Gray Kitchen Cabinets That Ramp Up the Style Factor in Your Home

Gray kitchen cabinets are a fabulous choice when you want a neutral base for a stylish kitchen. Whatever style of kitchen you have, neutral cabinets set the stage for making versatile decor choices and a changeable color palette.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Types of Cabinets to Add to Your Kitchen

With so many different types of kitchen cabinets to choose from, it can feel quite overwhelming.

  • Shaker-style cabinets are one of the most popular options, and you often find them in modern homes instead of more traditional cabinets.
  • Glass-front cabinets are a popular option for anyone who wants to showcase their ornamental plates.
  • Other popular kitchen cabinet options include beadboard cabinets, flat-front cabinets, plywood cabinets, and natural wood cabinets.

It’s all about finding a perfect solution that fits with the style and space in your kitchen so that you have enough room to store everything you need.

The Color Psychology Behind Gray

The Color Psychology Behind Adding Gray to Your Home

Gray is a neutral and well-balanced color that works in your kitchen or any other room. It is sometimes considered a moody and boring color or lacking emotion. This is why you may want to pair it with a bold and bright color for more pop.

However, gray is a timeless, versatile color that is practical, conservative and sophisticated. It also hides dirt better than white of very light beige.

During recent uncertain times, many people chose gray for their home makeovers. This is because it can give you a sense of security and make you feel more at peace every time you walk in.

On the other hand, gray can sometimes make you feel more isolated or depressed, so keep this in mind when adding a lot of gray to your home.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Gray

A Minimalist White Green and Gray Kitchen 1

If it’s your first time decorating with gray, there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

  • Gray is a neutral color – While some people might add a mixture of gray and beige to a room, most recommendations are that you stick with one or the other. 
  • Look out for other gray elements in your kitchen – Don’t overlook areas in the kitchen that already have gray incorporated, including appliances.
  • Add texture to your kitchen – Don’t be afraid to add texture to the kitchen when you are adding gray cabinets. This helps make the room much more open, exciting and varied. It also breaks up any larger expanses painted gray.
  • Just use gray as an accent – If you are afraid to fully redecorate your kitchen cabinets in gray, think about adding it as an accent, just as you would black. Incorporate a few kitchen accessories or use gray paint on a couple of cabinets. This will help you to see how the hue looks with other colors like beige in your home.
  • Have fun – Gray can be a fun color to incorporate into cabinets because there are so many shades and they go well with silver tones. 

How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

A Minimalist White Green and Gray Kitchen 1

After deciding on the type of cabinets you want, you might consider painting your kitchen cabinets gray yourself. If that’s the case, follow these tips to ensure you create high-quality cabinet style that will brighten up your kitchen and last for years.

  • Wood is the best base – When it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets, wood is always the perfect choice. It creates a smooth base that allows you to add any paint or finish.
  • Label your cabinets as you remove them – take the time to label your cabinets and components as you remove them for painting. This can be a lifesaver when it’s time to put the cabinets back after you paint.
  • Use gloss, semigloss, or satin gray paint – For kitchen cabinets, experts recommend using semigloss, satin, or gloss gray paint. These are much easier to clean and can be wiped down if you spill food or drink on them.
  • Don’t use a roller – While using a roller to paint can feel like it’s the more convenient option, 2- or 2.5-inch fine bristle brush is preferred. It will help you to work around small corners and any tricky details on your kitchen cabinets. Plus, you won’t leave roller marks on the cabinets.
  • Save time with spray paint – For a quick and speedy solution, use spray paint. It’s a great option for anyone who hates painting but still wants to save time and money by doing it themselves.

Beautiful Gray Kitchen Layout Design Ideas

1. Light Gray as the Main Color

Light Gray as the Main Color

Using light gray as the main color on cabinets is very versatile and forgiving. However, it can appear dull and boring in some cases. Avoid this by introducing a complementary color or finish, as in this timeless kitchen from studio RS | MANNINO. The brass fixtures and little hardware details on the Shaker-style cabinets really stand out.

2. Gray Paired with White or Very Light Blue

Pair Gray with White or Pale Blue

Try pairing gray Shaker cabinet style with other colors that are similar such as white and very pale blue gray. The island in this open, airy kitchen features the darkest color cabinets. Stainless steel appliances blend in well and all the fixtures, including countertops, are perfect with the sophisticated neutral palette cabinets.

3. Diverse Palette of Materials

Use A Diverse Palette Of Materials

There are many different ways to introduce grays in the kitchen. Here, studio Great Falls Construction created a traditional kitchen that has a diverse palette of materials and finishes. The wall color varies only a little from that of the cabinets and the gray backsplash blends them together. The island has a dark gray base which is making it stand out. 

4. Light Gray Cabinets and Matching Island

Light Gray Cabinets and a Matching Island

Andrew Roby remodeled this traditional kitchen to have a more uniform distribution of different colors. Light gray cabinets match the island. The beige walls and the white backsplash, together with the rich stained wood floor and the earthy accents add warmth. The fresh gray cabinets and the white countertops work well together and nothing feels out of place.

5. Dark Grays

Add Dark Grays to Create a Beautiful Kitchen

Darker grays can look beautiful for cabinets too. Overall, the traditional design of the room feels fresh thanks to its subdued, modern color palette and the blue gray. Of course, elements such as the wooden island and floor, exposed ceiling beams, and some of the fixtures help ground the cabinets. Orren Pickell Building Group designed this perfect interior that also has gray countertops.   

6. Modern Gray Marble Kitchen

A Stylish and Modern Gray Marble Kitchen

Marble looks amazing in almost any kitchen. White countertops in marble have a very stylish and modern vibe. Here it’s paired with a medium shade of gray cabinets, pale gray backsplash and a wood floor. It spices up the décor without being too bold.

7. Bold Accent Colors

Pair Gray Cabinets with Bold Accent Colors

This contemporary kitchen pairs a medium shade of gray cabinets with a bold blue contrasting accent color. In this case, the blue comes in the form of a glass backsplash that fills the area between the two sets of upper cabinets and part of the ceiling. You could also paint a section of the kitchen blue.

Studio Sustainable Nine also introduced a perfect gray brick accent wall that sets off the white countertops and smooth cabinets.

8. Gray as a Secondary Color

Use Gray as a Secondary Color

Gray also makes an excellent secondary color or accent for cabinets. Atelierzero‘s contemporary kitchen features a complementary color palette with unique nuances of blue gray. The white walls and ceiling are a clean backdrop for the cabinets and the light stained wooden floor complements the cooler colors, like the countertops.

9. Combine Kitchen and Dining

Combine the Kitchen and Dining Area into a Single Large Space

In many modern and contemporary homes, the kitchen and the dining area are often a single spacious living space. This eclectic apartment by Coblonal Interiorisme pushed the kitchen cabinets against a single wall. It has an airy, open living room-inspired vibe paired with warm gray cabinets and backsplash that work with the intricate floor design.

10. Keep Kitchen Design Simple

Keep Your Kitchen Design Simple

Simplicity is the key to creating a perfect contemporary interior. This ORKO Studio kitchen is the very definition of sophisticated. The palette of colors and materials is simple and pure. The part that stands out the most is the series of gray cabinets that have no details or visible hardware, along with the countertops.

11. Use Grays and Neutrals for a Black and White Effect

Use Grays and Neutrals to Create a Black and White Effect

This looks like a black and white image but it’s full color. The space uses lots of gray paint and neutral colors. Despite this rather bland color palette, QUADRUM STUDIO‘s detailed design is a moody, unique look that has lots of character thanks to the finishes and textures.

12. Focus on Textures with Fixtures

Focus on Textures with Light Gray Kitchen Fixtures

Olga Paliychuk designed this similarly simple and stylish interior. The focus here is on light grays and how they interact with textured finishes. This kitchen has an open, airy vibe and the gray cabinets blend with the paint on the walls to make the living space appear larger.

13. Match Appliances to Gray Cabinets

Match Appliances to the Cabinets

It’s easy to find silver or gray appliances, so take advantage of this when you’re redecorating the kitchen. You’ll also find these create a perfect modern and stylish aesthetic with any backsplash and cabinets. Here the countertops are also an added touch of gray.

14. Subtle Gray in a Country-Style Kitchen

A Country-Style Kitchen with Subtle Hints of Gray

The addition of gray also benefits country-style kitchens, even those with beige colors. Gray fixtures and gray cabinets go very well with a wood kitchen and countertops, and the great contrast adds more texture.

Even more interest comes from the brick backsplash. You’ll find that gray spices up larger kitchens and when it’s used as part of the kitchen island or cabinets.

Pair Gray Cabinets With Warm Colors

Gray can seem cold compared to other colors, and in the kitchen, which is supposed to be warm and inviting, using this hue can be tricky. The key is to pair gray with warm materials such as stained wood and bold colorful accents such as those in yellow, red, or orange.

15. Modern Dark Gray Kitchen

A Modern Dark Gray Kitchen

For a modern kitchen, take a look at darker shades of gray for cabinets. Black can be overwhelming for a kitchen so this is a great way to add a little more style. You’ll also enjoy the contrast between the lighter appliances and white countertops and the darker gray kitchen cabinets.

16. Pair Backsplash With Gray Furniture

Pair Your Backsplash and Gray Furniture

Don’t forget about the backsplash and furniture when you are redecorating the kitchen. You can match them to your kitchen counter or choose a contrasting color to highlight your gray kitchen cabinets. Either way, gray is very versatile.

17. White and Gray Kitchen

A White and Gray Kitchen

White walls and gray cabinets is one of our favorite versatile color combinations for an airy kitchen. It’s perfect for creating a minimalist kitchen and white helps make the space feel fresh, lighter and brighter, even with the dark countertops.

18. Variety of Light Colors

Use a Variety of Subtle Colors

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, you don’t always have to use bright and bold colors. Use a variety of subtle colors, which helps create a classy and timeless look and your cabinets won’t need updating for many years.

19. Brightness From White Fixtures

Add Brightness to the Space with White Fixtures

White fixtures and solid surface countertops are not hard to maintain and they look absolutely stunning with the cabinets. They’ll help make your kitchen feel even bigger, and you’ll love spending time in this bright, uplifting space.

Let Materials Stand Out

In a kitchen that has rich materials such as marble and some types of wood, too much color can be distracting. A good strategy is to keep a neutral palette to allow the materials to stand out.

20. Create Visual Contrasts
Create Visual Contrasts with Darker Shades of Gray

When you don’t have the largest kitchen space to work with, think about creating contrast to add more interest. This kitchen pairs darker gray kitchen cabinets with silver appliances for a modern and stylish kitchen makeover.

21. Smooth Transition from Gray to White

A Smooth Transition from Gray to White

If you are using different shades or will paint other colors in your kitchen, make the transition as smooth as possible. This creates a more visually attractive kitchen space and won’t be too overwhelming to the eyes when you enter the room. The dark countertops are the main accent here with the subway tile backsplash and cabinets.

22. Tiled Backsplash with Dark Grout

A Tiled Backsplash with Dark Grout

You might not give much thought to the grout in your kitchen. However, using dark grout with bright white tiles lets you can create a modern and stylish look for your subway tile backsplash. It goes well with the cabinets and is easy to clean.

23. Unique Backsplash Pattern

A Tiled Backsplash with Dark Grout

Walls are a great place to add extra texture, and we love how the rocky beach tone adds more interest to this space. It’s a good way to add more color and pattern to your kitchen without it being too overwhelming with teh cabinets.

24. Modern Lighting and White Accents

Add Modern Lighting and White Accents to Brighten Up The Kitchen

Don’t forget about lighting when you are redoing your kitchen cabinets. This helps to create a space that you enjoy cooking in at any time of the day. It also illuminates the beautiful gray cabinets and gray backsplash you just added to the space.

25. Make Cabinets Stand Out with a Glossy Finish

A Minimalist White Green and Gray Kitchen 1

The finish on your new gray kitchen cabinets can completely change the look and feel of the space. For a modern and funky kitchen makeover, we love these glossy gray cabinets. The finish makes them stand out from the rest of the room and contrasts with the white subway tile backsplash, farmhouse sink and countertops.

26. A Lighter Shade of Gray

Choose the Palest Shade of Gray

Don’t be afraid to choose a very pale shade for cabinets. It’s a good way to transition from white to gray. Moreover, in the future, you can always add darker elements if you are feeling more daring.

Use Light Colors for a Bright Look

If you want to make the kitchen look bright and spacious, a dark shade of gray for the cabinets may not be the best option. Instead, consider lighter shades of gray for cabinets and paint the walls white.

27. Bold Green Accents

Add Bold Green Accents

This is a surprising color choice to add to gray kitchen cabinets, but the funky splash of green makes the space pop. Add small accessories and chairs in a contrasting color to create a more modern aesthetic and unique look.

28. A Splash of Cheerful Yellow

A Splash of Cheerful Yellow

Another fun color to add to the kitchen is yellow. It injects a splash of sunshine into even the darkest kitchens, making you feel like it’s summer all year long. The bright counterpoint to the blue gray ceiling paint and the cabinets makes this space pop too.

29. Warm Up With Wood Accents

A Minimalist White Green and Gray Kitchen 1

Sometimes, gray kitchens can feel a little sterile, so add wood accents to make it feel a little warmer. This is ideal for homes that have a country or rustic aesthetic. The wood cabinets also add more texture to the kitchen and create a cozy atmosphere. Adding warmer colored solid surface countertops go well with the dark paint on the wall.

30. Make Gray the Main Color

Make Gray the Main Color for Your Kitchen

Gray kitchen cabinets and decor are fabulous. For this reason, why not make gray the main color in your kitchen? You can paint almost any part of the kitchen in this color, so don’t be shy about using gray anywhere you fancy.

31. Gray as an Accent Color

Add Gray as an Accent Color

If you aren’t quite ready to go all out with a gray kitchen, opt for smaller accents. You could choose one part of your kitchen to make gray, such as the cabinets, walls, or floor. This example also has some darker beige accents above the cabinets.

32. Pair Cabinets and Marble Countertops

Match the Cabinets and Marble Countertops

Gray cabinets and marble countertops can be matched, with pretty gray countertops that look stylish and classy. These countertops easily hide dirt and are easy to maintain and clean.

33. Match Fridge to Cabinets

Match Your Fridge to the Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Your fridge is the biggest addition to your kitchen décor, so make sure it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. We love this setup from Wayfair, which adds a silver fridge, cooker, and microwave to the cabinets. This creates a modern and stylish aesthetic and matches these light gray cabinets. They fit well against the white walls, creating a light yet modern design.

34. Minimalist White, Green, and Gray Kitchen

A Minimalist White, Green, and Gray Kitchen

This kitchen from Sharyn Cairns Design: Fiona Lynch follows a minimalistic design with a gray and white with the addition of pastels. While the green cabinets are still quite muted, they make a bold statement when paired with the other colors in the kitchen. It draws the eyes upward to see the green cabinets. This works with any pastel color, but we think green and blue are perfect shade options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is gray a good choice for kitchen cabinets?

Gray is always an appealing choice for kitchen cabinets because it’s neutral and available in a wide range of shades. It can go with almost all styles, from traditional Shaker style gray cabinets to modern, minimalist types.

Are gray cabinets too trendy?

No, they are not. They match just about any decor styles and are a fabulous neutral color to build a kitchen around for years to come.

Are gray kitchens out of style?

Gray cabinets will always be popular. Gray colors are a great neutral base for any kitchen and the perfect shade for modern styles of kitchens. When you are ready, you can change the look using pops of color for items that are easy to replace.

Which is better white or gray kitchen cabinets?

The choice between gray and white for your kitchen cabinets is completely up to personal preferences. Of course, white cabinets will make the space look bigger, but so will pale gray choices or even light beige. Both cabinets are popular for resale.

How do you add warmth to a grey kitchen?

Adding wood and warm-toned accents are the quickest ways to warm up a cool gray kitchen. Experts say you should choose wood pieces that have red or orange untertones for a casula, rustic kitchen. On the other hand, cooler tones of wood will acreate a Nordic feel.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets: Conclusion

As you can see, there are so many great ways to add gray kitchen cabinets. They come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, so regardless of your current kitchen décor, you can find a solution to fit your needs.

Think carefully about the shades of gray you can add to the kitchen, especially if this is your first time using gray in your home. There are so many shades that you will create a space that you and your family will love spending time in together for many years in the future.