Reception Desks That Advertise Their Unique And Unusual Designs

A reception desk that stands out is the type of detail that leaves visitors with a memorable first impression, allowing them to remember a particular place and encouraging them to share their experience. In a way, this can be a marketing strategy as well as a way to create a striking first impression. We’ve seen our share of intriguing and eye-catching reception desks and we find these to be most interesting.


A reception desk built of luggage – now that’s a great way for a hotel to be remembered. The Ramblas hotel has a one-of-a-kind reception desk designed by Lagranja filled with all sorts of suitcases of different shapes, colors and sizes. Old or new, big or small, they’ve all become part of the desk and they charm the guests with their character.


The design and structure of a unique reception desk has to be linked to the space it’s in. So, for example, if a library were to need a new desk for the reception area, this would be a perfect design for it. This desk is built of lots and lots of books. They’re stacked and organized and together they become a pretty large desk that defines the library in a unique way.


A lot of things can be turned into a desk or used to build one. For example, even a car can serve that purpose. Actually, it’s only part of a car and it would have to be transformed and modified in order to suit this particular purpose but, once the customization is complete, a themed desk is born.


The reception desk in this sports store stands out and that’s because of its unexpected design. The desk is reminiscent of gabion walls. It sits on a big cage filled with stones. The idea is intriguing and unusual but not that surprising considering the type of store.


Filling a reception desk with rocks can seem unusual but the idea is not totally extraordinary. The concept behind this desk, for example, is somewhat similar. The desk is filled, in this case, with wood that form a nice and clean pile. This seems like a desk suitable for mountain retreats.{found on lemaymichaud}.


The Quirky office in Manhattan is found in an old warehouse and it has a very interesting reception desk. It seems to be a repurposed locker with square-shaped compartments, some locked, others open. The desk has an industrial look which suits the office well.


But sometimes it’s not about the type of material used or the style. A reception desk can be intriguing without necessarily being dramatic or looking completely out of this world. Take this one for example, designed by Studio Morpho. It’s a simple, wooden desk made of three modules. The way these modules are stacked, however, is unexpected. They offer the desk an asymmetrical and unique look.

reclaimed-wood-reception-desk-by-Morpho- Studio

The Pride and Glory office in Krakow by Morpho Studio is filled with interesting designs, one of which is the reception desk. It was built using reclaimed wooden boards obtained after the demolition of a 100-year old house. I guess you could say that the desk has a lot of history behind it.

recycled pipes featuring different colors

This restaurant in the Netherlands has an industrial interior design and a reception desk with a lot of character. It appears to be made of all sorts of recycled pipes featuring different colors and worn finishes. The desk actually captures the spirit of the whole design in a really straight-forward way.

Yumakov architects reception

Yumakov architects designed a multifunctional space that can serve as a gallery, concert area, workshop, photo studio, etc. The space in located in Kiev and has four distinct zones. The reception area has a really interesting desk with a built-in planter nook. It combines the roughness of metal with the delicacy of fresh greenery.

Shanghai office reception

In Shanghai there’s an office designed by JW associates using bamboo. The reception area is particularly eye-catching, featuring a desk that seems like a pile of wood planks of different sizes that have been randomly stacked together. This gives the desk a temporary look when in fact it has a well-planned design.


Seeing a desk that looks like a giant piece of stone in a place like the Stone Source Washington DC showroom is actually not that unexpected. Still, this doesn’t make the desk any less impressive. A simple and inventive way to follow a theme without making it look like you’re trying too much.

Ultimate Haunted Hotel reception

At the Fontevraud Hotel in France, guests are welcomed in a simple and elegant reception area which beautifully combines the history of the building with modern accents. The reception desk is a good example in this case. Its design is simple and doesn’t stand out in a dramatic way. Nevertheless, it looks unique.


Driftwood is used in unique projects all the time but you rarely see a piece as big as this one displayed in such a creative and interesting way. We’re talking about this amazing reception desk that has a unique and sculptural design that definitely makes it memorable.


The most beautiful thing about this desk is the way the accent lighting highlights the texture and gives it a warm and sculptural look. This is a different way of looking sophisticated. Although robust and actually really simple, the reception desk is not the type to go unnoticed or to look out of place in an elegant setting.