Cool And Sophisticated Designs For Gray Bathrooms

Each color has its own set of characteristics, even though some are borrowed from other tones. The color gray, for example, shares some of its attributes with white. They’re both neutral and simple and are often used to create the feeling of spaciousness. But gray is much more complex than that. It’s why it can be featured on kitchen cabinets or in living rooms without ever looking the same.

balanced grey bathroom

When used in interior design, gray is a moody color. Sometimes it feels cool, neutral and dull while other times it looks sophisticated and balanced. But regardless of all that, gray is a timeless and practical color and a really great choice for bathrooms.


It looks chic and beautiful when combined with yellows or oranges and when mixed with white is emphasizes how crisp and pure the other color is.


There are numerous different shades of gray to work with. Charcoal, iron, silver, dove, oyster and pearl grays are all beautiful, each in their own way. They can be combined in all sorts of stylish ways, used to create contrasts, to highlight certain elements in the bathroom or to create focal points. The shower design is lovely here, allowing the vanity to become the main attraction.


The lighting is important when decorating with gray. The shades can change depending on the type or amount of light present in the room so be sure to check that before you paint the walls or but certain elements.{found on riacharchitects}.


An entirely gray bathroom can look interesting if different textures and patterns are used. For example, this bathroom has two eye-catching accent walls and a beautiful river stone surround for the tub.


A similar effect can be obtained by using various different patterns in combination with two simple colors such as white and gray. The concept works out great in this traditional bathroom.{found on dennismayer}.


You can play with various shades of gray and even add a slight tint of blue to the mix. Similarly, beige can combine well with this color. The mirrors add depth to this bathroom and integrate really well into the color palette.{found on cunninghamdesigns}.


Gray as a color can be associated with formal and conservative elements and this allows it to combine well with traditional interior designs. On the other hand, light grays are also casual and somewhat feminine.{found on melodiehayes}.


The versatility of the color gray allows it to look exquisite in modern and contemporary bathrooms. That’s because it looks really great in minimalist decors defined by clean lines and simple shapes. In combines really well here with the walk-in shower and the floating vanity.


Because gray is a cool color and it can make the bathroom feel unattractive and uninviting, you can use it combination with certain materials and colors designed to balance out the look. The wooden flooring, in this case, solves the problem.{found on padarchitects}.


Some shades of gray are warmer and have a tint of brown. They don’t need anything else to make a bathroom feel comfortable and welcoming. Sure, a bit of contrast can’t hurt so you can add some dark accents to the mix as well.{found on chrissnookphotography}.


The copper tub is the focal point of this bathroom. It actually looks sleek and stylish when placed in a space decorated with dark grays such as this one. The small blue accents in the corner complete the palette.{found on cubicstudios}.


There’s something very fresh and attractive about this bathroom. It must be a combination between the large mirror, the lighting, the glass partitions and the white and gray mix. The effect is wonderful.{found on belindaalbodesign}.


The transition between the different shades of gray is very smooth and almost seamless. In addition, the colors combine really well with all the white and with the crisp and simple lines and angles of the fixtures.


All the details, ornaments, prints and patterns give character to this traditional bathroom. At the same time, gray is an excellent color for this style because it allows all these little details to stand out without overpowering them or making the room feel cramped ad kitschy. A mirror with lights is a beautiful accessory in any bathroom.


The vanity can be a beautiful source of color for the bathroom. A gray bathroom vanity, for example, can stand out even with a light shade as long as the rest of the decor allows it. Another possibility is to coordinate it with the color of the walls for a cohesive and continuous look.


A double bathroom vanity is a perfect accessory if you’re trying to create a symmetrical look. They can feature storage at the center and identical designs for the sides. Add two mirrors to emphasize the symmetry.


The style featured by this bathroom is rustic and the way the gray vanity pretty much covers the entire wall is quite elegant. The mirror frames and the sconces add warmth and texture to the decor and the same thing can be said about the accent wall.


Even if you use a variety of textures, patterns and materials in the bathroom, maintaining a cohesive look throughout is easy. The vanity, for example, can coordinate with the shower and the walls and flooring can be a mixture of influences.