110 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For An Awesome Halloween

What’s Halloween without pumpkins? These cuties are everywhere during this time of the year and it would be a real shame not to take advantage of the bounty. We’ve prepared for you a whole series of cool pumpkin designs, one more interesting than the other. So go get your pumpkin carving tools and let’s see what this year’s Halloween décor could look like.

Carved pumpkins

Pumpkin diorama Project

A pumpkin diorama requires quite a bit of skill and time, especially if you want to create a detailed design like the one on Apumpkinandaprincess. The supplies needed for this particular project include a large pumpkin, moss, black paint, some Halloween decorations, a 1’’ thick styrofoam block, a hot glue gun and some paper bats. Carve out the pumpkin or get a precut one. Paint the interior black, make a styrofoam bed, put some moss on top and start placing the decorations inside. Glue the bats to the outside of the pumpkin.

Amazing Pokemon Pumpkin Carving and painting

Not all pumpkin dioramas are designed to be spooky or Halloween-themed. You could have fun with something totally different like this poke ball design we found on Allfortheboys. It all starts with a carved pumpkin. It could be a real or a faux one. Paint the pumpkin to make it look like a poke ball using red, white and black paint. Then print out a Pokemon, cut it out and put it inside the pumpkin.

Faux Pumpkin Centerpiece - Candle

Faux pumpkins are easier to work with than real ones, especially if you decide to carve them. To make a chic pumpkin centerpiece like the one on Homemadebycarmona you’ll need some paint, a knife, a leaf template and a candle. Cut out the leaf template out of paper and then outline it on the pumpkin. Cut out the leaf at an outward angle. You can then paint the pumpkin and add the finishing touches.

Carving the pumpkins for Halloween

When working with real pumpkins and not the faux kind carving can be a bit tricky so simple designs are more desirable. Instead of the usual spooky faces you could try something different this year like a constellation design. For that you need a pumpkin, a serrated knife, a drill and sharpies. You can also paint the pumpkin if you want. Cut out the top and remove the guts, then draw a moon shape onto the pumpkin and cut it out. Then you can draw the constellation and use a drill for the stars. {found on fineandfeathered}.

Halloween DIorama DIY

Combine pumpkins and paper to make a beautiful Halloween diorama that tells a story. To make that happen you’ll need a craft foam pumpkin, cardstock, black tape, black acrylic paint, a hot glue gun, a white pencil, sandpaper and a foam brush. Paint the pumpkin black and then trace a circle on it with the white pen. Cut out the circle and sand down the edges. Paint the interior black as well. Cut out some figures out of a book or print them out. Attach them to cardstock and then use them to decorate the pumpkin.{found on tinselandtrim}.

Chevron pumpkin carvin

Pumpkin carving is fun and you can really use your creativity when coming up with the designs and patterns that you want to use. For instance, instead of carving out spooky faces you could opt for some geometric patterns instead. Chevron lines are an interesting option and you can find out more about it on Tatertotsandjello.

Craft halloween diorama

We think pumpkin dioramas are really fun, even if you don’t really like Halloween that much. You can have a lot of fun coming up with a spooky design like the one on Eatknitanddiy. If you like that one and want to recreate it, here’s what you’ll need: a large craft pumpkin, a small crow decoration, a round foam disk, a stick, blue, white and silver paint, clay, moss, toothpicks, string lights and painter’s tape.

Triangular pumpkin diorama

A pumpkin diorama can also look cute, even if it’s a decoration you plan on using during Halloween. How about a woodland design like the one on Hellolidy? It’s made out of a plastic pumpkin. It was carved out with an x-acto knife and then moss, woodland creatures and candles were put inside to create the scene.

Pumpkin lantern for Halloween

Another example of a not at all spooky Halloween pumpkin is featured on Thewonderforest. It’s a real pumpkin lantern with a lovely polka dot design. The holes were made using a drill with different bit sizes and a candle was put inside so the pumpkin can look like a starry sky at night.

Easy pumpkin halloween carving

There are different methods and ideas you can use when carving a pumpkin, depending on what you want to use it for. Usually the idea is to use a template to trace a shape on the pumpkin and then to carve it out. But you can also choose to carve around the design for a more interesting display. Check out Thepinningmama for a few more details on this.

Cozy pumpkins

Yarn colorful covered pumpkins

Colored yarn can be used in a ton of interesting ways when decorating pumpkins. One of the options is described on Freutcake. All you need for this project is some pumpkins, yarn in various colors and a hot glue gun. Starting at the bottom of the pumpkin, apply some hot glue in a circle and wind some yarn around to form a base. Then start gluing vertical rows to cover the whole pumpkin in yarn. You can work in sections to make slices or you can create a more uniform look. You could also glue the yarn horizontally.

5 minutes pumpkin decor with yarn

Of course, it’s not necessary to cover the entire pumpkin in yarn if you don’t want to. You could just wrap some yarn loosely around a pumpkin and that would be enough for a chic and casual décor. You’d have to use a glue gun. It’s all really simple and you can find out everything about this project on Drawntodiy.

Cozy and soft pumpkin decor

The fabric pumpkins featured on Craftsncoffee sure look cuddly and they’re surprisingly easy to make. Here’s what you’ll need: styrofoam balls, orange fabric, burlap, glue, straight pins, a bamboo skewer, scissors and a serrated knife. No sewing is needed. Cut off the top and bottom of a foam ball (wax the knife beforehand) and then round the edges. Carve a small hole at the top. Score grooves around the pumpkin with the skewer and then with a knife. Cover each section with fabric and tuck the seems into the grooves. You can use pins if needed. At the end, make a burlap stem.

Turn shoks into cool pumpkind decorations

Did you know you can turn socks into cozy pumpkin decorations? It’s actually pretty simple and any socks are fine if you thick they have the right size. In addition to the socks you’ll also need some rubber bands or elastic hair ties, some twine, a glue gun, ribbon, rice and plastic balls or something similar. Turn the sock inside out and tie a band to create the bottom of the pumpkin. Cut off the excess sock. Then turn it right side out and fill it with rice. You can also put a plastic ball inside to give it a round shape. Seal the top with another hair tie. Then wrap twine to make a stem and tie ribbon around it. {found on onecreativemommy}.

Drop cloth pumpkins

In case you have some drop cloth fabric somewhere just waiting to be used for something cuddly and fun, this is the perfect time for that. You can use the fabric to make pumpkins like the ones on gardenmatter. You’ll also need batting, craft paint, thread and needle and stuffing. Cut out fabric circles and paint them using a sponge brush. Sew stitches around the edge of each circle, gather the fabric in the middle and stuff the pumpkins. Then you can add a fabric stem on each.

Crochet Pumpkins

Check out this chic crochet pumpkin cover we found on flaxandtwine. It looks really stylish and all you need if you want to make something similar is some yarn, a hook, a craft pumpkin and a spiderweb rosette kit. You’ll find here all the details and instructions you need.

Orange fabric pumpkin

This category of cozy pumpkins includes designs that use fabric or yarn and the possibilities are more numerous than you think. For example, we found this quirky idea of using a toilet paper roll and some scrap fabric to make a pumpkin-shaped decoration. Lay the fabric on a flat surface with the pattern facing down and place the toilet paper roll in the center. Cover the roll with the fabric and tuck it in at the top. Trim the excess and then push a tree branch inside to make the stem. The idea comes from Acultivatednest.

Gloves pumpkin decor

You know those old winter hats you don’t really like but still keep around for some reason? Now you can turn them into cozy little pumpkins. A knitted toque would be perfect for something like this. You’l also need a sweater or something to fill it with, an elastic band and some yarn for the stem. Check out how it would all turn out on Sustainmycrafthabit.

Burlap pumpkin cloth

The dropcloth and moss pumpkins featured on Thehambyhome can be made in any size you want. They can be tiny or they can be quite big and used as floor décor. In any case, here’s what you’ll need for them: dropcloth, a needle and thread, moss, a hot glue gun, twine and something to fill the pumpkins with. Follow the instructions for best results.

No sewing burlap pumpkins

No sewing is needed for the burlap pumpkins featured on Confessionsofaplateauddict and that makes the project really simple and enjoyable. The required supplies include burlap, jute twine, stuffing, rubber bands, mod podge, aluminum foil and faux leaves. Cut a piece of burlap and make a sleeve. You can use hem tape for this part. Cut 6 pieces of twine and knot them together. Stuff the burlap sleeve and leave the twine knot out. Secure with rubber bands and then bring the twine strands up to create the sections. Tie them all in a stem.

Creating a burlap pumpkin

A burlap pumpkin would look chic and a little bit rustic, just what a cozy modern home needs. So how do you decorate a pumpkin with burlap? It’s pretty easy actually if you use the method suggested on Thecountrychiccottage. Use burlap ribbon to cover each section of the pumpkin and secure it with glue. When you’re done with all the sections, wrap some twine around the stem and use it to also secure and hide the burlap gathered at the top.

Miniature pumpkin from yarn

Add a few cute and cozy pumpkins like these ones around your home and the ambiance will start to change and the rooms will start to look more welcoming. To learn how to make pumpkins like these ones, check out the description on Momadvice. Here’s what you need: a double pointed needle size 11 (US) and one size 6, natural fiber yarn, stuffing and a template.

Simple Burlap pumpkin

The burlap pumpkins featured on Upcyclethat are really versatile and they can be used as decorations for both the indoors and outdoors. To make these you need some burlap, plastic shopping bags, jute string and scissors. It would be nice to use some coffee bags if you can find any. Stuff a plastic bag with other bags, tie it with a piece of jute and then cover it with burlap. Try to make it look like a pumpkin and to give it a more suggestive shape use jute to create grooves. Don’t forget about the stem.

Paint the fabric to create beautiful pumpkins

Looking for a no-sew project involving Halloween pumpkins? We just found a really great one on 3peppers-recipes. To make something like this you need canvas fabric, some paint, embroidery thread, a hot glue gun, salt, flour and oil. If the list of supplies seems a little bit strange that’s because the last ingredients are used to make clay that is shaped into a stem for the pumpkin.

Fall in love fur pumpkin

What could be cozier than fur? Of course, a pumpkin covered in fur would look a little bit odd and spooky but that’s actually perfect for the Halloween décor. To make this happen you’ll need some faux pumpkins, some battery-powered Christmas lights, faux fur and ribbon. Cut a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin and then make some holes on the sides for the lights. Then cut the fur into strips and glue them to the pumpkins to create sections. Use a branch as a stem and add a ribbon bow. The lights will look lovely at night. {found on brepurposed.porch}

Painted pumpkins

Colorful painted pumpkins craft

Painting a pumpkin is one of the easiest methods anyone can use when creating eye-catching Halloween décor. There area lot of interesting ways in which you can make a pumpkin stand out. For example, you could paint it using a very bright and vibrant color or you could use a combination of colors and crate stripes. Another idea is to use metallic paint to make pumpkins look glamorous. Check out Delineateyourdwelling for some inspiration.

DIY paint splattered pumpkins

It could be interesting to try an abstract design on the pumpkins using paint in contrasting colors. Let’s say you paint a pumpkin white or some other light color. Let it dry and then you can use some black paint to splatter a unique design on the pumpkin. To get this right, load a brush with diluted paint and sharply whip it downward over the pumpkin. {found on homeyohmy}.

Metallic paint pumpkin spray

We think metallic paint looks really cool on Halloween pumpkin decorations, adding a chic and glamorous touch to the whole concept. On Valeventgal you can see how a copper shade would look like on a pumpkin. This centerpiece is extremely easy to make and all you need is the paint, a foam pumpkin, a hot glue gun and some faux flowers. Paint the pumpkin after you cut out the stem and then glue the flowers on top.

Stacking pumpkins

There are lots of ways in which you can display your painted pumpkins. For instance, you can try stacking them. Two or three pumpkins can be stacked in a planter and they can be displayed on the porch or garden. They could look like the ones on theredpaintedcottage, each with a different color and design.

Modern geometric pumpkin paint

You have several options to choose from when painting a pumpkin. You could simply paint the entire thing for a clean and a simple look but you could also create an interesting pattern or design using stencils or different colors of paint. How about something geometric. You can find some inspiration for that on Designimprovised.

Paint Drip Blue Pumpkin

How about some paint drip pumpkins for this year’s Halloween décor? They could look a bit spooky and they’re also easy to make. The technique is simple. Take a pumpkin and start pouring paint at the top around the stem, letting it drip to the sides. You can make layers using different colors of paint. Allow it to dry and then use the pumpkins as decorations. {found on madincrafts}.

Pantone painted punkin

Another stylish idea is to make Pantone painted pumpkins. For that you need mini pumpkins, painter’s tape, paint, paint brushes with a straight edge, a black sharpie and some newspaper. Put a strip of tape along the center of the pumpkin, horizontally. Paint the bottom portion and let it dry. Remove the tape and then paint the rest of the pumpkin white. With a sharpie you can then white the color number on the pumpkin. {found on poshlittledesigns}.

White wash pumpkin

You’ve probably seen whitewashed pumpkins or other decorations before. They have a really nice finish and they look a little bit vintage. You can make your pumpkins look like that too. If you use faux pumpkins then you could also remove the stems and replace them with driftwood for a coastal look. You’ll also need chalk paint, a rag and a brush.pour some chalk paint on a plate and add a little bit of water. Dip a corner of the rag into the mixture and wipe it onto the pumpkin. It’s all described in detail on Tidbits-cami.

Combine different coat of paints for pumpkins

An interesting idea can be to combine two different types of paint for an eye-catching effect. The inspiration came from Thecrazycraftlady. Here’s how the project goes: you need some faux pumpkins, paint brushes, primer, chalk paint and metallic paint. Prime the pumpkins and then apply chalk paint to the whole surface except for the bottom. Let it dry and then paint the bottom sections using metallic spray paint. You can also paint the stems to match the bottoms.

Black and white pumpkins

Painting a bunch of pumpkins is easy. Figuring out how to display them is a bit more difficult. There are several different options to choose from. If you’ve chosen to use small pumpkins then you could display them all in a bowl or basket. It would be nice to use a mixture of black and white pumpkins as shown on Allthingswithpurpose.

Tiny message pumpkin

We think matte black paint is really appropriate for Halloween. To make things more interesting, you could paint a few pumpkins black and then use a white paint pen to write or draw something on them. The inspiration for this came from Lovelyindeed. Check it out for a more detailed description of the project.

Studded pumpkin
Ombre purple pumpkin

There are also a bunch of other non-traditional ways to paint a pumpkin. So let’s have a look at some that we found on thehappytulip. We really like the studded pumpkin and the ombre one. Other ideas include polka dot patterns and geometric designs such as chevron lines.

DIY Sharpie Pumpkin

If don’t necessarily have to use paint to give your Halloween pumpkin a cool look. You could use some colored sharpies instead. How about some metallic colors? They’d look awesome on a black pumpkin. You can create all sorts of geometric patterns and funky designs. You can find more inspiration on Twothirtyfivedesigns.

gold studded pumpkins

We mentioned studded pumpkins so let’s have a look at a few more options. We found some interesting ideas on Cuckoo4design. The pumpkins featured here were first painted with chalk paint and this gives them that beautiful matte look. Then they were decorated with studs of various shapes and sizes.

Green painted pumpkins

Painting can be messy and also a little bit time-consuming especially if you want to use several different colors and to combine them in interesting designs and patterns. But there are also simpler methods. For example, you could try simply dipping the pumpkins in paint. For a clean contrast you could first paint the entire pumpkin white and then dipping its bottom half in colored paint. {found on lizmarieblog}

chalkboard pumpkins

If you’d like to be able to change the design on your pumpkins, then chalkboard paint would be an awesome option. Consider this: paint the whole pumpkin black and then you’ll be able to draw on it with chalk. It’s fun, versatile and creative and you can find out more about this project from the description provided on Blissbloomblog.

Chalkboard word find pumpkin

Another nice option is you want to use chalkboard paint is to make some word find pumpkins. Basically you paint the pumpkins black and then you put letter stickers on them with hidden words that you can outline with chalk. {found on thistlewoodfarms}.

Fall watercolor pumpkin decor

What’s your opinion on these watercolor letter pumpkins we found on Viewalongtheway? It’s interesting that to make this design you actually need acrylic paint, not watercolor. You can use a bunch of different colors. You’ll also need angled paint brushes and primer. Spray the pumpkin with primer and then trace the letters on with a pencil. Then trace along the lines with a paintbrush and combine the colors however you want.

Gold dipped pumpkin

Paint the pumpkins in a way that matches your style and the décor in your home. If your home is minimalist and chic then you could make some colorblocked pumpkins like the ones on Thewonderforest. These look simple as well as glamorous and the project is not at all difficult. Wash the pumpkins, put some tape around to delineate the two halves and then cover the top with newspapers. Spray paint the bottom and let it dry.

Pumpkin planters and vases

Fall metallic flower vase from pumpkin

When you think about it, a pumpkin would make a really nice vase or planter. It has the right shape and you can really use this idea to make some interesting centerpieces and decorations. The design featured on decoart uses a craft pumpkin. The pumpkin is painted using a metallic color and the top was carved out. A bouquet of flowers was placed inside, turning the pumpkin into a vase.

Turning a pumpkin into a flower vase

When turning a pumpkin into a vase, you can either choose to paint it, leave it the way it is or cover it with something. The idea suggested on Kraftmint is to use white leather. In addition to this, the project also requites a hot knife, a faux pumpkin, glue and fresh flowers. Slowly cut the top of the pumpkin and set it aside. Then cut out strips of soft white leather and glue them onto the pumpkin, following the curves. Then put a glass or a small vase inside the pumpkin and place the flowers in.

Creative pumpkin flower vase

If you decide to use faux flowers then it should all be even easier. You can either use a fake pumpkin or a real one. Use a knife to cut out the top in order to make a hole for the flowers to fit in. Then start arranging the flowers, leaves and branches and make a centerpiece that you’re happy with. {found on creativegreenliving}.

White pumpkin vase

If you decide to turn a pumpkin into a sort of vase, then try decorating it with fall leaves, branches and flowers. They can either be real or fake, depending on what you can find and whether or not you want this to be a reusable centerpiece. In any case, you’ll need a faux pumpkin, a styrofoam block, a hot glue gun and the fall stems. Cut out the top of the pumpkin and insert and foam block inside. Then push the stems in one at a time. {found on apumpkinandaprincess}.

Succulent pumpkin planter

Similarly, a pumpkin can be turned into a planter. Start by cutting off the top and then painting the pumpkin. After the paint is dry, add the soil and the plant. Small succulents would be great for the project. You can find out more about making a succulent pumpkin planter from the tutorial on Placeofmytaste.

Creating a succulent planter from pumpkin

There’s also a similar tutorial on Succulentsandsunshine. The supplies needed in that case include a craft pumpkin, a cutting tool, a drill, soil and succulents. Cut out the top of the pumpkin. Then drill some holes in the bottom for drainage. Fill the pumpkin with soil and place the succulents in, staring with the larger ones.

Concrete pumpkin planter

This is a pumpkin-shaped concrete planter, a decoration which you can reuse every year around Halloween and which is also quite easy to make. You need a plastic jack-o-lantern with a face indedted into the surface, a plastic cup and concrete mix. Pour the concrete mix into the lantern and then push the cup down. Put something heavy in it so it stays in place. Let the concrete dry and then cut out the mold. {found on homemadeginger}.

Mini copper pumpkin

Instead of one big pumpkin vase or planter you could make several small ones which can be distributed throughout the house. Use simple plastic pumpkins and give them a chic makeover using metallic spray paint. If they have removable tops then it gets easier. After you spray paint the pumpkins, fill them with rice and put a few flower stems in. {found on uptodateinteriors}.

Floral pumpkin hanging

We’ll also show you how to make a pumpkin garland. We found this idea on Ajoyfulriot. It all starts with some mini pumpkins. Cut off their tops and clean out the insides. Then pierce two holes in each pumpkin so you can hang them, run some wire through and connect the pumpkins. Then put flowers in each one and display your garland. The pumpkins will look lovely and they’ll also smell nice (until they won’t) so keep them for a while and then throw them out. Or use faux pumpkins which are reusable.

Concrete outdoor pumpkin planter

It appears that pumpkin planters are quite popular and, at the same time, concrete projects are popular as well so here’s another example of a pumpkin-shaped concrete planter very similar to the one we’ve already showed you. You can find a description on endlesslyinspired.

Its fall pumpkin flower vase

Add a fun twist to a planter with chalkboard paint. You can paint the pumpkin and turn it into a planter like we already showed you and then you can have fun customizing it with chalk. Write messages or draw things Halloween or fall-related. You can find all the details you need for making chalkboard pumpkin planters on Makinghomebase.

Jack o Planter

The jack-o-planters featured on Gardentherapy actually have a spooky look but at the same time they’re cute and lovely. They’re made of real pumpkins and they’re filled with soil. They have carved out faces that let plants show through, giving the pumpkins the spooky look we mentioned.

Terra cotta pumpkin planter

If you want your pumpkin planter to last a while longer and to be reusable, it would better to use a plastic pumpkin-shaped bucket or something similar. You can make it look like a terra cotta pot. Find out how on Dreamalittlebigger. You’ll need spray primer, terra cotta colored acrylic paint, cream acrylic paint and matte polyurethane.

Decoupage pumpkins

Decoupage pumpkins

We really like decoupage projects. We think they’re great for expressing one’s creativity. So let’s see how you can make a decoupage pumpkin design. One option is to use tissue paper. It’s the method described on Sarahhearts. You need white craft paint, tissue paper, decoupage medium (glue), a paint brush, a foam brush and a pumpkin. Paint the pumpkin white and then coat one area with glue. Place a piece of tissue paper on top and add another layer of glue. Repeat with as many pieces of paper as you want.

DIY tissue covered pumpkin

A similar project is also featured on Tellloveandparty. For this one you need tissue paper, scissors, a paint brush, mod podge and acrylic paint. Cut out different sizes and colors of tissue paper triangles. Then glue them onto the pumpkin and arrange them at different angles When you’re happy with the design, seal the pumpkin with a layer of glue.

Decoupage flower pumpkins

Instead of tissue paper another idea is to use flower petals and leaves. The idea comes from Aliceandlois. First of all, get some flowers and leaves and a pumpkin. Apply some mod podge to a small area and press a petal onto the pumpkin. Let it dry and apply another layer after that. You can create all sorts of cute designs using this technique.

Cool decoupage pumokin art

You can make a lot of cute designs using real flower petals and leaves or paper flowers which you can cut out with scissors. Similarly, you can cut out insects and other things and glue them onto a pumpkin. You can either use a real one or the fake kind. Either way, mod podge is safe to use. {found on pmqfortwo}.

Feathers decoupage pumpkin

Of course, petals and tissue paper aren’t your only options when it comes to decoupage and pumpkins. A nice suggestion that comes from Placeofmytaste is to use feathers. The other supplies needed for this include a white pumpkin, mod podge, a paint brush and a wet paper towel. Apply a small amount of glue to an area of the pumpkin and push the feather onto this section using the brush. Let it dry and then clean the mod podge around the feather with a wet paper towel. Use as many feathers as you want but try not to overdo it.

Bats decoupage pumpkin

A related design idea is presented on Paintedconfetti. This time the pumpkin is decorated with card stock bats. The bats are orange and the pumpkin was painted black, creating a strong contrast. The bats are attached to the pumpkin with glue dots. It’s a simple and fun project which leaves a lot of room for imagination. The bats could be easily replaced with something else.

Autumn decoupage pumpkin

Pumpkins are great decorations not just for Halloween but for Thanksgiving and for fall in general. With that in mind, let’s check out a really beautiful project that we found on Damasklove. The project requires a few things such as a craft pumpkin, white spray paint, decoupage glue, a brush and decoupage leaf cutouts. After you spray paint the pumpkin, you need to glue the leaves one by one, creating an interesting design. Combine different forms and colors.

Mod Podge Fern Pumpkin

If you want, you can use green leaves from plants in your home or garden. Ferns are an interesting option. You can glue them to the pumpkin starting from the top and going down the sides. Do the same thing with other types of leaves. All you need is a pumpkin and some mod podge. {found on thesassysparrowblog}.

Bats flying on pumpkin

Of course, it could be a little easier to just cut out some bats out of paper and stick them onto the pumpkin. It would be nice to paint the pumpkin white or to use a naturally-white pumpkin and to make the bats black for a clean and elegant contrast. It would look like the one on Itallstartedwithpaint.

Silver glamorous pumpkin

If you want to add a glamorous touch to your leaf-covered pumpkins or if you simply like metallic colors, you should have a look at the project featured on Ahomefordesign. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make something similar: a pumpkin, silver spray paint, some branches of wax leaves, black spray paint (matte) and a hot glue gun.

Fun, spooky and glamorous pumpkins

Gold initial pumpkin

Personalize a pumpkin with your initials. You can use gold upholstery tacks for that. It’s a really simple project. Just draw the initial on the pumpkin and then push the tacks in following the lines. Of course, you can choose something else instead of letters such as your house numbers or a more abstract design. In any case, you can find out more about this idea on Aliceandlois.

Spinder pumpkin

There’s a ton of typical Halloween pumpkin ideas to choose from if you don’t want to bother with paint and other things. For example, you can decorate a faux pumpkin with some plastic spiders and crafting moss. Cut the top off, set it aside and place moss around the edge. Then place the top back. At the end, glue the spiders on. {found on letsmingleblog}.

Frozen glitzy pumpkin design

Give the pumpkin a glitzy look by decorating it with rhinestones and other jewels. In fact, it would be nice to try something themed, perhaps inspired by Frozen or fairy tales. We found something suggestive on Fivemarigolds. The pumpkin featured here was first spray painted using a matte aqua color and then it was decorated with rhinestone gems and a small princess tiara.

glittery pumpkins art

And speaking of glitzy, check out the glittery pumpkins featured on Brepea. They look really beautiful and if you want to make similar ornaments you’ll need plastic pumpkins, satin acrylic paint in different colors, mod podge, metallic spray paint and a foam brush. Spray paint the pumpkins and then use satin acrylic paint on the stem and the top. Then pour some mod podge and let it dry down the sides and sprinkle glitter on it. It should match the paint color.

Decorate the pumpkin with tape

An easy way to decorate pumpkins is with tape. There are some really gorgeous designs you can try. For example, apply some thin strips of copper tape down the sides of the pumpkin in between the grooves and it will look exquisite. You can paint the pumpkin before you do this if you want it to have a more uniform or light color. {found on homeohmy}.

Creative use of rop on pumpkin

Be creative and use a combination of the methods described so far. For example, after you paint a pumpkin, you can decorate it with some twine to highlight its sections and to add some contrast. Wrap twine around the stem also for a nice and well-defined look. {found on domestically-speaking}.

Clementine jack o lanterns

Clementines and oranges look a little bit like tiny pumpkins and you can use this resemblance to your advantage when decorating for Halloween. It doesn’t need to be something elaborate. You could just display a bunch of clementines in a row and write a letter one so together they spell out “Happy Halloween”. You can paint scary faces on two or three if you want. They’ll look like tiny clementine jack-o-lanterns. {found on vickybarone}.

Vintage clown pumpkins

Let’s not forget what Halloween is all about: simple things that scare us to the bone like black cats and clowns. So how about some spooky vintage clown pumpkins? You don’t need a lot of things for this project, only some pumpkins, acrylic paint, paper of different color and with different patterns, buttons, some yarn, fabric trim and tape. You’ll have to make the clown’s accessories out of tape and this includes the hat, bow tie and collar. You can find out more on Bugaboocity.

Bugs and spider pumpkin

It’s a bit weird that we find bugs and spiders scary, given how small they are and the fact that most of them are inoffensive and actually kind of cute. But regardless of how you feel about these things we have a project that would be just right for Halloween. All you need for it is a faux pumpkin and a few packs of plastic bugs. Stick the bugs to the pumpkin (you can use glue for this) until you cover it completely. {found on thekimsixfix}.

Sprinke boo pumpkin

A lot of things can be cute and spooky at the same time, even sprinkles. In case you’re wondering how would that be possible, check out Ajoyfulriot. Here you’ll find out how to decorate pumpkins with themed sprinkled designs. It’s really simple, just cut out a shape that you want to use as a template, trace around it on the pumpkin, fill the interior with glue and then add the sprinkles.

Plastic bugs on pumpkin

Plastic bugs and spiders can always be used to decorate pumpkins for Halloween and this would be a really simple project. To make things a little bit more interesting you could paint the bugs as well as the pumpkin. The process could result in a funky design like the ones featured on Jaderbomb.

Paper pumpkin DIY

The chic and colorful pumpkins featured on Domesticallyblissful are made of scrapbook paper and that’s actually a great way to put all those leftover pieces of paper to good use and to finally get rid of them. In addition to that the project also requires a hot glue gun, some twine and fringed burlap ribbon. The pumpkin shape is made of strips of paper and the twine is used for the stem.

sequins pumpkin

If you like sequins, perhaps you’d also enjoy using them on pumpkins. Use a plastic pumpkin so you can reuse it next year as well. Attach the sequins to the pumpkin using gold head pins. You can use two sequins in two different sizes and put a large one on top of a small one on the pin. Push the pins into the pumpkin and cover up its entire surface. You can then cover the stem in glitter. {found on jaderbomb}.

Washi tape Pumpkin decor

Washi tape is incredibly versatile and you can use it to make a lot of fun and interesting designs on your Halloween pumpkins. For instance, you could create a lotus pattern. Follow the instructions on Vitaminihandmade if you like the idea. It’s simple and chic and perfect if you don’t want to waste a lot of time with this.

glitter spider pumpkin

There are a lot of great methods for decorating pumpkins that don’t require any carving at all. Some of them are presented on Sarahhearts. There’s a glitter spider pumpkin, a ribbon striped one and a painted thumbtack pumpkin and all three look beautiful. They’re also easy to decorate and they can inspire plenty of other designs and ideas.

Dip Dye glitter pumpkin

You’ve seen how paint-dipped pumpkins look like so now let’s see how the same process could be done with glitter. You don’t need a lot of things to get this done. Get your pumpkins, some mod podge, a paintbrush, tape and a lot of glitter. Divide the pumpkin in two sections with tape and coat the bottom half with glue. Then dip it in glitter or sprinkle the glitter until you cover the entire area. {found on psheart}.

Mod podge lace pumpkin

Remember those lace doilies that used to be so popular at one point? They’re no longer used as decorations these days but they can be used in all sorts of interesting DIY projects like this vintage pumpkin featured on Onsuttonplace. The project requires the following supplies: a craft pumpkin, a lace doily, some mod podge, a sponge brush, scissors and ribbon.

nailhead trim pumpkin

The nailhead trim pumpkins featured on Lolvelyindeed are quite eye-catching. They look a little bit vintage and also a little bit industrial and the colors are quite beautiful as well. You could easily make something similar and all you’d need would be a few pumpkins and some furniture nails.

String art pumpkins

String art pumpkins

When decorating pumpkins you can apply a lot of the techniques you’d use on other types of DIY projects such as string art designs. In that case, things would be very simple. The pumpkin would serve as the back panel in which you insert the nails. Here are the steps: draw the design on the pumpkin, push the nails on along the lines, tie the embroidery thread on a corner nail and then start stringing through the nails. {found on aliceandlois}.

Cool string art pumpkin

And speaking of string art, we also found these beautiful pumpkins on houseologie. They’re simple but really chic and eye-catching. In case you want to make something like this for your own home, here’s what you’ll need: craft pumpkins, pins or small nails, printed templates, string and scissors. Follow the instructions and have fun.

Halloween themed string art pumpkin

We also found this lovely Halloween-themed string art pumpkin on lovelyindeed. The design is simple and easy to make. You need a pumpkin, a few small nails, a pencil, scissors and embroidery thread. Lightly sketch the design on the pumpkin and then push the nails in along the lines. After that you can start stringing the thread between the nails.

Colorful string art pumpkin

You don’t even have to bother with a template if you don’t want to. Something casual could look really lovely too. Need some inspiration? Check out Jaderbomb. The pumpkin featured here was decorated with string in three different colors using a simple triangle pattern. You can come up with your own geometric pattern to use on the pumpkin.

Stitched up jack o lantern

The design featured on Dreamalittlebigger is not string art but quite close. We find these stitched-up pumpkins really cute and funny with a hint of spooky. To make your own similar decoration you need a large pumpkin, a drill, a plastic needle, yarn and a knife. Carve out the eyes, nose and mouth and try to keep the shapes simple. Then give the pumpkin a scar and stitch it up with thread.

Repurposed pumpkin projects

Pumpkin using mason jar bands

Recycling is fun and so is repurposing, especially when you’re making Halloween decorations. On Pnpflowersinc we found this really interesting idea of using mason jar bands to make a pumpkin. Basically you need around 25 bands to make a pumpkin. They should all be the same size. Run a string through their centers and then tie the ends tightly together. Space out the bands evenly and spray paint them. You can then decorate each band with strips of vintage paper from an old book. At the end, add the stem.

Easy ombre pumpkin from buttons

The pumpkin button crafts featured on Acultivatednest look really cute and they can be displayed in a lot of interesting ways. To make something like this you need orange and green buttons, a hot glue gun, a wooden board, sandpaper, a circle template and a pencil. Sand the board and lightly draw some pumpkin shapes on it. Then glue the buttons onto the outline and add two more layers.

Wood crate pumpkins

Who would have thought that a wood crate could become a fall decoration? That’s actually something you can make. The project is extremely simple and you can find out all about it on Craftymorning. In this case, three wood crates were used together with some orange acrylic paint, corn husk ribbon and branch stems.

Pumpkin tea set

As you’ve seen, making pumpkins out of repurposed or recycled items is not exactly difficult but what about repurposing a pumpkin to make something unexpected? That could be really interesting. We found something really interesting on Thirstyfortea: a pumpkin tea set. To make something like that you need a pie pumpkin, two wee bee pumpkins, a wine pourer, 12 gauge black aluminum wire, decorative beads, a tea strainer, pliers, a spoon and a serrated knife. It’s not exactly an easy project but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Bling Pumpkin

Sometimes it’s nice to add some bling to your decorations and this one definitely has what it takes to stand out. Curious how you could make something similar? All you need is a plastic pumpkin, bead garlands, black duct tape and a hot glue gun. Make a stem using duct tape and then wrap a few strips around the base of the existing stem. Then secure the end of the bead garland at the base of the stem and start wrapping it around. Continue until you cover the entire pumpkin in beads. {found on yahoo}.

Washi tape pumpkin project

If you’re the type that likes to use glitter in DIY project then you’ll surely like the idea we found on Makescoutdiy. This glitter-dipped pumpkin has quite the glitzy look. To make something like this you’ll require a craft pumpkin, gold glitter, mod podge, a paint brush, a plastic cup and washi tape.

halloween pumpkin popsicle stick

Have you ever done something interesting with popsicle sticks? Now is your chance because we found this cute project on Thesuburbanmom. It makes use of popsicle sticks, some orange paint, pipe cleaners, glue and black vinyl. Paint the sticks orange and then glue a few together to make a square shape. Make a vinyl face and stick it on and then make a handle out of a pipe cleaner. Now you have a Halloween door hanger.

Bean pumpkin craft

If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea to use for this year’s Halloween décor, try looking around you and finding new ways to use everything things. For example, could you imagine decorating a pumpkin with beans and peas? That surely sounds unusual but it actually works so why not give it a try? Find inspiration for this on Delineateyourdwelling.

Monster pumpkin design

Those pumpkin-shaped trick or treat buckets you see everywhere are cute and you can use them for a lot of interesting projects. For example, you could give the bucket a makeover and paint it green, then paint a face on it so it looks like Mike Wakowski. It’s a nice way to customize the bucket and give it a bit more character. {found on thepinningmama}.

Plastic pumpkin from bucket

Another option is to repurpose a pumpkin bucket into something different. Actually, in this case it’s still a pumpkin but with a totally different look. We’re talking about the project on Breadboozebacon. The bucket was covered in burlap and it looks really beautiful. Check out the full list of supplies and instructions and make your own burlap pumpkin decoration.

Wood pumpkins

Wood pumpkin DIY

If you have some scrap pieces of wood and no use for them, you could easily turn them into something interesting for Halloween or fall in general. Perhaps you’d like to make an abstract wood pumpkin like the one on Simplybeautifulbyangela. Here’s what you need for that: wood blocks, orange acrylic paint, wood stain, a foam brush, a rag, a glue gun and jute twine.

White washed pumpkin

Wood pallets can be used for a lot of great project and there’s usually some leftover wood at the end. Those pieces can be put together to make lovely rustic decorations like the pumpkins featured on Makeit-loveit. You’ll need a saw, a nail gun, some paint, twigs, string, scrap fabric and a hot glue gun to make something similar.

Wood stick pumpkin

There’s always a lot of inspiration to be found in nature and a lot of things that can be used for DIY projects like the one on Thistlewoodfarms. This is a pumpkin made of tree branches attached to a wooden tray. First the outline of the pumpkin was drawn on the tray and then the twigs were broken and glued inside. Use a thick branch as a stem.

Wood slice pumpkin diy

How about something that’s both rustic and a bit modern at the same time? We’re talking about a wood slice pumpkin like the one we found on Thekimsixfix. You can use vase filler for this. We’re not going to lie. It will take a while but if you have time and patience it’s worth the trouble. Basically you have to coat the pumpkin with glue and apply the tiny wood slices piece of piece until you cover the whole pumpkin.

Wood pumpkin patchy

If you’ve decided to go with wood pumpkins this year then you probably prefer a rustic and simplistic décor without a lot of delicate and sophisticated details. So how about turning some 2×4 blocks into pumpkins? Obviously they won’t be pumpkin-shaped but you can paint them orange to create this impression. Also, Creativemeinspiredyou suggests making branch stems and decorating them with leaves and buttons.

Twig pumpkin diy

However, if you want something a bit more suggestive you could make a twig pumpkin. You’ll need a cardboard pumpkin template, a wood panel, some paint and a bunch of twigs or branches. Line up the twigs on top of the cardboard template and trim them so they follow the outline. You can glue them to the cardboard first and then just attach the pumpkin to the painted panel. {found on showandtellu}.

Floor large wood pumpkin decor

In case you decide to make some wood pumpkins, you could use reclaimed wood that has sentimental meaning and this way the decorations will be that much more precious. So go find yourself some salvaged wood and then check out Findinghomefarms to find out how you can put the boards together to make a beautiful pumpkin-shaped decoration.

Fence board wood pumpkin

It should be fairly simple to find some old fence boards that you can use to make a sign to display on your front lawn. You can paint or stain the boards and also cut them at an angle so together they form a pumpkin shape. You could actually make all sorts other designs inspired by fall. Find out more on Martysmusings.