backdrop anywhere in the rustic wedding – behind the food tables, or around a feature.

A backdrop made from old doors

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7. A screen of antique glass-paneled doors makes a charming and memorable photo backdrop for the bride and groom (plus the rest of the wedding party) at a rustic wedding.{found on notjustahousewife}.

Old window frame turned into a photo display

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8. Old wooden window frames can easily be repurposed to be actual photo frames – simply enlarge a sepia wedding photo and mount behind the window. A large-scale rustic wedding décor piece that’s very simple to do!

Wooden pallet photo gallery

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9. Wooden pallets aren’t just for shelves or DIY furnishings – turned on their sides, they make a perfect photo gallery backdrop for the rustic wedding. One benefit of using wooden pallets is that they pack a large punch for very little cost (or free!).{fund on lovemydress}.

Rustic Wedding Site Décor

Hay bale benches

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10. Hay bales lined in gently curved rows are an excellent idea for mass guest seating. Cover each bale with fabric to make them more comfortable (and less damaging to clothing) for your guests.{found on southernweddings}.

Horse shoe heart decoration

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11. This idea is so sweet and insanely creative – create a heart shape out of horse shoes and pieces, and hang with twine near a photo vignette featuring the bride and groom.Available on Etsy.

Vases decorated with burlap and twine

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12. Add a rustic, organic touch to any and all vases by wrapping them with burlap strips and/or jute twine. This makes a hodge podge of vase collections look cohesive.{found on weddingchicks}.

Tree stump stands for floral arrangements

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13. Tree stumps cut to side table size make for perfect spots to hold flowers. Loving these colorful blooms here for the rustic wedding decorations!{found on cedarwoodweddings}.

Casual wood slice signs

Ruffled - photo by - in gallery

14. Burn meaningful phrases and/or loving messages onto large wood rings and place them strategically around your wedding area.{found on brittrenephoto}.

Wooden barrel filled with flowers

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15. A wooden keg or barrel can be repurposed into flower pots for simple yet impactful wedding décor. Depending on the size of the wood vessel, you could consider these for table centerpieces as well.

Metal bucket flower holders

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16. Baby’s breath held in simple metal cans/pots are a simple, sweet, and inexpensive border to frame the bride’s journey down the aisle.

Antique picture frames and mirrors

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17. Reminiscent of a vintage winery, muted flowers and faux grapes add a touch of elegance to an arrangement that features empty antique-gilded photo frames.

Wood crates used as shelves

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18. Get your hands on some vintage wood crates, and combine their rough appeal with sweet, feminine blooms vased in colored glass. This is a gorgeous masculine-feminine combination, perfect for a rustic wedding.{found on bridalmusings}.

Wood-framed chalkboard ornaments

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19. DIY chalkboards of varying sizes, framed with simple wood pieces, and placed strategically throughout your wedding space adds a charming – and helpful! – vibe to the rusticity.

Barrels, crates and galvanized buckets

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20. Get creative with your oversized galvanized metal buckets and pots – flip one upside down and top with a pot of flowers to add height and wood-complementary components to any rustic wedding vignette.{found on housebyhoff}.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Mason jar vases

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21. For a sweet, fresh wedding that hints at rustic décor in a feminine way, consider incorporating large blooms into the centerpiece décor. We love the various tints of mason jars tied in twine here.

A bouquet of paper roses

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22. For a more budget-friendly version of big blooms in your rustic wedding centerpieces, consider going with kraft paper roses in pretty glass vases. Bam.

Colorful paper flower arrangements

Colorful paper flower arrangements View in gallery

23. Like the idea of paper roses but want a little more color? Easy – just grab some colored paper and “plant” them in pale aqua jars.

Mini wood crates as centerpieces

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24. DIY wooden boxes can be easily handmade out of paint sticks and then stained for a simple, straightforward table decoration. Fill the boxes with coordinating blooms for the ultimate beautiful simplicity in rustic wedding décor.{found on weddingchicks}.

Yarn-wrapped wine bottle vase

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25. An easy DIY décor that provides a vertical element that is often needed in a centerpiece vignette is a twine-wrapped soda or wine bottle. This piece adds to the traditional rustic color palette.

A stencil burlap table runner

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26. Stencil the new couple’s initial onto burlap table runners, then top with fresh cut flowers and some natural-looking votive candles for a beautifully simple, personalized table centerpiece.

Horse shoes as wedding favors

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27. Lean a horseshoe – the more weathered, the better! – against a galvanized bucket for a completely authentic rustic wedding decoration.Available for $118.

Rustic Wedding Lighting

Vintage hanging lanterns with candles

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28. Glass-sided lanterns with candles (either burning or battery-operated), hung from the trees or the ceiling beams, help to create a festive, magical, and totally special feeling to the rustic wedding space.{found on truephotography}.

Fabric ribbons and string lights

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29. A beautiful way to lend a romantically festive mood to a rustic wedding, particularly when it’s held in a large building like a barn or other outbuilding, is to bring white chiffon or tulle lengths, along with plenty of white light strands, toward the center of the room, creating a star effect.

Outdoor string lights

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30. White twinkle lights draped above the wedding tables lends a magical ambiance to the wedding venue, whether inside or outside. If outside – a nearby weathered barn is hard to beat as the backdrop to your rustic wedding!{found on southernweddings}.

Hanging lanterns made of jars

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31. Clusters of LED light strands exude warm light in DIY clusters of hanging mason jars. We love the thick rope support for these lights for an added rustic touch.{found on sarahhearts}.

Upside down mason jar luminaries

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32. While you’re eyeing your mason jar collection for other lighting ideas, consider this one: turn the jars upside down over battery-operated votive candles. A jute string bow around each jar provides a great roughened touch.{found on simplykierste}.

Glass salt shakers and decorative lights

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33. Use glass salt shakers, wired up with bulbs, for a creative twist on twinkle lights. This method looks great hung or simply resting on the table.

Rustic Wedding Table Ideas

Casual fabric chair covers

Casual fabric chair coversView in gallery

34. The soft, drapey look of chiffon pairs perfectly with the solid seating arrangements to create a fairly ethereal wedding table. Of course, the look is aided significantly by the millions of long-stranded icicle twinkle lights.

Painted rocks as wedding favors

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35. Depending on just how rustic you want to be, or the direction you want your rustic wedding décor to take, this simple painted rock name card holder might be just the thing. And it’s unique enough to charm all your guests!{found on thefirstyearblog}.

Mini tree stump card holders

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36. Use chopped branches rings for name cards and/or place holders. Simply notch out a groove on each piece to fit the name cards for a perfect rustic touch. Especially for outdoors, this is a lovely summer wedding idea.

Burlap-wrapped silverware bundles

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37. Create easy-to-grab silverware bundles with heart-stamped burlap strips. A wreath-like arrangement makes this detail particularly charming.{found on marrymetampabay}.

Rustic Mr and Mrs wooden signs

 Rustic Mr and Mrs wooden signs View in gallery

38. Asymmetric, casually crafted “Mr” and “Mrs” signs make a charming place holder for the bride and groom. We love the touch of wooden chairs for the outdoor rustic wedding as well.

Tree branches as table decorations

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39. For a simple, chic, and unabashedly rustic head table decoration, wrap branches and hang them over the tablecloth. This is the epitome of “au natural” and packs a personality punch.

Cute burlap bows at the back of the chairs

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40. Tie thick burlap strips around chair backs, and top with baby’s breath (or similar delicate, white floral) in the knot for an easy wedding decoration with tons of rustic charm.

Rustic Wedding Food Serving Ideas

A rustic candy bar on wooden barrels

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41. A large wooden plank or butcher block propped atop a couple of wooden kegs creates a stable and perfectly rustically sweet bar area. Make beverages available for self-serve via glass beverage dispensers for a classy-casual vibe.{found on rusticweddingchic}.

Hanging chalkboard menu

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42. Mount a chalkboard (or a look-alike blackboard) to show menu options over dark or weather-roughened wood planks. For a creative twist on a beverage bar, beverage bottles could be housed in circles cut into the thick planks.{found on brides}.

Wooden crates as cupcake stands

long-white-tableclothsView in gallery

43. Long white tablecloths are a simple foundation for rustic wedding décor, including at the food table. Wooden crates make fantastic tiered cake or cupcake trays as well!

Glass dispensers for soft drinks

Glass dispensers for soft drinks View in gallery

44. Beautify the beverages with glass dispensers (that showcase the beautiful herbal-infused water!), but add an extra special touch by placing them on an overturned wooden box. Label each beverage to help your guests.{found on weddingchicks}.

Stands made from wooden stumps

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45. It will definitely take a little extra elbow grease beforehand, sterilizing the stumps, but serving food on various sized stumps is a perfect idea for a rustic wedding food table. (We love the touch of lighting interspersed, to keep things from being too woodsy.)

Rustic Wedding Favors

Personalized wooden heart favors

Personalized wooden heart favors View in gallery

46. Thin wooden hearts, cut and stamped with a personalized message from the bride and groom, make lovely DIY wedding favors.

Natural soap bar favors

Natural soap bar favors View in gallery

47. Natural soap bars wrapped in burlap make sweet and practical wedding favors…and they’re pretty enough to be part of the décor until then!

Cute burlap satchels with lace decorations

Cute burlap satchels with lace decorations View in gallery

48. Handmade burlap satchels, sweetened up with a bit of lace and ribbon, are an excellent way to pass on to your guests potpourri or mints or anything in between.

Mini bucket succulent planters

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49. Mini gold pails with succulents. We really don’t need to say anything else, do we? This idea is spot-on for rustic wedding favors, glammed up just enough.

Burlap and twine favor packaging

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50. Mint life savers candy (or similar), wrapped sweetly in burlap with a cute “Mint to Be” tag attached will win over any guest.Available on Etsy.

Mini apple pie pops

Mini apple pie popsView in gallery

51. Got an aunt with some extra time on her hands, who really wants to help with the wedding? These apple pie pops might be just the assignment for her! These are completely unique, and they look great to boot! (“To boot”…see what we did there? ).

Candle holder cake stand

Candle holder cake standView in gallery

A couple of these wooden cake stands could look lovely at a wedding, on a table filled with sweet treats. You can make a stand like this yourself out of a repurposed candle holder and a slice of wood on top so if you want to give this project a try be sure to check out the tutorial on firstdayofhome.

Basket table centerpiece

Limelight Hydrangea Basket ArrangementView in gallery

Coming up with idea for table centerpieces for a rustic wedding is a bit tricky since the usual arrangements are too modern to fit the theme. On the other hand, you don’t need to overthink the design too much since the simple ideas are actually the best ones in this case. For example fill a big basket with a bunch of fresh flowers and that can be your centerpiece. Check out craftberrybush for details.

Personalized birch vases

Personalized birch vasesView in gallery

On the topic of table centerpieces and other similar decorations, take a look at these adorable birch vases featured on cityfarmhouse. Each of these is actually a repurposed tin can wrapped in birch bark so you could easily make a bunch of these to use as decorations for a wedding. Use a wood burning pen to personalize them.

Painted jar vases

Painted jar vasesView in gallery

Mason jars can be super easily repurposed into vases and used to create charming table centerpieces. They also fit the rustic décor theme really well and can even be used as ornaments for special events like weddings. To give them an elegant look you can paint the jars and then decorate them with a bit of burlap and lace ribbon as shown on craftingintherain.

Clothespin candle votives

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Candles always add a romantic touch to the décor around them and are wonderful if you want to create a bohemian design. A great idea that would fit the rustic wedding theme is to make clothespin candle votives. This look wonderful both during the day and after dark when the warm light of the candles peeks through the clothespins. You can find this tutorial on asmithofalltrades.

Bohemian bike wheel wreath decoration

Crochet mason jar vasesView in gallery

Something else that would look magnificent as a wedding decoration is this wreath-inspired ornament made from a repurposed old bicycle wheel. We love the contrast between the metal wheel and the delicate flowers that adorn it. Also, the copper spray paint did wonders transforming this into something pretty to look at. Check out the project on daintydressdiaries.

Crochet mason jar vases

Crochet mason jar vasesView in gallery

We’ve already established that using glass jars as vases and wedding centerpieces would be both practical and beautiful so the question that remains is how to decorate the jars. One option is to use crochet rosettes or doilies to give them a retro and also stylish look. Check out elsarblog to see how it’s done.