Glamorous Bar Carts Evoke The Past While Staying Modern

Having a bar cart can be perceived as being quite fancy and that’s because they’re not exactly very popular now and they were always only used by a certain category of people. Bar carts first became popular in the Victorian era. Back then every respectable hostess had to have one but they weren’t referred to as bar carts. They were tea trolleys and they started being used around the end of the prohibition era.


Somewhere in the 1950s bar carts started to become more and more popular. Back then, hosting was almost an art and aristocrats gave a lot of importance to all the little details linked to the process. Bar carts were considered hip and functional, characteristics which still describe those used today.


Because in the past bar carts were so fancy and high-class. their designs had to reflect that. A lot of the designs were heavily ornate and features glamorous details such as gold finishes and intriguing shapes.


The bar carts of our era sill preserve some of the details defining for the Victorian types although the designs are greatly simplified. Keep in mind that we now have a huge variety of bar cart designs and this is only one of the categories. You can also find minimalist or rustic ones.


DIY bar carts form a separate category. They evoke a beautiful romance and they stand out thanks to their uniqueness and sometimes the choice of materials. Consider using reclaimed wood for such a project or, if you prefer a simpler approach, try a makeover.


Designs like this one are simple and modern as well as incredibly versatile. The beautiful geometry of the design is meant to make it look elegant and sophisticated. Simplicity is the usually the defining characteristic of any modern or contemporary piece of furniture and this is no exception.


Most bar carts these days are designed to be as functional and as practical as possible. All designs feature a bottom shelf, in this case with a protective edge so bottles and glasses can be safely stored and carried.


Bar carts, regardless of style, size or designs, need to be versatile and practical. They feature casters or wheels and designs that are either neutral and simple or unique and eye-catching. This offers two options: make the cart blend in or stand out.


Having a bar carts can be really useful in a lot of different situations. Obviously, it’s great for serving guests when you’re hosting a part or a casual gathering. It’s a lot easier to bring all the drinks and snacks like this than on trays and one by one.


You could also use a bar cart as an extension or your kitchen, dining room or man cave. use it to move things around or to store dishes and spice jars. The cart can be easily moved and relocated and this is one of its best attributes.


Bar carts are ideal if you like to entertain your guests or yourself with cocktails. All the accessories and ingredients can be stored and carried using the cart and this allows you to be mobile and to save time and space.


There are many different designs to choose from. Some bar carts stand out and look glamorous while others try to revive some of the charm of the past eras. In some cases, the designs are a beautiful mixture or rustic and modern.


Also, you can choose from a large variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colors. We find this oval bar cart to be particularly charming and to have a unique glamour to it. It’s a design that impresses through toned down sophistication.


Usually, a bar cart has a top and a bottom shelf but there are models which also feature a third platform. This increases its storage capabilities without necessarily affecting the overall size of the cart.


Pick the bar cart based on the interior design and the type of space. For instance, if you plan to use the cart out on the deck or terrace you’ll want something a bit more robust and weather-resistant. Look for materials able to withstand sun and possibly even moisture or just keep the cart indoors for protection against the elements.


Because this is not the most common or basic piece of furniture or accessory, usually we want it to stand out a little bit so we look for designs with metallic finishes, interesting colors or contrasting styles.


You could try to evoke some of the charm of the past decades with a design that’s ornate and glamorous, with embellishments that don’t take away the cart’s functionality. It’s usually all in the little details.


The combination of metal and glass is a very common one when it comes to bar carts. It’s a little bit traditional and a little bit modern, being a nice combo for modern spaces that also seek to look sophisticated and eye-catching.