The Benefits Of Using Yellow As An Accent Color In Interior Design

Every color has a unique impact on the elements in comes in contact with. Yellow, for instance, is a very cheerful color which brings joy to spaces and makes them look bright and welcoming. That’s why yellow is a great color for entryways. Painting the walls yellow or using this as an accent color can potentially create a warm and welcoming ambiance that makes you and your guests feel comfortable right from the start.

Other spaces can benefit from the warming effect of yellow as a color. For example, this applies to hallways or to spaces that are usually closed off and lack windows or sufficient light, whether it’s natural or artificial.  Consider this when you decorate spaces like walk-in closets, bathrooms or small rooms in general. Another great idea is to use yellow in the breakfast room or the space where you usually spend time in the morning. This way you’ll start the day on a sunny and happy note.

Stacking yellow chairsView in gallery
A fun idea is to combine colors from the same family or different tones of the same color
Swivel yellow chairs with ottomnView in gallery
Slightly darker shades of yellow tend to be warmer than the really bright shades
Yellow is the color of sunshine side table ottoman and pillows on yellowView in gallery
Yellow and gray are often used together in a lot of modern and contemporary designs and decors
Yellow modular cabinet for storageView in gallery
When paired with dark tones (black in particular) yellow stands out more

Yellow is a bright and fresh color that brings joy and energy into spaces and this makes it eye-catching. In order words, yellow is a great accent color if you want to highlight the most important elements in your interior design or to create focal points in a room. A yellow sofa, for example, can look wonderful in the living room and for the bedroom you could use some grey and yellow bedding for  balanced look.  One other reason why yellow is a great color for that is because it’s seen before other colors when it’s placed against black. This means you can pair it with other accent colors and it will still be the center of attention as long as there’s some black for it to contrast with.

Yellow Side Table for Grey ChairsView in gallery
Pair warm and cool color tones for a balanced look and choose the proportions accordingly
Creating a room accent with an Yellow armchairView in gallery
It’s important to pick the right shade of yellow if you want the decor and ambiance to be harmonious
Curved modular sofa in yellowView in gallery
Use yellow as a secondary color to avoid creating a tiresome decor which an effect opposite to the desired one
Gray couch with yellow accentsView in gallery
If you’re using a light shade of grey, pair it with a light shade of yellow
Kube import yellow triangle chairView in gallery
Yellow, as an accent color, looks nice when introduced in a simple and neutral decor
Painting the walk in closet shelves in yellow if you have glass wallsView in gallery
In the bedroom, use yellow moderately and in small doses to maintain a relaxing ambiance
Teenage room design with yellow furniture accentsView in gallery
In combination with green, yellow can look very fresh, cheerful and summery
Entryway console with yellow geometric doorsView in gallery
The brightness of yellow is more noticeable when paired with a dark color such as brown
Polart yellow dining chairsView in gallery
Consider yellow as a secondary or even primary color for the dining area if you want it to look bright and joyful
Rectangular dining table with marble on top and yellow leather dining chairsView in gallery
Yellow is used here as a secondary color and featured in a toned down shade which pairs well with the rest of the decor
Glass top dining table with yellow chairsView in gallery
Yellow dining chairs are an exquisite idea and this is not something related to a specific style
Modern yellow dining chairsView in gallery
Yellow dining chairs can look beautiful in just about any dining area, even a traditional or a rustic one

When paired with white, yellow doesn’t really stand out much. In fact, it fades away and disappears into the white. As a result, yellow needs a darker color to stand out and to be noticed. Of course, you can take advantage of the white and yellow combo to create a very bright and serene decor with a fresh and cheerful vibe without being too opulent or dramatic.

Yellow kitchen cook stove from SMEGView in gallery
Yellow is also a wonderful color option for kitchens where it can create a dynamic and energized ambiance
Yellow Smeg kitchen hoodView in gallery
A lot of things can be yellow in the kitchen, including some of the appliances
SMeg yellow fridgeView in gallery
A yellow refrigerator is quite the eye-catching piece. It can serve as a focal point of attention for the space
Joya yellow bathroom sink topView in gallery
Yellow is also excellent in bathrooms where there’s often not a lot of natural light
Modern bathroom vanity in white with yellow accentsView in gallery
You can use yellow in small doses in a bathroom and pair it with white for a bright and open feel
Outdoor pool furniture with yellow accent pillowsView in gallery
Certain shades of yellow can look very soothing and relaxing, especially when combined with a color that tones them down

It’s important to pick the right shade of yellow if you’re to create a harmonious decor for a space. Some shades of yellow are very bright and bold while others are more serene, delicate or even gloomy. It all depends on the ambiance that you prefer for that particular space as well as its function. bright yellows can cheer up spaces like kitchens, bathrooms or even living rooms but can be too distracting for bedrooms or offices.

Yellow shower walk in paintingView in gallery
Showers rarely look fun and yellow is a color full of energy which can easily change that
Bold yellow armchair for a touch of color to any roomView in gallery
Both the color and the texture and finish matter. The armchair, for instance, looks very warm and cozy
Modern Yellow Sofa decorating the living room with bold furnitureView in gallery
Although it definitely stands out, this yellow sofa looks very natural here, surrounded by beige accents

When picking the chromatic palette for a space, think of the whole picture. Pick the primary color, the secondary color and then the accent colors, if it’s the case. Yellow can be any one of these. You can also combine it with lots of different colors. Yellow and grey is a particularly popular combination lately. Grey is a neutral that toned down the yellow, resulting in a relaxing and pleasant decor which doesn’t look boring or too common.