Maximize Your Outdoor Space With A Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels

Today I am going to continue with projects that use wood pallets, this time creating an outdoor coffee table on wheels. Other than the pallet itself, all you really need is four wheels, wood stain and a few tools. I decided to give this table an industrial look, so choosing metal wheels was the perfect touch.


To begin, cut the wood pallet apart, separating each plank.


Once that is done, determine the size you would like your table to be. Line up the pallet planks next to each other. This will be the top of the table.


I’ll be using the other parts of the pallet for the table frame. These will support the structure of the tabletop.


Measure the width of the table top and then mark that length on the boards you are using for the frame.  Check the markings on your board agains the table top to make sure you measured accurately. Cut them to the proper size using a saw — preferably a miter or table saw.


Make sure the cut you made is the proper length. Then, using a nail gun, nail the top planks into the three support structure boards. You will have to turn the project over in order to nail the planks into the supports. These run along the bottom of the table, supporting the structure and serving as the sides of the table.


I purchased four metal caster wheels. They are bulky and perfect for the look of this table. They are only available in silver, which is not the color I want.


Using black spray paint, spray the wheels. I only needed to do one coat. Allow the wheels to dry thoroughly.


Next, you’ll need four pieces of  4×4 lumber. They need to be large enough so that you can attach the wheels. Measure the base of your wheels against the 4×4.  Mark the size and then cut four identical blocks. Positions the cut blocks at each corner of the table as shown above.


Using very long screws through the top of the table, attach the blocks at each corner. The screws must be long enough to pass through the tabletop and far enough into the block to hold it securely. Next, from the side of the table, insert two long screws from for stability. This will make sure it is sturdy and will not fall apart.


With the blocks securely in place, you can now attach the wheels to the four corners. Use the same type of long screws.


The table is now complete, but still very rough looking. Staining the wood will make your outdoor coffee table look a little more refined and polished. But first, you need to sand the table with sand paper, or an automatic sander.


Sanding the wood will allow the stain to adhere better and will give the tabletop a softer feel.


After the table is sanded down, you can apply the stain of your choice. I am using a outdoor, polyurethane  wood stain. This type of product is all-in-one: It stains and seals in one step, eliminating the need for a separate polyurethane sealant.


Wearing gloves, I wipe the stain into the wood with a rag. Because the pallets were in rough shape, it took a few wipes for the stain to stick properly and not be absorbed into the wood. If you see lines or streaks while wiping the stain, simply wipe over it again, spreading out any excess stain.


Allow the wood stain to dry. It will be ready when it is dry and not sticky to the touch.


This wood pallet coffee table now is a rustic and industrial element for my outdoor space. It feels rustic yet polished. The dark walnut stain helps dressed up.

Diy outdoor entertaining ideas
Diy outdoor entertaining ideas

When creating a outdoor space for entertaining, make the most of what you have. Use your table to serve food and as a place for flowers or other decor accents. This will make the space feel cozy and welcoming to your family and guests.


When it comes to summer, it’s all about maximizing the outdoors while you can. This table allows for an easy flow from indoors to outdoors, making the whole area fell well thought out and complete.

Diy outdoor entertaining ideas