25 Cool Bedroom Designs For A Hip Environment

A cool bedroom is a luxury. The space where you sleep at night should be tailored to your needs. If your room doesn’t fit your personality, it’s time for a change. 

Cool Bedroom Designs

We’ll show you the latest interior bedroom design trends. Our selection of cool bedrooms will inspire your next bedroom makeover. It would be nice sure to have a bedroom that you’ve dreamed about, and we can make it happen.

25 Stellar Bedroom Ideas Of The Modern Era

Our team has experts handpicked the following bedroom designs as they showcase the latest interior decorating styles worldwide.

Glass Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

Garden Shed is from Kekkila Garden Home & Garden collection. Made from Finnish pine and protective glass, the bedroom features auto-open doors to control the indoor temperature.

A bedroom encased in glass like a greenhouse is interesting. With the right location and views, your bedroom will be enhanced. 

Capsule Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

How’s this for a focal point? And speaking of glass-encased bedrooms, here’s another one. This one was designed in a transparent capsule surrounded by nature and thick greenery. 

Platform Bed

Seashell frame bed

A regular bedroom, on the top floor, with a glass roof is a little closer to what most of you envision as a dream space. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views, the round bed looks amazing and the suite was built around a growing tree.

Geodesic Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

This is a suite at the Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland and it has a dome-shaped ceiling, with a metal frame encased in glass. Among bedroom ideas, looking at the stars every night before you go to sleep might be the coolest thing ever. If you don’t feel like sleeping, you can enjoy the nighttime sky from the sitting area.

Bedroom Skylight

Seashell frame bed

You don’t need to visit fancy hotels to get a taste of that experience. If you design your bedroom with a big skylight above the bed then you too can watch the falling stars at night. It would have to be a bedroom on the top floor. With this design, the sky roof is the focal point.

Nest Bed

Seashell frame bed

There is plenty of room for natural accents in this bedroom. The architecture and the layout of the bedroom are important but sometimes it’s all about the bed.

Designed by Oge Architects, this nest bed is incredibly cozy and comfortable, not to mention cool and unique. You can tap your inner interior designer skills and add another nest instead of bunk beds.

Industrial Hammock

Seashell frame bed

Who needs a hanging chair when you can have a hanging bed? This is the perfect bedroom if you want an industrial vibe. A hammock bed would be a dream for most people. This one has a super casual and cool look. The hammock floor/bed would be one way to get the sleep you deserve.  

Wooden Pod

Seashell frame bed

How would you like to sleep in a beer barrel? Imagine it with a comfy mattress inside and warm lighting. It’s the kind of bedroom the Landhotel Hof Beveland offers for its guests that seek a unique experience in Germany.

Modern Art Bed

Seashell frame bed

If you want to add interest, try a bed with a modern design. Beds come in all shapes and sizes. This one has a futuristic design with a bunch of built-in features, like a desk, lighting, and storage. The actual shape of the bed is definitely unusual. Add a few custom pendant lights and your bedroom could become a living art show.

Nautical Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

Fish tanks have a relaxing and calming effect. Fish offer an easy way to create a soothing atmosphere. When you have one in your bedroom, it would create a peaceful environment. 

Igloo Bedroom Design

Seashell frame bed

Sleeping in a bed made of ice in a room made of ice may either seem cool in a good way or very uncomfortable. Only one find to find out which one is true: you’ll have to try it once. No need to worry about a graphic rug when your floor is a block of thick ice. 

Safari Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

When you say camping this is not the image you have in mind. Well, this is glamping and it’s the more glamorous version of the typical tent and sleeping bag. You take your bedroom with you into the woods. You’ll need some thick linen bedding to keep the bugs away, but that’s part of the fun when you’re on a safari.

Poolside Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

There are many things that can make a bedroom look interesting. For example, having a pool seems like an awesome idea. You wake up in the morning and immediately go for a swim to start the day fresh. 

Bedroom Spa

Seashell frame bed

This is the same idea but with a different layout the design. A round bed sits on an island at the center of the pool. Seems cool but watch your step and try not to let anything fall off the edge. Your personal quarters should be based on what you want. If a bathhouse is what you want, then so be it. 

Deep Sea Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

You’re familiar with the underwater hotel, but have you ever seen one of their bedrooms? Each room is surrounded by glass walls and ocean water. From the comfort of your bed, see fish, corals, and maybe a mermaid or two. What a wonderful way to immerse yourself in an ocean setting.

Sailboat Bed

Seashell frame bed

When you drift off to sleep each night, you can pretend you’re lost in the middle of an ocean. Wouldn’t you say that sitting in a rocking boat is wonderful? It’s so relaxing you could fall asleep easily.

Luxury Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

A luxury bedroom suite with white furniture, a big round bed, large hot tub, and overall romantic decor. No need for a room divider here. Enjoy the room’s full potential and keep things open. It’s a romantic suite at the Woodlands Inn.

Princess Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

Take your bedroom to new heights with this example, the circle bed is the focal point. This bedroom interior redefines the notion of beauty sleep. The entire room pays homage tothe princess aesthetic. And there’s no reason why that princess can’t be you.

A round bed with an elegant headboard and a stunning canopy offers an elegant interior design. The hanging chandelier and matching nightstand lamp plus the beautiful lavender color are the perfect details.

Ski Chalet

Seashell frame bed

Sometimes we want the simple things, rustic and with authentic charm. Give up luxury and enjoy a bedroom with a pitched wooden roof, exposed beams, and an austere but charming look.

Treehouse Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

It’s well-known that plants are a welcomed addition to the bedroom but what about having an actual tree in there? It would be like sleeping in the middle of nature but inside the comfort of your home.

Glass Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

Glass ceilings are cool because you can see the stars at night, but what about glass floors? Sleeping in a glass bedroom where the walls, floor, bed frame, nightstands are glass is a cutting edge concept.

Glass Wall Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls encase this bedroom layout. When you have an outdoor view this good, you should take advantage of it. A corner bedroom with glass walls that wrap around and capture the amazing beauty.

Ship Theme Room

Seashell frame bed

Instead of a platform bed, try a bed that resembles a steamship. With kids’ bedrooms, a cool idea can be to have a pirate-themed room decor with a boat bed, a wooden chest for storage, and the right color palette and accessories.

Automobile Bedroom

Seashell frame bed

Car beds are also very cool but the ones you usually see in kids’ bedrooms have a rather cartoonish look. Well, this one looks just like the real thing and the whole experience is more realistic and fun.

Clam Shell Bed

Seashell frame bed

This bed has a seashell frame and it looks gorgeous. Be the pearl that hides inside and cuddle up for a cozy and dreamy experience. Don’t worry, it won’t gulp you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do I Get A Dark Academia Room?

The theme to remember is “dark.” To augment that, you’ll need furniture with dark wood tones. You want to create a mysterious ambiance, so avoid bright colors and rainbows. Old, antique wooden furniture like a rustic-looking desk or bookshelf would fit with the dark academia aesthetic. 

What Is A TikTok Room Cool?

TikTok bedrooms aren’t cool. The interior décor may have been popular four years ago, but the style has since waned. People are waking up to the idea that the phone app has ulterior motives. Today, many TikTok users are deactivating their accounts for less intrusive platforms.

What Is A Feng Shui Bedroom Cool?

Feng shui is cool for adults, but American teenagers don’t care if their bedrooms adhere to Asian interior design principles. It would be a waste of your time to design a teenager’s bedroom according to feng shui.

What Are Some Cool Bedroom Accessories?

Music and movie posters are the coolest bedroom accessories. Figure out which cinema theme fits your personality. Find the best movies on your chosen theme, frame them, and hang them on your walls. Apply the same principles to your favorite music.

Will Candles Make A Bedroom Cool?

Candles are a fire hazard. They’re not recommended for a teenager’s bedroom. When you think about it, there’s nothing cool about a house fire. 

Cool Bedroom Conclusion

A luxury master bedroom is nothing to be ashamed of, but a cool master bedroom makes a different statement. To help with your decor, you could start with contemporary platform bedroom sets. A full mid-century bed frame, for example, would be a stylish addition.

High quality modern bedroom furniture will transform your bedroom from square to hip. If you wanted to try a crazy color, paint one wall hot pink and see how it improves your mood. Painting a wall mural would be another good idea.