20 Ways to Ace Your Halloween Decor On A Budget

Whether you live in a grand sweeping mansion or a tiny apartment, everyone wants their space to be beautiful and homey. When you begin decorating your home, things can go one of two ways. You either bemoan all the expensive pretty things you can’t afford or you break out your ingenuity and make your home lovely on a dime. Even holidays can be acknowledged with pieces from the Dollar Store, including Halloween. So put away your woes and stop pining for expensive ceramic pumpkins. Take a look at these 20 ways to ace your Halloween decor on a budget and head to the Dollar Store for supplies.

Skeleton hands wreath

Foam hands and spray paint are all that’s needed for a spooky front door wreath. It’s the perfect way to greet your Trick or Treaters. Not too friendly but not too scary. (via Tried and True)

Zombie planted hands

At first glance, you might be disgusted with the cheesy plastic hands. But they make a great prop to place in the flower pots on your front porch or deck. Or maybe even up the sidewalk? (via Sew Woodsy)

Bloody gauze runner

You’ll want to stock up on red paint because there are plenty of fake bloody projects available. Like this table runner which is just red paint on cheesecloth. (via Brit and Co)

Halloween moss vases

Go ahead and buy the plastic mice and crows. You can put them in glass jars and under the cloches you already have in your home. You’ll be surprised the effect they can make. (via The Pin Junkie)

Black paper bats

Black paper and tape are all you need to make a colony of bats across any wall in your home. This works especially well for small spaces like loft apartments. (via Made Everyday)

Halloween wall frames

With some Dollar Store frames and Halloween stickers (or black paint if you’re artsy), you can create a mini gallery wall for All Hallows Eve. Hang a few in your bathroom, some in the hallway and maybe even in your bedroom. (via G Rated)

DIY zombie dolls

You probably had a few of these plastic dolls as a kid. The ones who’s hair was always oily and frizzy. Turn those poor souls into dead souls with some spray paint. (via Just Crafty Enough)

Vintage ghosty candles
Halloween Vintage ghosty candles

You can find old photographs of antique people all over the internet. Print out a few and paste them on some votives for a disturbing, days gone by themed Halloween. (via Cheltenham Road)

Dollar store ghost for halloween

Foam is cheap no matter where you buy it. With a few pieces of cheesecloth and some string, you can have ghostly heads floating on your porch by dinnertime. (via Simply Designing)

Plastic skull decor

Plastic skulls are a dime a dozen at the Dollar Store. These are three ways to DIY with them around your home with just a little paint. And with a little imagination, you can find many more. (via DIY Candy)

Bones set mobile for Halloween

Them dry bones usually come in sets around Halloween. Tie them together and replace the wind chimes with your new mobile on your porch for the spookiest Halloween porch on the block. (via A Wee Meenit)

DIY fanged pumpkins

Vampire teeth are just fun to play around with. So a bag of them for this vampire pumpkin project is easily explained when you let your kids have a set for themselves too. (via Martha Stewart)

Spider Halloween Mason Jar

There are some pretty gruesome looking spiders at the Dollar Store. Find a few in your favorite color and create a spidery vase for your dining room centerpiece. (via Craft Shack)

Dead fairy skeletons frame

This idea is so fun because most likely, only the observant will notice. With some mini skeletons and printable wings, you can turn a frame in your gallery wall into a display for dead fairies. (via DIY Halloween)

Drippy blood candles

One red candle. That’s all you need to create these drippy looking candles. You can make lots of them for your dining room credenza and your living room coffee table and even one for the bathroom. (via Lilyshop)

Halloween Candle Holder

Have glitter, must party. Glue some glitter skulls onto candlesticks to hold fake votives for your Halloween party. It will certainly make any space a bit more glamorous. (via Cap Creations)

Plastic porch snakes

Black snakes can seem so creepy crawly when first noticed. Stuff a bunch under your doormat and maybe you’ll have a little more Trick or Treat candy left in the bowl. (via BHG)

Halloween Vases for Flowers

Whether you already have white vases, paint clear vases white or raid the thrift store, it’s easy to stick some bug tattoos on them. Together, they’ll look smashing on your living room mantle. (via Country Living)

Painted plastic weapons

Yes, another red paint opportunity. Grab up some cheap looking plastic weapons and cover them in splashes of red paint. Hang them in your kitchen and everyone will wonder what exactly is for dinner. (via Flickr)

Simple Candle for Halloween

Need a DIY that’s fast and incredibly easy? Fill your cart with the Dollar Store white pillar candles. When you get home, use a Sharpie to give them ghostly faces. Voila. (via Thoughtfully Simple)