Incredible Craft Room Inspiration: Creating & How To’s

We know how to organize. We know how to choose colors. But sometimes, we just need a quick pick me up, a quick bit of inspiration to get our wheels turning. Craft rooms are a place to explore, create and be imaginative. And if you’re lucky enough to have room for an entire space dedicated solely to creativity, then you best make that room the best it can be. Check out some of our favorite, most incredible bits of craft room inspiration and learn how to make something magical and amazing for yourself!

1. White, Bright & Tidy.

Craft room decor

Amazing cabinets, amazing organization with a modern style has the ability to create this. It’s a white, bright and tidy space to start your creating and imagining from the ground up. It even has a space to hold wrapping paper! And do you see the light fixture, it’s just another way the decorator adding a bit of personal flair.

2. Cheerful & Spacious.

Craft room

We love the lime green, breathy colors mixed with the crisp white cabinetry. But what is the absolute best part of this craft room? The multiple work stations of course! There’s an area for large projects, a station to do a bit of sewing, a gift wrapping space and lots more counter top for different people to work on different ideas!

3. Personal, Eclectic & Smart.

Simple craft room

Still very organize and clean, this craft room has a bit more personality and pizazz. With the fun chairs, light fixture and unique way of organizing their paper products, it’s a creative, inspiring place to do some imagining! And although full of a vibrant, lively color, it’s still a very serene and calming escape.

4. Planned & Patient.

Attic craft room

At first glance this space isn’t the more inspiring, but it is for the one who put it together. The golden walls, the blue furniture, the lovely cranberry chair in the corner, it all comes together to create a space that’s perfect for crafting and creating! Do you see the spools on the wall just waiting to be used?!

5. Light, Smart & Super Youthful.

Eclectic home office

Craft room decor ideas

Attic craft room1

Craft5 spa

The right lighting can make or break a room. If you’re inspired by sunshine, then make sure your crafting space has great windows or even french doors! You’ll be in there creating and the natural light will come pouring in! But the wall of shelving will help with organizing and decorating the space!