70 Resourceful Ways To Decorate With Pegboards And Other Similar Ideas

Pegboards are simple accessories, often used in areas such as offices. However, they’re considerably more versatile than that and the pegboard system can be applied to numerous other structures and functions. There are tons of interesting ways in which you can use a pegboard in your own home and we’re ready to support this idea with examples.

Home offices

stored or displayed on a pegboard

Depending on the type of work you’re doing, there are all sorts of different things that can be stored or displayed on a pegboard. This is a miscellaneous gallery that includes small tools and items but also small planters and decorations.{found on abeautifulmess}.


Another interesting idea is offered by London-based designer Nikki Kreis in the form of a piece called Peg-It-All. This is basically a wall-hung storage solution that uses pegs and panels.


Take all the small things off your desk and put them on a pegboard. A clean and organized work station increases productivity and also creates a more pleasant work environment.{found on designsponge}.


Maybe we can’t call this a home office. It’s just a study area in the kids’ room but it’s pretty similar to your own workspace. As you can see, a pegboard can be useful in here as well.{found on petitandsmall}.

Headshots by Jessica Kaminski

Use a combination of open shelves and pegboards to make your home office more functional and space-efficient. Everything needs to have a place and nothing needs to sit at random.{found on ispydiy}.

Craft rooms


Smaller ones can be useful in the same way. In a space such as a craft room or a garage, a pegboard can serve a variety of purposes.{found on georgeandwilly}.


This is how a craft room can make use of a pegboard wall. Instead of storing all these things in boxes or drawers, you can have them displayed on the wall.{found on thistlewoodfarms}.

customize the pegboard according

It’s important to customize the pegboard according to your own needs as well as to the space available. Use it to add a bit of color to the room apart from using it as a storage system.{found on nestofposies}.


Organize your sewing area if you have one in your home. Keep everything beautifully organized on a pegboard with small hooks. Doesn’t it look neat and stylish?{found on the36thavenue}.


If you also want to make things fun and interesting to look at, add some color to your pegboard. You can paint it and create different-colored areas for different things to help you be more organized or it can be something purely for display.{found on madincrafts}.



For the entrance hallway, a practical idea is to have a pegboard system for hanging coats and accessories. It can be an addition to a wall or part of the wall itself and was designed by Kalb Lempereur.


A smaller version can suit a tiny entryway. It’s enough to hold a few accessories or coats and practical enough for a couple or a single person.{found on themerrythought}.


The pegs can be moved around and placed in a variety of configurations in order to suit the user’s immediate needs, whether that means using it as a clothes rack or as storage for miscellaneous items.


If there’s a cabinet close to the entrance, perhaps mounted on the hallway wall, you can install a pegboard on the inside of the door and turn it into an organizer for keys. Inside the cabinet you can place larger items.{found on madincrafts}.


Welcome your guests with a happy message and a place for them to leave their coats, bags and other accessories. This lovely pegboard does all those things.

Storage and organization


Larger pegboards can be added to a closet or to a storage nook. They’re useful for hanging bags and can accommodate open shelves.


Use a pegboard as a sort of open closet and you can make it a part of the bedroom design. These are coat hangers designed by We Do Wood and they feature 12 colored pegs.


You can also add a pegboard to a closet in order to increase its functionality and storage capacity. Of course, this solution only works in certain cases.{found on beneathmyheart}.


To organize your tools, you can build a portable caddy. Use pegboards on all sides and add hooks for everything. Organize the tools according to size, use or however else you want. Install castors so you can roll it around without having to carry all those heavy objects.{found on mom4real}.


Use small pieces of pegboard to organize a drawer and to create different compartments. This idea can be applied to kitchen drawers as well as to desks. It’s a simple and versatile solution.{found on bootsandtotty}.


Don’t want to keep your small tools in the garage or don’t have a garage? Then put the pegboard organizer somewhere else in the house. You can actually make it look nice. The important part is actually being organized.{found on southernhospitalityblog}.


Wahlr is a wall-mounted modular shelving system designed by Central Office for shops, cafes, homes and a variety of other spaces. Its design allows multiple panels to be connected horizontally and vertically.


ARIS Architects designed a modular storage wall called Dots. It has to be attached to the wall, after which it can be customized in a variety of ways using interchangeable boxes.

Jewelry organizers


Use a pegboard to organize your jewelry. It’s an excellent solution for necklaces but also for earrings. Keep them all organized and easy to find and turn the pegboard into a decorative element for the room.{found on apartmenttherapy}.


And since you’re pretty much putting your beautiful jewelry on display, you might as well make the pegboard look chic and beautiful as well. A cute idea is to paint a heart on it.{found on abubblylife}.

Cleaning supplies on pegboards


Organize your cleaning tools on a pegboard. Things like brushes, gloves, brooms and mops can hang from hooks or pegs and they can be all gathered in the same space.{found on abeautifulmess}.


Things like brooms and tools in general occupy more space than they have to and that’s because a functional storage system is difficult to find. A simple solution can be to use a pegboard and to give the closet a makeover based on this idea.{found on pinitiativeproject}.

cleaning tools and supplies pegboard

If you don’t want your cleaning tools and supplies to just sit there on a pegboard or in a closet, feel free to decorate it in order to make it look more stylish. For example, you can decorate it with craft paper or paint it.{found on theposhspace}.

Garage organizers


A lot of things needs to be stored in the garage. To maximize the efficiency of the space, build a pegboard wall. This way you can also store things high on the wall, not just in boxes.{found on cleanandscentsible}.


If a simple pegboard is not enough or if a large one occupies too much space, an interesting solution is to use pegboard “leaves”. Each panel can be sued on both sides and they’re compact and very practical.{found on makezine}.


What a simple and practical way to organize the tools you usually need when you’re doing one of your DIY projects. The board can be as big as you want it to be, depending on your needs.{found on apartmenttherapy}.


Usually, the garage is where everyone keeps their tools, cans of paint and other similar things. And usually they all end up in boxes or just lying around making it difficult to move around or to find anything. This is a good organization idea.{found  on thecreativityexchange}.


Use a simple pegboard in combination with an assortment of hooks to keep all your tools organized and easy to find. Customize the project however you want. The whole design depends on a lot of things, including the size of the garage, the number of items that need to be stored and your own personal preferences and skills.{found on bhg}.


It’s important to customize the pegboard according to your own criteria. The first step is to pick a size. Then add hooks of different types and dimensions based on the things that you want to store or organize.{found on site}.

Pegboards for display


A pegboard wall is a good way to display accessories and other types of items. Hang planters on pegs, use shelves for collections and be creative.


In the living room, for example, a pegboard wall can be an interesting way to display shelves. The wall offers a flexible design solution as the user can place the shelves in a variety of positions and combinations.


This huge pegboard holds numerous colored yarn spools arranged in an artistic manner. Since this is an art studio, everything displayed on the wall is either used in the creative process or the result of it.{found on knitsforlife}.


And speaking of DIY projects, how about building a set of bookshelves using a pegboard and a few wooden boards. If you don’t want to use them as book display, feel free to use other items such as photos or collectibles.{found on onehappymess}.


Attach photos, posters or printed imaged to pegboards and display them on a wall. Create an interesting gallery wall. You can even pick a theme for the whole display.{found on site}.


Combine looks with function. The pegboard can hold both useful items such as small tools and accessories and decorative elements such as photos or suggestive images.


Just because a pegboard is mainly functional doesn’t mean it can’t also look good. Here’s a cute idea: paint a design using the cross-stitch pattern. It’s actually not that complicated if you find a good template.{found on makezine}.


When you have a pegboard wall, you can pretty much use it in endless ways. Put up some shelves so you can display your beloved collectibles or personal items, use the wall as a storage system and be creative.{found on lorisetlivia}.


Tired of the same old vases? How about you mix it up a little bit? Build a pegboard flower box and create a new way to display fresh flowers. It’s ingenious and quite simple.{found on 100layercake}.


Decorate a pegboard with things that matter to you such as photos and souvenirs you brought with you from your trips around the world. It’s a fun way to add some style and color to a basement or to pretty much any other room of the house.{found on younghouselove}.


Turn a pegboard into an organizer for the kids. They can display their creations there and this can be their source of inspiration for future projects. Similarly, you can use the board as an educational tool.{found on pysselbolaget}.


Make a framed monogram display using a pegboard and some small lights. You can then display it on a shelf, on the mantel or anywhere else in the house. You can even turn it into a gift for someone.{found on miss-kris}.


A playful and interesting idea is to include a pegboard wall into your home and to then embroider all sorts of designs on it. Try experimenting with geometric shapes and other ideas. It will be a unique backdrop.{found on tripasai}.


You can have an oversized pegboard wall custom built for the space you’re trying to decorate. For example, include one in the living room and change the décor whenever you get bored with the old look.{found on bintihomeblog}.


There’s no need to actually mount the pegboard onto the wall when you can just let it lean against it casually. It can be an accessory for the bedroom dresser or the hallway console table.{found on vanhetkastjenaardemuur}.

Pegboard headboards


There are many ways in which a pegboard can become a decorative element in all sorts of spaces, including the bedroom. You can build a pegboard headboard for example and then decorate it however you want.{found on sugarandcloth}.


In addition to looking cool, this pegboard headboard is also really practical. It provides a good surface for hanging sconces, lamps and even shelves. In this case, the headboard doubles as a storage wall.{found on ourfifthhouse}.


You don’t have to be very meticulous about the design of the headboard when you’re using pegboards. Just make a big rectangle that can sit on the floor. It can also extend to the sides. You don’t even need tools for this project.

Kitchen pegboards


Small pegboards can be used in a variety of ways and spaces, including the kitchen. In here, for example, such an item can hold and organize the utensils.


Pegboards and shelves make excellent combinations. In the kitchen, use the combo as a storage solution for pots and pans.


Mount a pegboard on the wall in front of the stove so you can keep all your pots and pans close at hand when you need them. You can also use the board to hang cups and utensils.{found on apartmenttherapy}.


Things like measuring cups and bottle openers would sit perfectly on a pegboard placed in the kitchen. Keep it close to the stove top so you can grab the thing you need without moving.


The pegboard is not the main attraction in this kitchen. The eye-catching elements are actually the pots and pans which, in this case, become wall decorations. It’s nice that they all match. An interesting way to combine looks with function and a great way to save space by using the empty areas on the walls.


Want to be creative? Outline the shapes of the items you’ll be storing on the pegboard so you know exactly where each one belongs.{found on abeautifulmess}.


Accessorize your pegboard with baskets and storage containers. Add hooks and hangers and feel free to also decorate it with a few personal items.{found on inspiredbycharm}.


If you’re a big fan of pegboards in the kitchen, you can basically cover all your walls with these things. That means every space is a potential storage area for chopping boards, pots, pans, cups and utensils in general.{found on we-heart}.


Pegboards can also be used as baclsplashes. This is actually a pretty practical and creative idea. Why bother with fixed shelves and hooks when you can be a lot more flexible? This is just one of the many great DIY backsplash designs you can try.


This type of pegboard looks playful and can be customized in a variety of ways. The shelves can be moved around and reorganized depending on the user’s needs and preferences.{found on designsponge}.

Bathroom pegboards


There are plenty of things that belong in the bathroom. The small ones usually occupy the space on the sink or in front of the mirror. But a much more practical solution would be a pegboard with storage baskets.


Frame a pegboard and turn it into a display and storage piece for one of the bathroom walls. Hang small baskets for soaps and shampoos and hooks for towels and other things.{found on shanty}.

Miscellaneous ideas


A great way in which pegboards can be useful at a wedding is this one: design a seating chart. Organize everyone using cards and colored clothespins. You can make everything yourself, including the seating cards.{found on chroniclebooks}.


Turn a pegboard into a fun toy for the kids. Create a water wall using bottles, plastic containers and others you can find in the house. Let the kids help with the design. They’ll find the whole project even more interesting.{found on site}.


Turn a pegboard into a room divider. In addition to separating the areas, it will also serve as a storage wall. You can use it in the bedroom where it can double as a wardrobe.


This is a really interesting way to give a bedside table a makeover. Replace the door with a pegboard. You can put a few hooks on the inside so you can keep your earrings or other things there or you can simply use the board for the look it gives the nightstand.

Use pegboards to design a custom wall

Use pegboards to design a custom wall unit on which you can hang planters and other accessories. This idea works for home offices but also for a variety of other spaces including the living rooms, basement and even the garage.  Mix and match the pegboards with different-sized storage nooks or shelves.{found on tommarkhenry}.


Add a pegboard to the inside of a kitchen drawer. You can accessorize it with dividers and transform the drawer into a custom-organized storage space for your plates and other things. this way you make sure they each have their own designated spot and that they don’t move around when you close the drawer.{found on mulletcabinet}.