Make a Cement Skull Planter

Quick setting cement is inexpensive and surprisingly easy to craft with! You can use plastic Halloween decor to make your own molds to use with the cement. I used a plastic skull from the dollar store as a mold to make this creepy cement skull planter. Keep reading to learn how simple it is to make your own ceramic skull decor!

DIY Cement Skull Planter

Supplies Used:

  • Plastic hollow skull
  • Craft knife
  • Duct Tape
  • Round container or planter
  • Quick set cement mix
  • FolkArt Painted Finishes: Moss

Step one: Cut a circle in the top of the toy skull, then cut the plastic skull in half, using a sharp craft knife.


Step two: Tape the halves back together with duct tape. Be sure to seal the cut edges well with the tape!


Step three: Mix the cement according to the package instructions. (Make sure you wear a mask and gloves for your safety!) Pour a small amount into the plastic skull, filling it about three-fourths of way full.


Step four: Push the second container into the cement. If needed, fill in the sides of the container with cement, and leave the skull to dry. After about 6 hours, when the cement is firm but not completely set, carefully remove the container that is in the center of the skull.
Note: You can also choose a container that is small enough the fit in the skull and just leave it there permanently, if you prefer.


Step five: When the cement has dried, remove the duct tape from the sides of the plastic skull to remove the cement and reveal your design!


Step six: To give the cement planter a mossy, aged appearance, use a faux moss texture paste. First, dab the dark green paste over the surface of the project. Then dab the lighter color onto the surface randomly, blending it in as you go.


The opening at the top of the cement skull is perfect for small plants, artificial flowers, or even a votive candle or LED light. Now that you’ve created your mold you can make multiple cement skulls to decorate your garden with! Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!